Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

This is not your world. Were you to step into it, My Fae Realm of Awenia, you would change, because it, the Realm, would change you. There is no way to enter Faerie, any Faerie, and return the same. I know this as well as anybody knows it, because I have stepped into Faerie many, many times, and I never return the same.

But I’ll welcome you anyway.

I’ll welcome you anyway, as I always do; it’s my duty after all, and sometimes even my pleasure.

Welcome, I should say, to Faerie as it is today, and if you’ve been here before you’ll notice there’s not a castle here any more. Yes, yes, I still have to get Angharad to change those signs. Poor girl: she was far too settled in her magical little room, and so she has been quite the sourpuss about my replacing the castle with a more open Court building. Sooner or later she will come to admire the gardens.

Some things remain the same, of course

Not everything has changed with the seasons; Clio is still happily mostly living in the Formal Book Garden, and whilst there are some new additions to the Book Forest, there is nothing so overwhelming as last year’s upheaval. And yes, the cats still live in the storyteller’s cottage, and if you’re lucky you can find a goddess come to life on the hill above the book path.

There’s a new offshore statue as well

Our Fae Lily of the Valley blooms here, and a special variety they are indeed. These beautiful plants, and the Raindale Mushrooms as well, I picked up at one of the many pre-Faire Faires, Chronicles & Legends. These Faires must all have a special theme; that’s kind of their thing, and this one amused me by having a theme of Seelie vs Unseelie. These names people paste on our kind, they always amuse me. As if there were some stark dividing line between seasons, and moods, and morals, and the fae. I smirk every time someone suggests to me that because I was first a Summer Queen that I am somehow morally more … ordered? light? gods forbid, good? than the Winter Queen, but then of course, here I am also the Winter Queen, and I hear my share of laughter on the icy winds. How shocking it must be to find that we, like humans, are complex. Multifaceted. Not paper dolls.

My sepia portrait

I think if I were in a book, I’d want to be in sepia, a halfway colour that renders more from shade than contrast. I’d want to be shaded, smudged, full of depth and the suggestion of colour.

But turn the page…

But turn the page and I would be there in the late-spring dark, glowing pale against the lightless sky, spotlit by the moon herself, and seeming drawn from cold yet calling summer. Calling summer, I would step out of the dark page and examine the light as if it were a physical thing, a paintbrush tool to flick across my glamoured features, made soft for you because our perfection would blind you, sweet mortal, even as you longed to see us for who we are.

Of course you are welcome here. The Fae Realm of Awenia is a welcoming land. So green against the mud-time of your Bostons, so blue compared to your overcast Londons, so quiet next to your crowded New Yorks, no matter what names they are called by. Perhaps that’s why I’d appear first in sepia, so that you would see those shadows first of all instead of this saturation your eyes may be overwhelmed by when you come to us at last.

No, this is not your world. But it could be, if only you were willing to change. And even if you say you are unwilling to change and stay, unwilling to become part of the Realm and embrace its mystery and novelty, a part of you will always be Awenia, even if you are here only for a day.

Nathaniel says there should be a disclaimer.

That just makes me smile.

No-one ever reads the terms and conditions. It’s all fine, really. Just press ‘Accept’.

Most of what Gwyneth is wearing and some other items featured in this post are from the just-opened Chronicles & Legends event.

Notes & Credits

Items featured at Chronicles & Legends: Seelie vs. Unseelie:
The Gown: (A)MAZE/Viki, Alyara. This gown comes in multiple colours, and each colour way has both a light and a dark version. It’s stunning.
The Wings: Celeste, Seelie Bento Wings. Beautifully mod, so I was able to tint them to match the gown.
The Eyes: Arte, Luce Eyes
The Circlet: Kotolier, Circlet Lacrima
The Nails: Rawr!, Fae Nails
The Lily of the Valley & Purple Mushroom: Raindale, Lilibell Set

Other stuff:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa HDPro Soft
Skin: DeeTaleZ, Elise
Brows: Simple Bloom, Liv Spring Soft Arch
Eyeshadow: Mewsery, Glitter Girl
Lipstick: TheMars, Betty Lip

Shot on location in Awenia Faerie, Court Island
Court Building: Compulsion, Elven House
Fountain: Titans, The Etoile Fountain
Mermaid Statue: Titans, The Siren Statue
Floating Lotus Flowers & Lily Pads: Rivendale, Purple & Pink Lotus, Green Lily Pad
Seals: HEXtraordinary, Seal Wanderers
Clio: Teeglepet Arabian
Bridge: The Looking Glass, The Shrine Tree Bridge

Chronicles & Legends opened on 10 April and will close on 2 May. It’s worth the trip!

There’s something about a cloudless night. Or that’s how it seems. I recall my (human) father always referring to a moon covered with clouds as a ghostly galleon, after the Alfred Noyes poem. And maybe we don’t associate a clear night with magic, or omens, or stories. Maybe. Maybe we don’t.

A cloudless night
But I felt something

But I felt something. Something on the wind. Something that made me think. It was the smell of surf and spring. The wind of things to come, my mother (my imagined mother) might have called it.

And it wasn’t just the magical gown

And it wasn’t just the magical gown, though this dress from Senzafine could make a potato feel like a princess. No, it was the slowing-down of March into nearly-April, the sound of future music on the horizon, the sight of all those tiny points of light out there.

Something, something beautiful is coming.

A thing to be held close, maybe even danced with.

Something to be both celebrated and nurtured. Can you hear it?

There is a low, lilting song making its way to you. And you might not even be sure you can hear it right now, it’s so far away.

So faint and far away, it is.

But it’s coming closer.

Notes & Credits:
Gown: Senzafine, Saria Gown— available for only a few more days at We Love Role-play.
Skin: Lumae, Lelutka Amesha, T2
Head: Lelutka EvoX Avalon
Ears: Lelutka EvoX Elf Ears
Hair: Mina, Pepper
Eyes: Arte, Spring Eyes
Body: Maitreya Lara

Lighthouse scene: K&S, Lighthouse Backdrop
Foreground Building: Minimal, Charming Abbey
Starry Night: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night

It’s been a long time since I found myself in a realm and didn’t realise how I ended up there. It’s even been a long time since I dreamt of such things. I confess, I’d fallen into a sense of complacency, I guess you’d say: that is, I became comfortable with the illusion that I had some sort of control over life outside of Awenia Faerie. The truth, of course, is that I don’t really have all that much control over life inside of Awenia Faerie, but I’m sure I’ve made that clear in various stories repeated here.

It’s somewhat odd to find oneself in someone else’s gallery….

That’s why finding myself in someone else’s gallery gave me quite a turn. Well. I say gallery, but it was really more like a hallway with a few pictures: I’m sure whoever owned the hallway thought of it as “The Gallery”, though: the frames alone were testament to that.

Ruffs? Uncomfortable.

Of course, it didn’t take much longer than the realisation that I was clearly in someone else’s hallway/gallery/whatever to clock that I was dressed in appropriate Tudor bordering on Elizabethan garb, and while corsets aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as contemporary mundane media would like us to believe, I’ve never been a fan of slashed sleeves and ruffs. They constrain, they itch, and frankly, unless you’ve got a swan neck, they have the (in my opinion, anyway) not always flattering feature of making it look as if you don’t have a neck at all. Then again, that could be what the Elizabethans were going for. I can’t remember if the neck was some sort of forbidden bit of anatomy. Certainly not as devil-tempting as the elbow or the wrist!

Graffiti, alive and well

I admit I was somewhat amused when I turned one of the pictures over and found scrawled on the back in what could have been grease pencil, or crayon (red): DnT FKCNG CAR Hu DeEs IS. JUs+ WNNA G0 HM. It would seem I’m not the only person to have ended up in this hallway.

I do hope they found their way home: I mean, obviously they found their way somewhere else, seeing as how I’m not currently boring some poor lost traveller with tales of Sir Walter Raleigh.

Well, whoever that 18th century dandy is, I think I’d best be going.

At least there was not similar graffiti behind the portrait of Revolutionary American George Washington on the other side, but I do tend to think of that timeline as an alternative, no matter what you might have grown up with. In any case, it’s not difficult for me to find my way home from these little unplanned visits! Before I go, though: let me just see if I can manage to keep this dress. Sure, ruffs are itchy, but the Great Faire approaches, and one can never have too many gowns!

Notes & Credits:
The Elizabethan Gown: Silvan Moon Designs, The Virgin Queen (Available now at We Love Roleplay!)
The Demure & Blushing Skin: Lumae, Lelutka Amesha, Blush (freckled!) (Available now at the Lumae Main Store!)
The Don’t leave me alone with anybody in the drawing room hair: Exile, Dangerous
The Everything goes with gold and roses circlet: Air, Rose Circlet
The Eyes that were never so blue: Yoshi, Syn Eyes
Head: Lelutka, Lilly
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Swallow, Elf Ears, High Definition

I have been absent a while. I can only apologise for that. Thanks to the many Awenia Fae who kept My Realm safe over the last few months, and thanks also to you, invisible but important readers, for bearing with me and having faith that I, like the light, would return.

Constant as the Moon, they say

‘Constant as the moon’, said my Welsh granny, the one who wasn’t my granny but who knew more than she let on.

‘What does that mean, Gran’? I asked; I think I was twelve or thirteen. ‘You say that all the time, but the moon isn’t constant at all: it’s always changing and growing and shrinking and moving around the sky and whatnot’.

You know how sometimes, when a thing occurs in just the perfect space, a person comes to life in a different way? That’s what happened to my granny in that moment. Her face sharpened, from her eyes to her rounded chin, and a half-smile edged across her face.

‘The only constant’, said Gran, ‘is change’. She took a breath. ‘Heraclitus. Greek. About five hundred years before the Christians start counting up from one. He was called “the dark philosopher” because he was so hard to understand. I think he would have been more understood, but probably even less understanding, in our modern world’. She squinted, mouthed a couple of syllables. ‘Oh, yes; that’s it. Panta Rhei was his motto: Life is flux. So even though she may not be always the same, she is in fact constant‘.

‘Oh’. I must have stood there with my mouth open for a good half minute.

‘Go on, or I’ll move on to Socrates, or Plato, or maybe even Plutarch’!

I don’t remember learning anything about Socrates, Plato, or Plutarch until I was in sixth form, so I must have gone.

I came back by way of the Viking-themed Faire at Enchantment.

If you’ve not visited the very beautiful Viking Faire at Enchantment, you must! There are so many beautiful things I struggled which ones to show you first! One of the first things I did was have my hair styled and braided by the ladies from Ayashi, because they had such lovely beads (I’ll have a closer photo to show you later!). And the beautiful gown is from (A)Maze; it’s called the Freya gown, and I think it’s certainly worthy of a goddess who rides around in a chariot pulled by cats! The circlet is designed by Rainbow Sundae, and its simple shape and perfect line work really well when everything else I’m wearing is so ornate! When I unpacked my trunk upon returning to Awenia, this was the first gown I pulled out, and then I thought, now— what would set this gown off beautifully is a stunning skin paint-over from Lumae! Bran even shouted at me, yes, yes, so rude to leave him and Clutie with all the rest of the putting away (not like I was going to do it anyway: Hello? Faery Queen!), but off I went to see Lumiya Rae, who of course had the perfect thing! A fantasy blush skin paint modelled on her Ayesha style, perfect for early spring and full of hope, particularly when set with the dark red of this gown.

The Gods Are In The Details

‘The Gods are in the details’, or that’s what folk say, anyway: the detailing on the gown’s overbuilt waist is just stunning, isn’t it? And here too you can see the perfectly pink paint Lumiya applied to my skin just hours before. I think I’ll be asking her to style me up like this again: I wonder if she would accept a nice holiday in Faerie as compensation for a few more shades of this lovely blushiness? I love it so much: I feel like I’ve been dipped in rose petals and swished around in milk. OK, not really: that would be a little gross, because unlike many Fae, I am not a big fan of milk generally— but you didn’t come here to find out about my dietary habits! You came here because like everyone else you want to know what Her Majesty the Fae Queen of Awenia, Gwyneth, is wearing, of course!

It is good, so good, to be back, my darlings. I’ll check in with you again soon.

Notes & Credits:

Items featured at Enchantment, which is open now:
Hair: Ayashi, Astrid Hair
Circlet: Rainbow Sundae, Hilda Headband
Gown: (A)Maze, Freya Gown

Amazing new fantasy skin from Lumae, available at the Lumae Main Store:
Amesha Blush, freckled! (best freckles on the grid!)

Everything else:
Head: Lelutka, Lilly
Body: Maitreya
Eyes: Arte, Blue Eyes
Ears: Swallow, Elf Ears High Definition
Eyebrows: Arte, Lilly Eyebrows

Photos shot in Awenia Faerie
Castle: Rivendale, Dreamy Castle
Side Chair (partially visible): Petrichor, Celeste Chair
Awenia Faerie is wholly built inside a Landscapes Unlimited Sweetwater Valley Large Skybox Environment
Moon & Stars: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night (possibly the most gorgeous star system I have ever seen)
Clouds: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Clouds

I think we choose to celebrate darkness, madly and wildly, until it catches us deeply and seems unwilling to let us go. Once darkness has had you like that, you end up either celebrating it even more wildly, or retreating, as I have done, into a more peaceful world.

Peace, my friends

I am aware of the unimaginable size of my hubris when I say I have retreated into a more peaceful world. Had I all the will and magic of the universe, I would wish for all of us, each of us, to create the world we wish to live in. I know and am grateful for the immensely lucky hand which the gods have dealt me. Let’s be honest: if you were reading about me in a book, or in some poor writer’s memoirs, you would rename me Mary Sue, wouldn’t you? Trust me: I’m not blind. I would have done the same, had I come across my story before I lived it.

See the sun arising

See the sun arising
See the sun arising
Darkness is gone

We sing this together in midwinter, as the days begin to lengthen seemingly infinitesimally. And even in the cold haze of the early Faery morning, see, there is the sun, or some hazy projection of it, at least. Above the castle, the birds have already begun their day, and down below, the demifae are just ending their nights’ revels. For this small time, the Realm sleeps. Well, it seems to sleep.

The Realm sleeps only from a distance.

Closer-in, you will find the winds doing their work, moving snow around, you will find the lights above DJFae’s Dance Floor swirling their merry spiral, waiting for the happy steps of those our Danya inspires to dance (which is just about everybody who listens when she spins).

FluffyCat The Bookseller

You will find FluffyCat the Bookseller at his appointed post, because when do you need a good book more than on a blustery winter night? I ask him, What do you recommend? and he replies, On this night, there is no better book than Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising to steady your spirit with a story. I’m sure I have a signed edition here, Your Fae Majesty. Tempting, but I am only allowed to have so many copies of The Dark Is Rising. Someone else will be the lucky reader—of this one.

Snow, or mist? My own Book Garden seems more magical than usual, now that we have had midwinter snow.

It is not a time of newness, this, so when new things appear in the winter’s dark, we take notice.

Ode To The Moon

This pleasing cottage, called Ode To The Moon and created by the ever-imaginative Dragonia of Dragon Magick Wares, even came with its own tiny island. Whoever will live here will have their own holiday tree, not to mention half a dozen sheep—no; that one in front is a (tiny) reindeer.

Snowy Book Forest

How do we ascertain the anchor of a Realm? Is it the largest feature? Is it the most beautiful place? Is it the spiritual centre? If it is the most long-standing, then the Book Forest is at Awenia’s heart, if not its physical centre: there has been a Book Forest in Awenia for as long as there has been Awenia. For me, that’s about six years, but the folk who live here know this length of time as “for-ever”.

Our Sacred Meadow

The demifae have changed the altar from autumn to winter; no-one ever sees them do it, but it’s always efficient and perfectly on time. Can you see the tiny faery up in the Winter Guardian tree? Sometimes we can sight them when the seasons turn, just admiring their handiwork. You may know that the guardian trees in our Sacred Meadow relocate seasonally: do you see the Spring Guardian there in the distance? It’s as if she is only a few steps away. Calibri is the little pony who helps visitors find their way around Awenia; he’s strayed from his place by the portal. The unicorn is Lampen, one of the two unicorns who live here regularly.

Sleeping Demifae

And look! There’s a demifae, fast asleep on the altar Yule log. They must have worked through the night, making sure midwinter came to us on time. Here: let’s leave them some extra marshmallows for when they wake up.

As always, on this day, particularly after Fluffycat reminded me of The Dark Is Rising, I think of Susan Cooper’s beautiful poem, “The Shortest Day”. Do you know it?

I’ll put a couple of links below, but here is the text as I sent it in this year’s holiday card from Awenia.

The Shortest Day

The Shortest Day 

And so the Shortest Day came and the year died
And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world
Came people singing, dancing,
To drive the dark away.
They lighted candles in the winter trees;
They hung their homes with evergreen;
They burned beseeching fires all night long
To keep the year alive.
And when the new year’s sunshine blazed awake
They shouted, reveling.
Through all the frosty ages you can hear them
Echoing behind us—listen!
All the long echoes, sing the same delight,
This Shortest Day,
As promise wakens in the sleeping land:
They carol, feast, give thanks,
And dearly love their friends,
And hope for peace.
And now so do we, here, now,
This year and every year.
Welcome, Yule!

Poem by Susan Cooper

Here is an NPR recording of Susan Cooper reading some lines from the poem and talking about it last year at this time.

Oh, my darlings, I do dearly love you. And I do hope for peace.

Notes & Credits

  • The Avatar:
    • Gwyneth is wearing Silvan Moon Designs’ stunning Royal Yule Gown, available now at We Love Roleplay.
    • Her skin is Petrichor’s Lazulian Femme (quartze) for a base, topped with the Draziele Holiday Tattoo, Frost, also from Petrichor.
    • These eyes, also from Petrichor, are the Koele eyes.
      • Both the eyes and the tattoo are available now at Saturnalia.
    • Gwyneth’s hair is from Kuni, the Duda Hair
    • The brass crown is from Fika, the Duchess Fringe Tiara
    • The Candle Mantle and Crown are from Static, Candlelight Crown & Mantle, also available at Saturnalia. (that’s a great event; y’all should all go to it [no, I am not blogging for them!])
    • Makeup is from SlackGirl (eyeshadow) and TheMars (lipstick)
    • Gwyneth is in a Maitreya Mesh body and the Catwa HDPro Soft head. Her shape is home-made and handmade.
  • The Environment
    • Shot on location in Awenia Faerie.
    • Stunning Tree: The Looking Glass: The Shrine Tree, a One-of-a-Kind (well, two-of-a-kind!) item. You can come visit it.
    • Fir Tree in Peace photo: HarshLands, Fir Trees
    • Frame and Lights in Peace photo: {anc} Frame & Stool
    • Sim Surround: Landscapes Unlimited, Sweetwater Valley
    • Solar System: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night
    • FluffyCat’s Book Wagon: Kraftwork, Travelling Bookseller
    • FluffyCat Herself: Foxwood, Fluffs
    • Ode To The Moon Cottage: Dragon Magick Wares, Ode To The Moon
    • Stage: {anc} Dreaming Stage
    • Sheep: [anc} Dreaming Sheep
    • Reindeer: Hextraordinary, Romping Reindeer
    • Small Tree: {anc} Noel Tears Tree
    • Large Tree: {anc} Snowy Day Christmas Tree
    • Items In Book Forest: There are so many! IM me in world or ask me in a comment if there’s something specific you want to know about. The book path is by Una, and the central house is 8f8’s Storyteller’s Burrow house.
    • Winter Guardian: HarshLands, Winter Guardian. Kadaj Yoshikawa has created guardian trees for all four seasons, and they are integral to the Awenia Sacred Meadow. You can see the Spring Guardian also in the photo that features the Meadow.
    • Pony and unicorn: Teegle! I love Teegle and can spend hours playing with my pretty unicorns and ponies.
    • Yule Log: Hextraordinary, Yule Log
    • Demifae on Yule log: CF, Forest Fairy, Snow Sit

(thanks to fellow blogger & photographer Justyn Time for the following video link! — not super happy with the harp background, but you can see the book!)

Tomorrow, the sun will rise on a light-er day. Be peaceful, and love one another.

It’s All Here

I remember everything. From the first haunting strains, through the climax of Act I, and into the tears of Act II.

I Dream The Details

The details come to me in dreams: the places we went, the melodies we shared, the deep red of roses, the underpinning of music, and the love of music, and the longing for the end of that phrase, the reach for resolution, and the coda, and the bar line.

And now, the story.

But why tease you with these murmurs and adjectives? So what if it haunts me still? So what if they all suggested it mustn’t really have happened. No, no: I think it’s time.

Are you ready to hear my story?

To Be Continued….

Enchantment’s Phantom of the Opera Round opens Today, 15 November, 2020!

Featured Enchantment Items:
Hair: KMH, F149
Gown: Poet’s Heart, Prima Donna Gown
Jewellery: Kunglers, Emmy Necklace & Earrings
Mirror: Old Treasures, Phantom’s Mirror
Sofa: Old Treasures, Phantom’s Opera Lounger
Get all this and so much more at Enchantment, and start your story.

Everything Else:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka Evolution Fleur Unbound|
Ears: Swallow, Shiny Elf Ears
Skin: Wyrd, Edda
Eyes: Arte, Lolly Eyes
Eyeshadow: SlackGirl, 50
Lipstick: TheMars, Apple Crush
Moon & Stars: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, she cast her wishes
Into the air like feathers from an owl.

Like feathers from an owl

Like feathers from an owl, they twirled and blew
And who knows why the sky accepted them
And who knows for what purpose wishes drop
The air itself turned thicker, that she felt
But nothing else revealed itself: not yet.

Down the path she walked

And so she made her slow and careful way
Past the teller’s house, and through the door
All made of books, the substance of her life.
Beyond that first door, something felt awry,
As different as her mind from yesterday.

Something felt awry

Something felt awry, yes, out of placement,
She’d have said, if she’d been thinking clearly,
But she wasn’t. Just echoes of wishes
Occupied her mind: they were pervasive.
It was enough to make her think, Turn back.

Turn back, she thought

Turn back, she thought, but only in her head.
And as the path grew darker, she could feel
A weight upon her back. It grew and grew
Until she was convinced she’d have a stoop
Forever; that’s how heavy this weight seemed.

The Tree Of Shadows

She reached the Tree of Shadows just in time
To feel a finger tapping on her cheek.
Another finger tapped her shoulder, then
A rhythmic pulsing clear upon her back.
And so of course she turned to find the cause.

What have I done?

“I take them back!” she said. “Yes, every wish.
“I take them all back: I will keep them all!”
And from her back, the golden spider laughed.
“It’s good for you that I am not a cheat,”
The spider said. “You get one chance at this,
“No more. Are we agreed?” The spider clicked,
Then spoke no more with words. The wind went low,
As if the wood itself listened in then.

A close escape!

A close escape! She knew she’d made a deal
And felt the oath fix tight into her heart.
No more idle wishes: she’d have to work
At that one, but she knew she’d make the rule,
And keep it, if she wanted to survive
In her own space and keep her sanity.

Spiderweb, Spiderweb

Notes & Credits:
The Golden Back Tattoo: Nefekalum, Embed, Gilded. Available at Necrotize!
The Night Blue Skin: Wyrd, Alva, in special fantasy tone Frozen. Available at Trick Or Treat Lane through the first of November!
The Stunning Spider-Dress: Oubliette, Arachne Dress, Onyx. Available at Trick Or Treat Lane through the first of November! (comes with the leg ribbons as part of the dress panty)
The Equally Stunning Spider-Necklace: Oubliette, Arachne Necklace. Available at Trick Or Treat Lane through the first of November!
The Ice Blue Crown: Eve, Valindra’s Crown, Black Ice
The Multicoloured Eyes: Petrichor, Jamus Eyes
The Spider-Shoes: Sheba, Willow Heels
The Neatly Coiffed Hair: Magika, Midnight
The Spider: Salt & Pepper, Web Crawler Spider Companion, Gold
Location: Awenia Faerie
Book Forest bits & Bobs:
Sign: 8f8, Storyteller’s Burrow, Sign
Background Books: Multiple creators; IM Gwen Enchanted in world if you want to know more!
Book Path, Una, Book Path
Creepy Tree with musical instruments: HarshLands, Cursed Tree
Violin: UnKindness, The Unveiling Violin
Cello & Harp, DRD, Victorian Music Room, Cello, Harp
Tuba: MadPea Cursed Collection, Tuba
Owl: MoonAmore+Cureless, Owlsome Owl
Spiderwebs: DDD, Dewdrop Cobwbs

I wanted to write something about the fickleness of wishes, and I remembered Joan Osborne’s song Spiderweb. It worked with a lot of great Halloween items, and the Nefekalum Tattoo gave our spider the perfect portal from which to emerge.

Spiderweb — Joan Osborne
I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
And he could see just fine
Dreamed about Ray Charles last night
And he could see just fine you know
I asked him for a lullaby
He said “Honey I don’t sing no more”
No more no more no more
Ray don’t sing no more
He said “Since I got my eyesight back
my voice has just deserted me.
No ‘Georgia On My Mind’ no more
I stay in bed with MTV.”
Then Ray took his glasses off
And I could look inside his head
Flashing like a thunderstorm
I saw a shining spider web
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
In Ray Charles’ head
I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
He took me flying in the air
Showed my own spider webs
Said, “Honey, you had best take care.
The world is made of spider webs
The threads are stuck to me and you
Be careful what you’re wishing for
‘Cause when you gain you just might lose”
You just might lose your
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
What Ray Charles said
When you’re feelin’ lonely
When you’re hidin’ in your bed
Don’t forget your string of pearls
Don’t forget your spider web
When I go to sleep tonight
Don’t let me dream of brother Ray
No, no, no, don’t
Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he sees
Just like him best the other way
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
What Ray Charles said
In Ray Charles head
All I got’s my spider web
Keepin’ me alive
c’mon Ray

The last three months of the mortal calendar year, beginning with the end of our spiritual year and ending with the beginning of the next mortal calendar year, are always a whirlwind for me.

It’s easy to let it overwhelm you.

If you start out sprinting, you’ll lose your stamina by the end of the season, and that does no good for anybody. That’s years, decades, even, of advice speaking.

But then The Looking Glass makes a gown like this!

But then, Sharni Azalea makes a gown like this, and you realise that Wyrd Witch could paint a skin so perfectly to go with it…and suddenly it doesn’t matter that you were trying to ease into the Party Quarter, such as it is, and you can’t resist trying on half a dozen different hairstyles, makeup changes, and the first party of the season becomes the same sort of goal that it would be if it were the only party of the season, all thanks to the amazing and talented designers you’re proud to know.

It’s enough to give a Faery Queen hope!

And hope, my loves, in hard times—hope is sometimes the only blessing we have. And really, even if you’re the Faery Queen in Awenia, who can resist trying on four different Exile hairstyles until you find exactly the one you want? I ask you: Who could resist that? It’s a rhetorical question of course, my darlings, because the answer is absolutely no-one, and you already knew that.

We are near halfway through October, and that means the first big parties are just around the corner. And so my loves, I advise you to do as I say, not as I do, and take it at an easy pace. Take it gently. Feel it as a quiet wonder, and not that brittle, excited wonder you feel right before the biggest disappointment of your life.

And if you can’t do that, well.


Dance your feet off.

Shouldn’t everything be a dance?

Because, really—if you play it right—shouldn’t everything be a dance?

Be safe out there. Mind your manners. Don’t tell lies. And if you fancy dancing, head over to Trick Or Treat Lane to get your skin painted this glorious shade of leaf, and then make your way to the Archipelago, where you will find the Fallen Gods 13th Anniversary Celebration in full swing, and where you can yourself get The Temple Peacock Dress.

Notes and Credits:
Skin: Wyrd, Anya in Leaf, one of three special colours for this season, available exclusively at Trick Or Treat Lane.
Dress & Earrings: The Looking Glass, The Temple Peacock Dress, available at the Fallen Gods 13th Anniversary Celebration Market.

Head: Catwa, HDPro Soft
Feather Brows: DS’Elles, Feather Eyebrows for Catwa
Eyes: LeForme, Lili Eyes
Body: Maitreya
Nails: Venge, Stilletto, Tranquility
Hair: All from Exile—
1. Lesha
2. Versailles
3. Smolder
4. Jenna

Music swells, a romantic chord progression working up from the fifth to the one, and then, a calming….


She’s always wanted this. Your little girl. Your princess. Your… angel.

Well, maybe not your angel….

But it’s her dream, to wear a beautiful gown, to have her hair done, to step out with all her friends….

Even if, for her own safety and the safety of others, you have had to have a pocket universe installed in your home and calling the entities with whom she associates friends is….

Musical riff

VO: well, it’s a bit of hyperbole really, isn’t it? But she wants this. She needs this.

So innocent and vulnerable!

She wants to feel like any other seventeen-year-old. Innocent, vulnerable, catching the eye of that cute…. um, well, being across a crowded room. It’s important to her development as a teenager—and as a demon.

That’s why we created PROM-PIT. It’s the best way for your demon child to experience that traditional coming-of-age celebration party, the high school prom, without making national news or feasting guiltily on the entrails of the junior class for weeks afterward.

Perfectly Recalled

PROM-PIT turns that pocket universe into a beautiful formal dance dreamscape. Popular themes include:

  • Come Sail Away
  • I Will Remember You
  • Don’t Stop Believin’
  • Born This Way
  • Frozen Frolic
  • Spring Fling
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Harvest Moon
  • Christmas Cotillion

First, we terraform and decorate! Don’t worry; we have safe holding spots in case your lovely one is a bit territorial!

Then, we’re there to document the occasion! Our photographers and videographers will take a few hours before the festivities begin so you and your loved ones will have a scrapbook to remember her the way she was on this beautiful night.

Candid Shots, Too!

We include candid shots of your precious spawn having genuine fun! Because every teenager deserves to have this much fun, at least on this one special night.

We’ll even take it to the limit!

We even know how to make sure we capture at least one photograph of her after she’s, well… broken a few rules and might be getting a bit too loud for the neighbours! Good thing those pocket universes are completely soundproof, isn’t it?

If your precious demon child is beginning to long for a “normal teenage experience,” whatever that is, why not give us a call? There’s no obligation, and our quotes are quick and reasonable.

These wonderful years are so fleeting, aren’t they? Our little darlings grow up so fast. They blood their first kills, mature, leave the nest (and maybe some survivors!), and move on into the world.

The most valuable thing in the world, in the universe, is a memory.

Make one this year, with PROM-PIT

When she’s on her own island, calling sailors to their dooms or luring the unwary in to her net of lust and lies, she’ll thank you for this beautiful scrapbook. You’ll each get a copy.

The Woman She Could Be

Call PROM-PIT today, and help her see the woman she could be. At least for a little while.

Notes and Credits:

  • The one-of-a kind demon skin: Wyrd, Anya, in special demon tone Blot (This will be at the Dark Style Fair, which opens on 9 October!)
  • The Stunning look-how-my-hooves-gleam-in-this-dress gown, Senzafine, Hecate Gown (You can get this right now at We Love Roleplay!)
  • Horns: Petrichor, Anathaema Bare Horns (Back at the Petrichor Main Store now!)
  • Gold Face Tattoo: Nefekalum, Guardian
  • Gold Body Tattoo: Nefekalum, Avalon’s Gift, Gold
  • Hair: Exile, Eri
  • Head: Catwa, HDPro Soft Mesh Head
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Wings, Tail & Hooves, Sweet Thing, Demon Wings, Demon Tail, Demon Hooves
  • Nails: Venge, Maitreya Stiletto Nails, “Flourish”
  • Eyes: Yoshi, Lee Eyes
  • Special thanks to Lucia Blackheart, Bu Lionheart, and Qyrsha, from the amazing and supportive Petrichor discord group, for help with finding just the right demon parts and being kind to me even though I’d never really put together a demon before. Thanks to all of you, she’s the perfect Demon Prom Queen!

It is October in Awenia. And so we watch the world change, and sometimes we make the world change, as our magical year turns toward its ending. And yes, we believe that inside all endings there are also beginnings, and that is how we see the world on a wheel. Our Three Realms, Land, Sea, Sky, they all live in this wheel and on this cycle. As we near the turning point of the cycle, we mark where our old year passes into the new. In Awenia, because we are a Realm of inspiration, this marking goes on throughout the month of October.

To remember our departed, recently and ancient, every table gains an extra setting at this time.

An Extra Place

In some traditions, this practice is known as the Dumb Supper, and everything is prepared oppositely with everything usually on the right placed on the left, for example. Here, there is so thin a veil every day between worlds and realms, we do not bother with this ritual aspect.

Instead, we concentrate on beauty

Instead, we concentrate on making the space beautiful, welcoming, inviting, in the hopes that our honoured departed, be they recently gone from us or from many centuries ago, will find our tables to their liking.

For this year’s Sacred Meadow Table, I have found the most beautiful tableware, produced by master craftswoman Nodnol Jameson and her Kraftwork house. These arrived just as I was beginning to Turn Awenia to Autumn. They were part of a larger seasonal decorating package called a Decorate that I have enjoyed receiving for many years. This time of year, the contents are often focused on the more popular aspects of our Autumn holidays, the spooky fun, and the spooky creepy, and while we love those things in Awenia as well (Her Majesty will personally kiss you if you bring her candy corn!), we do take a more meditative view of these days.

Cats and Cups

So, this month, while you’re getting ready for your spooky fun and working on memorising your best ghost story or perfecting the perfect Hallowe’en costume, take a moment, if you can find one, and consider why we honour the dead. Why do we venerate our ancestors? For what reasons do we hold them in our memories and our hearts? How would the repast before us be possible, if we truly existed on our own, in some bubble, and had no ancestors, no giants on whose shoulders we could stand?

A Place at the Table

And, if the spirit moves you, set an extra place at your table, too. And have dinner with your father, your grandmother, your long-lost relative who gave some part of themselves so that you could be you.

Back, and Forward

Now, imagine—in a hundred years’ time, in five hundred years’ time, who will set a place at their table and hope to share a meal with you?

Notes and Credits:
The table setting: Kraftwork, Fall Dinnerware, for the 2020 Halloween DecoCrate
The Table, Chairs, & Benches: Raindale, Maplemoor
The Cats (both stone and sleeping) Maru-Kado
The Unicorn & Pony: Teegle
The Pond: Two Moon Gardens
The Statue: HarshLands, Spring Guardian
The Standing Stones: Studio Skye, Skye Standing Stones
The Castle In The Distance: Rivendale, Dreamy Castle
The Ground Cover: Happy Mood, Sweet Garden Grass 08
Prominent Trees: The Little Branch
Purple Bush: Cube Republic, Useful Bush
Environment: Landscapes Unlimited, Sweetwater Valley
Stars: Landscapes Unlimited, Starry Night

Look Back With Love; Look Forward With Hope
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