All Other Things Being Equal…

Sometimes, a great use of colour can make something plain appear extraordinary.

My return to full-time work in the Real World has left little time for blogging, and for this I’m sorry. Much of my SL time is slated for the Visionaire course, which I heartily recommend if you have a burning desire to improve your SL photography and learn many amazing and cool things about taking photographs in Second Life.

Even though I am not around as much for roleplaying or blogging, the Second Life timeline marches on! Which means that yesterday, the 4th of November, there was a brand-new round of We

Evangeline Miles, the marvel who has captured and enraptured us all with her designs at Evie’s Closet for many years now, has taken a relatively simple dress and made of it a colour feast.


And the thing is, Evie can make *brown* look good.

And the thing is, Evie can make brown look good. I paired the Anghared dress in brown with Wasabi Pills’ recent Fifty Linden Fridays release of the lovely Dakota braid and added something also fairly recent from The Plastik, the Hallow choker, which make me think of last spring’s trip to Glastonbury.  This pose is from Bauhaus Movement, from their The Way You Like It series.

On the left, we have the purple colour with Wasabi Pills’ Nahia hair, recently released at The Crossroads event. On the right, you can see the red colour; here Gwyneth is wearing Monso‘s Momo updo, new at Fameshed this month. Both poses are from an lar, the Citrine Series, also available at this month’s We .

Here are the grey and blue colours. Gwyneth in grey is wearing No Match No Word; in blue, she’s in Tukinowaguma‘s Edfeldt, which you can still pick up at The Liaison Collaborative. The pose on the left is from an lar‘s Ava series, available at the new Coven event, and on the right, the pose is from !bang, one of the Ice Queen poses.


Finally, here’s the pink colour.

Finally, here’s the pink colour. Hair and jewellery are from Emo-tions, the Arosa set, which includes the tiara and necklace pictured here. The hair is also available at this month’s We , as is the pose, which again is from the an lar Citrine series.

In all these photos, Gwyneth is wearing the Maitreya mesh body, the Catwa Destiny head, the Mandala Steking Season 5 Ears, SLink Pointe feet, ChicChica Fairy shoes, and my favourite new DeeTaleZ Catwa applier evah, Gwendoline! Because, duh; I’ll buy anything named “Gwen”. The background structure is Exposeur‘s Stone Arch, which I’ve had for absolutely ages.

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never write straight-up fashion blog posts about a single dress at We

So, I guess you could say I’m into mesh heads….

I know a lot of other bloggers have done this, but as my friend Lapis says, everyone brings their own perspective.

I seem to have several mesh heads.

Mostly, I have gravitated toward Lelutka and Catwa heads, because these heads are easy to match with the skins I want. And, as much as I like the look of some of the Genesis heads, I’ve rarely bought one, because the appliers just aren’t out there. Now, I’ve heard many rumours as to why this might be the case, but I don’t really know for sure, so I’m not going to speculate here.

The very first mesh head I bought, probably over a year ago now, was the Lelutka Aria. At the time, there were only a couple of Lelutka heads out, and I bought it because it was the one that had the smallest lips, believe it or not! I have this thing where I don’t want my avatar’s lips to look super-botoxed, and I’m so glad that lately, I’ve been seeing some mesh heads that look closer to right for me. Of course, every one I see that’s closer to right, I buy… so now I have a bit of a collection.


The Lelutka Aria

So this is the first mesh head I bought. It’s the Lelutka Aria head, and it’s pictured here, as all the other heads I’ll show in this post with Lumae’s gorgeous Eirtae skin, Emo-Tions Leni hair, and BentBox Sylvan Ears. And yes, at the time, these looked like the least full lips that Lelutka had to offer. I’m one of those people who loves to jump on the bandwagon and try new things, so I did go out and grab one shortly after they were released.

Later on, Lelutka’s range broadened out quite a bit. Over the past year, I’ve acquired four Lelutka heads; they’re pictured below.

Lelutka Head Comparison

All four of my Lelutka heads.

Here are all four Lelutka heads, pictured next to one another. I’m aware I don’t own the whole range: I spend a lot of Lindens, but I don’t blog for Lelutka, and I am not made of money, you know. 😉

Of the four, I think my personal favourite is the Stella, and that’s really all about the lips! I know, I know, I keep going on about lips, but to me, they really matter.


Lelutka Ever Head

I also quite like the slim nose on this head, and the pointy chin, again, these are personal preferences.

For the others I have varying degrees of love. I use a Lelutka head sometimes with The Amazing Catwoman, who needs a blog of her own sometime soon, and I’ll be using a Catwa head in the near future for The Gypsy Davey, who’s also long overdue for a Three-Knots-style update.

For Gwyneth, though, who’s my primary roleplaying character and the love of my SL life (hey! self-love is important!), I admit that I still haven’t found the absolute perfect mesh head. But I suspect, as they keep getting closer and closer, that if and when it appears, it might very well come from Catwa.

Catwa Head Comparison

I, um, own six Catwa heads.

I, um, own six Catwa heads. Seven if you count the Nicki head, which is not a personal favourite and which I only bought because it was L$100. Eight if you count the Justin head, which is the boy head that The Gypsy Davey will be in sometime soonish.

Catwa Test Shot -- Jessica

First, I fell crazy in love with Jessica!

First, I fell crazy in love with Jessica! I mean, look at her! Those pronounced cheekbones, that lovely, straight nose, and lips that don’t look like they’ve been plumped to three times their natural size! (OK, OK, I’ll try to stop it with the lips, or at least tone it down…) I was in the Jessica for a while.

Annie and I never really got on, though I’ve used her on TAC a couple of times. Gwen… well. OK. I bought Gwen because I’ll buy anything named Gwen. It’s true.

Catwa Test Shot -- Helena

Then, I was head over heels for Helena!

Then, I was head over heels for Helena, partially because the face shape makes me think of a more mature version of Jessica. The only thing was… (Oh, no; here she goes again!) the bottom lip. It’s just kinda sticky-outy. Which, I know, is probably a good thing for some people, and the lips are perfectly proportioned for the face, but I just… Gah! I might be obsessed with lips. Right. Moving on.

Then, a miracle happened.

Catwa Test Shot -- Amy


Amy! I mean, I know she is meant to look like a doll and all, but I just love her! I love her perky little nose, and her pointy chin, and…. OK, I promised. You know what else I love.

And then, right on Amy‘s heels, came Dyana.

Catwa Test Shot -- Dyana


Right, now, I’m thinking the Catwa Dyana is my forever mesh head. It’s doll-like without being totally a doll head, the features are lovely, and I think it takes the Lumae shading exceptionally well.

Of course, next week, Catwa will probably introduce another amazing mesh head and I’ll fall madly in love with that one…. yeah.

I can stop buying mesh heads anytime! I can! I can stop!

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never yammer about mesh heads without it!

I do promise to get back to story-blogging soon! I know, I know. I just keep saying that, don’t I?



Not Cheating!

On9 Contest Shots BLOG - 1

This is just how Faeries surf!

This is my entry for the June On9 Photo Competition.

In-World Name: Gwen Enchanted

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Helena
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Wings: Soul, Oree Wings
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae Dolce Summer Sky, T5 (this month’s Group Gift at Lumae!)
Feet: SLink Pointe
Dress: Lakshmi Raffia, Color Pack 3 (featured at this month’s On9 event)
Hair: No Match, No Fooling (featured at this month’s On9 event)
Necklace: Baubles! by Phe, Peacock Necklace (featured at this month’s On9 event)
Anklet: Alaskametro, Jess Fringed Anklet, Color Pack Jungle (featured at this month’s On9 Event)
Surfboard: Bad Unicorn, “Rocket” Summah Surfboard
Recognisable forest tree in background: Jian, Dryad Hideaway
Forest Sim Design: Dyisi Oppewall
Pose: Infiniti, Dust In the Wind, 1
Lighting: Windlight: TOR Sunset, Barcelona; Model lighting: LumiPro

I’m making a concerted effort to credit the great pose creators whose work I use in my blog posts. I haven’t been doing that, mostly because I use an Ani-Mate Pose Hud most of the time, and so I cycle through poses very quickly. From here on out, I’m going to try and make sure all poses are credited, not only so that folks know where they might find them, but so I myself can remember which ones I used!

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never enter photo contests without it!

I do promise to get back to story-blogging soon! I just wanted to show off this photo; I think I did a pretty good job. 🙂

Ramblings about We <3 RP, Skins, and More!

Gwyneth Blog Header


There’s not really a story today. Mostly, I’m just going to be talking about some of the fun stuff that’s available at We ❤ RP this month, and also about a new direction I’m taking.

actually bought a sim! Yes, that’s right. As it turns out, we need a little more space for a forest bit in our upcoming role-play sim, so I took the plunge. While the Amazing Dyisi Oppewall is down designing us a Pacific Northwest-style rainforest, I’ve been putting together an OOC office and home in the clouds. I’m going to need a space to myself while I’m working on my PhD in the upcoming months and years, so it seemed like as good a time as any to fashion a real just-for-me, OOC home. I’ve also got new skins to show you from 7 Deadly s[K]ins and (YES!) Curio!

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 1

So, here’s a view of my OOC office.

So, here’s a view of my OOC office. I self-indulgently put some of my favourite photos from past blog posts up on the wall, because they make me feel happy. The cool lamp is from Epic Toy Factory, a hunt gift from the 2016 Fantasy Faire and a memento of their sim, Tinker’s Hollow. The table is from Thor, and I’m pretty sure I got it at a Love To Decorate event a while ago, but I couldn’t promise that. The skybox itself is one of RageWorks‘ beautiful designs, the Classical White. Great camera angles, plenty of space for stuff, and a crisp design that makes me feel like working on stuff.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 2

What’s Gwyneth Wearing?

What’s Gwyneth Wearing? The outfit is comprised of two of my favourite things that are at We ❤ RP this month, Emo-Tions beautiful Linea bra, and the Leather Pants from Yasum, in Metallic. The shoes are from Reign, the Kiko Flats, and they’re available at FaMeshed. The hair is Analog Dog (natch!), one of her Fantasy Faire releases, Omega. I picked the light brown colour way to go with this fabulous new skin from  7 Deadly s[K]ins, which you can see more closely in the photo below. Body is Maitreya, feet are SLink, ears are Lumae‘s Leevi Long Ears, and the eyes are the Soul Sidhe Eyes. The head is the new Helena head from Catwa, which I bought because it looks a little older than the Jessica Gwyneth had been in, and it reflects Gwyneth’s IC maturation into an ageless Sidhe.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 3

New Skin Colours at 7 Deadly s[K]ins!

And (yay!) there are new skin colours at  7 Deadly s[K]ins! This is the Sand shade, and the face is Leslie. Izara is now making Omega appliers, which work beautifully on my Catwa head. This is Leslie version 2, which I chose because I love that eyeliner. In this photo you can also see the beautiful detailing on the Emo-Tions bra; it looks even better in world.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 4

Here’s a view of the (faux!) fireplace wall in the skybox.

Here’s a view of the (faux!) fireplace wall in the skybox. I’m having such fun decorating this place, but you know I’ll change it all around in 3 months when we move from summer into autumn. That said, decorating is fun! The cats on the rug are from Mutresse; they’re a common from the Witty Cats gacha at the current Arcade Gacha. I love this one because they’re all animated: here, one cat is giving another a massage! The two baby pegasi, also at the Arcade Gacha, are from Hextraordinary; they never seem to stop having great ideas for beautiful collectibles and gorgeous things to put in your home. These two beauties are the rares, the Nesting Crystal and the Nesting MidnightThe Pegasus Pony Hatchling is on the left bookcase, and I’m not ashamed to say I played this gacha 50 times. The ponies are all so beautiful; I only wish I could display them all… Wait, I can  display them all, because I have my own sim! OMG THE PRIMS.

Right! Also on the bookcase is another one of the 50-pull prizes from the Arcade Gacha, the Princess of the Swans, from OMEN. The books on both shelves are the product of Stormwood‘s really cool Literati Book Set, which has add-on HUDs that let you customise books to various genres and types. I have Fantasy, Children’s, Crime, and I think some Library books up there. The fighting hedgehog is from Loki, a memento of the 2016 Fantasy Faire Echtra sim, and it was a hunt gift. On the mantelpiece is another lovely memento of FF 2016, the Lucentia music box from The Looking Glass, whose creations never cease to delight and amaze. The mirror is from Mushilu.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 5

The Amazing Catwoman in Rosemoor

Now, there are often things at We ❤ RP that aren’t Gwyneth’s style, but luckily The Amazing Catwoman is always here to help me out if I need someone else to look great in things that are a bit too, hm, badass for Gwyneth. Here, she’s wearing the Wicca’s Wardrobe Eileen outfit. Her hair is also from We ❤ RP; made by Emo-Tions, it’s Warlord, which comes in sizes for both men and women Her skin is, as often, from  7 Deadly s[K]insit’s the very beautiful Ymke in Faun. I just love the spots, which you can see more clearly in the next photo.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 6

This skin was released for the 2016 Fantasy Faire.

This skin was released for the 2016 Fantasy Faire, but should now be available in the  7 Deadly s[K]ins Main Store. If ever you’re looking for something specific and you can’t find it in the main store, by the way, you can always IM Izara Allen, and she will be able to tell you where you can find it or source it for you. The 7DS group is also a great resource; most of the time it costs a (small!) fee to join, but she does make it free for special occasions. You can find all the group links in her profile. These eyes are from Gauze; they’re the Paradox Cat Eyes. The ears are also from Gauze; they’re the High Elf Ears, in the Drow colourway. The body is Maitreya, and the mesh head is the Catwa Gwen, because I’ll buy anything called “Gwen”! No, seriously; try me. 😉

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 7


I found Rosemoor through Ziki Questi’s Blog, which is where I find a lot of great places to photograph. This is only one view of this gorgeous sim; you can see more in Ziki’s blog post, or why not visit the sim and see for yourself? It’s gorgeous, and the windlight the sim designer has chosen just gives the whole place a slow, relaxed, almost nostalgic feel. I loved visiting and photographing there. The above photographs of The Amazing Catwoman were all taken in Rosemoor. Such a yummy and beautiful place.

Now, I had so many beautiful things to show for this blog entry that I decided to take just some quick editorials of outfits I put together and loved. So bear with me, because I’m just going to give the style cards under the photos.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 8

Senzafine and Aisling!

Senzafine always hits the ball out the park with her beautiful designs, and this one is no exception; it’s the Ysmay gown in the blue from colour pack 2. I love that her colourways are so consistent; the gowns always go perfectly with the Aesbrenni slippers she released a while back. I always wear those slippers with her gowns.

And yay! Aisling has made another beautiful crown! I love jewellery from Aisling. The crown is called Nealane, and it, along with the Senzafine gown, is available at this month’s We ❤ RP. The crown is great because it comes with a colour-change HUD that gives you a lot of options for both metals and gems. The hair is from Damselfly, also a We ❤ RP release; it’s called Cedar.

Body is Maitreya, head is Catwa Helena, ears are Lumae Leevi Long Ears, feet are SLink, and the skin is Leslie in Sand from  7 Deadly s[K]ins.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 9

And then there’s this fun, sexy design from !go!.

And then there’s this fun, sexy design from !go!. It’s the Lottia dress and panties, also available at We ❤ RP. For this outfit, I changed Gwyneth back in to one of the Lumae skins she commonly wears; this one is the Eirtae skin in colour way Shell, released for a Genre event a while back. I love that Lumiya Rae has made appliers for the BentBox Sylvan Ears; you can pick those up, along with the skin, at the Lumae Main Store. Body is Maitreya, head is Catwa Helena, feet are SLink, and the foot jewellery is from Carrie’s Lingerie, the Silver Sandals. They come with a gem change HUD so you can match them to whatever you’re wearing. This hair, by the way, is from Magika. The style name is Love Song, and it’s available at the Magika Main Store.

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 10

Last, but not least…

Last, but definitely not least, here is a beautiful new outfit from The White Armory, just released in The White Armory Main Store. This is the Guardians of Mirkwood dress set, in Hunter. Now, Bee Dumpling has been designing clothes in Second Life for a long time, and I, like every other fantasy fashion junkie, have been buying her stuff for as long as I’ve been in SL. She is always right on the trend with designing things for mesh bodies, and this is a Maitreya fitted garment that works beautifully. The trousers (thank the gods!) are both system and applier, so The Amazing Catwoman can wear these beautiful Moccasin Boots from Maitreya over them with no problem. Like all the shady hunter/ranger types out there, Tac is always frustrated when she can’t fit boots over a pair of mesh trousers, and her poor player spends hours (I am not making this up!) searching on the SL Marketplace for boots that will actually work with ranger-style outfits, because Tac lives in these when she’s working in a fantasy environment, and there’s nothing worse than suddenly discovering your trousers are peeking through your boots at an inopportune moment. Throws you right off your stride when pickpocketing in the better parts of town. 😉

The other amazing thing about this outfit for TAC is that she is in a Curio skin! Gala Phoenix has amazingly released all her original skin tones as appliers for mesh bodies! And they look beautiful. Along with this, she’s also released three new faces. This one is Pout. There aren’t any Omega appliers or mesh head appliers yet, but I shall keep hoping. Some of you know that before Gala had to take a break from SL, I pretty much wore nothing but Curio skins, and now that she’s releasing more, I just go to her shop every time I get a notice and fatpack that shit. Gwyneth absolutely adores her lighter tones and hopes desperately for Catwa or Omega head appliers in the near future! This is the Bean Light colourway. I think it looks great on TAC, and I can’t wait to try some of the others. Body is Maitreya, hair is Tableau Vivant, Luminay, from last month’s Collabor88, the necklace is Miamai‘s Rise In The Sun, and the ring is Aisling‘s The Good Wife. Eyes and ears are Gauze, Paradox Cat Eyes and High Elf Ears (Drow).

Mystery &amp; We &lt;3 RP BLOG - 11

Just one more photo!

Just one more photo! Now, the thing about Guardians of Mirkwood is that you have to look at the back! I love this beautiful design on the back of the jacket, so I had to show it to you. It’s one reason why I put TAC in such a short cropped hairstyle for this photoshoot; I wanted you to be able to see the beautiful line of this jacket from the back.

Whew! Such a long info dump; thank you if you’ve read this far. I’ll get back to my regular story-blogging later in the week. I’m about to have exciting stuff to show you from Hairology, and The Vintage Fair is just around the corner, as well. Collabor88 opens in just a few days, too: I can feel my Linden Balance slipping even as we speak…

No Style Cards today; everything’s noted below the photographs themselves.

I am instructed to thank Dyisi Oppewall for something, so I shall thank her for helping me have what was for me a very difficult conversation with a friend last night. Thanks for holding my virtual hand, and I shall continue to butter your biscuits for the foreseeable future.

General thanks also go to Moxy Macbeth for being awesome, and to Lanella Little for restoring my faith in youth. Dickensian Dreamer also helps keep me sane, and my life would not be complete without the inimitable (and occasionally snoring) Benbold. 

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never ramble for hours about clothes and skins without it!






Evening, Morning (with Previews!)

Gwyneth Blog Header


Something about the new Bower unsettles me.

I can’t decide if it’s the unfinished nature of it, my reluctance to rebuild a Land without My King. I fear I shall never be able to recapture the Dance of Gwyneth and Janus.

It might be just the seeming immaterial-ness of it all. Is that even a word? It is now.

I walked around the sparsely furnished room that serves as my bedchamber, and I thought of Nathaniel’s and my cottage by the sea, and it made me smile.

Preview BLOG - 1

No need for a fire in the big fireplace now.

No need for a fire in the big fireplace now; the nights are warm enough that I can leave the great windows open much of the time.

Preview BLOG - 2

So much work to be done. Am I ready?

So much work to be done. Am I ready?

This gorgeous dress is the Ivy Rose gown from The White Armory. It’ll be at We ❤ RP on the 4th of June. As with everything from The White Armory, it comes in a good array of colours, fits beautifully, and the prim accents work perfectly to give the dress a feel of ebb and flow. I particularly like the texturing on the belt.

There is no way to tell whether I’m ready, of course. The only thing to do is go to sleep, and see what the morning brings. Go to sleep, I told myself, and dream, dream of creation. Dream of the bower-to-be. Dream of the Seelie Lands in almost-summer, that apex of power. Dream.

Preview BLOG - 3

Morning found me dawdling over my breakfast. No big surprise there.

Morning found me dawdling over my breakfast. No big surprise there. Bran has taken to pretending we’re at some posh café in Amsterdam, and he giggles when I produce Euros from my belt pouch. Teases with me to leave him a good tip. I just give him a look. Then he usually gives me a kiss (chaste, but with an undercurrent of passion, just the way I like them). This morning, he reminded me that I had work to do. So, sighing, I took to the air to peruse the floating Island of the Seelie Lands. A forest, I decided. There should be a forest here.

Preview BLOG - 4

I do so love a good forest.

I do so love a good forest. And, it must be said, I’m good at forests. I didn’t ask for the dog, but he seemed determined to stay. I’ve never been much of a dog person, but whatever. He told me his name is Guardian, which, OK, is not all that imaginative, but then again, he’s a dog. He really seemed much more interested in the fox— who froze the moment she caught a whiff of him—than he was in me, which was OK with me, because I’m pretty sure dog slobber impedes Fae magic.

Preview BLOG - 5

I finished my morning libations to Her Who Gives Us Life, and turned to fly back to the bower, visible in the distance atop its own floating Island.

I finished my morning libations to Her Who Gives Us Life, and turned to fly back to the bower, visible in the distance atop its own floating Island.

But then I realised something.

Preview BLOG - 6

For the first time since Ascending to the Throne….I felt old.

For the first time since Ascending to the Throne….I felt old. Not decrepit, but ageless, as if this Summer upon us were only one of an endless succession of Summers, leading to an endless succession of Autumns.

I wonder how many seasons I shall have to spend without a King to balance me? How long can I carry this burden?

The dress and beautiful headpiece are both from EvalineInTheBox, and they’ll be available for purchase at the upcoming Fair Play: Second Life Is A Game event, which opens on the first of June, just hours from this writing. I’ll put a landmark in the style card section for you. The dress comes in several colours, and it’s two-piece, so you can mix and match. The crown is a gacha!

And then it all seemed not worth worrying about. Because I made a forest this morning. The dog sniffed at my heels as I lifted into the sky and headed to the bower: no doubt he’ll show up there eventually, begging for this or that, as dogs will. At least the morning wasn’t full of those pesky white owls I keep seeing everywhere.

Style Cards:

Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Jessica
Ears: BentBox, Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Skin: Lumae Eirtae, Tone 1
Hair: Analog Dog (natch!), Epsilon
Circlet: Junbug, The Sabrina Circlet
Dress: The White Armory, Ivy Rose Gown in Silver (Coming soon to We ❤ RP!)
Shoes: Deviance, Milady’s Slipper, Snow
Tower: Poëtica, Willow Tower
Fireplace: Noble Creations
Clock: Noble Creations
Café table, chair and tray: Ideza

Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Helena
Ears: BentBox, Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Skin: Lumae Eirtae, Tone 1
Hair: Truth, River
Crown: EvalineInTheBox, Starling Headpiece, Emerald (Coming soon to Fair Play!)
Dress: EvalineInTheBox, Eloise Skirt & Top in Cream (Coming soon to Fair Play!)
Shoes: Junbug, Valkyrie Sandals in Light Leather
Wings: Aii The Ugly And Beautiful, Pixie Wings, Light (Available at Enchantment!)
Tattoo: Arise, Let me Be Your Wings Tattoo (Available at Enchantment!)
Makeup: Pichi, Sweet Fairy Makeup Catwa Applier, green (Available at Enchantment!)
Lipstick: The Skinnery, Matte Lip Potion Catwa Applier
Forest: Studio Skye, Enchanted Forest
Pond: Studio Skye, Enchanted Pond
Dog: MeadowWorks, Greyhound- Watcher
Fox: Half-Deer, Fennec Fox, Stargazer

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never create forests and have Existential Fae Angst without it!