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The Amazing Catwoman:

Well, first of all, it’s too fucking sunny here. Delicate drow skin, even when expertly painted by one of the amazing women at 7 Deadly s{K}ins, is very delicate. I still can’t seem to change from my drow skin, probably thanks to Herself’s magic or something, is really not handling the sun and sand of this Golden Delta well. I hope they assign me someplace shady tomorrow.

The Realm seems amply protected by magic, so I don’t know why they need me here anyway. I haven’t been issued a staff yet, so I’m armed with only a dagger and a sharp tongue.




Did I mention it’s too fucking sunny here?

Did I mention it’s too fucking sunny here?

However, in trying to discover a shady place, I found so many beautiful things. You have to hand it to the Egyptians: they really did statuary well. And there is a powerful, primal ambiance. Should have nipped in to a contemporary realm and got some sunblock, though I’m fairly well protected by clothing. My skin is freckling white like crazy, though—again, I had the 7 Deadly s{K}ins ladies bring out the best in it. Not that I mind the freckling, on the whole—goes with these amazing hoof boots I picked up from a shop called Avatar Bizarre. In fact the whole outfit is from them. Nice, sun-repellent clothing with some beautiful scale accents on the collar and cuffs. I love that the leggings are nice and tight and fit into the boots. Makes me feel sexy even though I’m all covered up. Which, really, I kind of prefer to those places where they make me dress like a Frank Frazetta painting from the 70s or something. Except mostly they’ve never heard of Frazetta and they think I’m completely out of my mind when I say shit like that. Yeah. Trying to keep my otherworldly origins out of conversations is difficult, particularly now that I’m free.


You might wonder why I decided to come back to Fantasy Faire….

You might wonder why I decided to come back to Fantasy Faire, if I’m yearning for modern-day accoutrements. The fact is, my little escapade with too much world-jumping really did shake me. I don’t want to get stuck someplace before I’m better at it. And the fact is, I never finished the training.


Look! I have HOOVES! On my BOOTS!

But the great Fantasy Faire only comes round once a year, and I love how so many wonderful wizards and sorceresses come together to create these beautiful spaces. Bringing so many realms together so that people can experience them all at once must surely be a great magical endeavour, and I can only smile with unexpected delight as I take a step from one realm into another just as easily as that Satyr, Dyisi, might do it. I must go back and finish my world-hopping training. It’s essential for my job.

I’m rambling. Hard to be focused on duty when the world is so beautiful. And frankly, it’s not the ass-end of faerieland, and I’m not avoiding Herself, who seems to know me from somewhere else. It can’t be Gwyneth Evans, even though the first name is the same. I watched Gwyneth Evans bleed out. Or I think I did. I was in some kind of a trance.

God, the shopping here is amazing. I mean, I know I’m meant to be looking out for shady characters, but I can’t resist spending a little money here and there.

Best, probably to make the best of it, until they assign me somewhere else, and soak up all the Egyptian atmosphere I can get.

And of course you know what that means….


AWYEAH! Selfie with ANUBIS!

AWYEAH! Selfie with ANUBIS!

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Gwen
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ears Drow
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins, Ymke Drow (Available at the Fantasy Faire!) (Maitreya and Omega Appliers sold separately!)
Hair: No Match, No Passion
Clothes: Avatar Bizarre, Zaahn Female (Available at the Fantasy Faire!)
Boots: Avatar Bizarre, Unicorn Boots (Available at the Fantasy Faire!)
Location: The Golden Delta

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never explore the Fairelands without it!

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