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  • Why Do I Relay?

    Catalina Staheli took this photo of one of my avatars last year. It was April of 2015, and my husband, Joe Raftery, had just been told that there was no curative treatment his doctors felt would work for him. There was no way to tell how long his life would be, but Hodgkins Lymphoma, a… Continue reading

  • OOC: Why I Relay

    This blog has been mostly a role playing blog, and now I’m expanding it because I’ve been selected as a Fantasy Faire blogger. That means some posts are now going to cover fantasy fashion (not that they didn’t before!), and I’ll be chronicling my experiences at the Fantasy Faire and expounding its wonders and attractions… Continue reading

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Narrators Gwyneth, The Amazing Catwoman, Friðrós, Davi, and whoever else springs out of The Author’s head, live in the parallel universe of Second Life. You can read their stories here, or just scroll down to see what Gwyneth was wearing when she wrote it.

Gwen Enchanted is a story blogger, a fantasy fashion blogger, and a thoughtful in-world photographer.

Caution: contains poetry.

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