OOC: Why I Relay

This blog has been mostly a role playing blog, and now I’m expanding it because I’ve been selected as a Fantasy Faire blogger. That means some posts are now going to cover fantasy fashion (not that they didn’t before!), and I’ll be chronicling my experiences at the Fantasy Faire and expounding its wonders and attractions for all of you.

This post is different.

We’ve been asked to talk about why we are doing this, and so I have an important picture to share with you and a story about how cancer has affected me personally in my real life.

My beloved husband of only ten years was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma a little  more than two years ago. Although Hodgkins is meant to be one of the “easiest” cancers to deal with and has a high survival rate, his case hasn’t gone according to plan, and just a few weeks ago, we got the opinions of his doctors: they can do no more for him and are moving to palliative care. Most lymphoma patients in this situation are expected to live for about a year; however, in my husband’s case, the disease has seemed to move very fast, so doctors expect him to be on the short end of that measuring stick.

So. Although there are many good reasons to work tirelessly for cancer cure research, my personal story and my personal reason is all about the tremendous sorrow, stress, and rage I feel at the prospect of losing the centre of my life after ten wonderful years of marriage.

Why do I relay?

The Amazing Catwoman says it all: I’m too young to be a widow.