Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

As the sun rises over Awenia in its still-incomplete form, I’ve been thinking about the Realm Rebuild and why it’s so important to me. First of all, Awenia continues to be a popular tourist destination, and I want to make sure our visitors always get an authentic experience. I mean, I’m always thinking about that; …

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It’s raining inside again But only upstairs The grups have forgotten The nursery’s up here I’m too old for nursery but they don’t agree How can they know when they never see me? Fae children aren’t grown ‘Til a century’s gone They always forget me I’m alone and forlorn Go away, go away Rain get …

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The Clawful Truth

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Oxblood & Wolf

Oxblood & Wolf | Mens Style from The Ox and The Wolf