On Being a Tree

No, seriously. Have you ever thought about actually being a tree? I had a roleplaying character once, back when I was, I don’t know, fifteen (or at least mentally), whose main power was that she could turn in to a tree and spread an aura of unshakeable calm. The boys in my D&D group loved that, I can tell you.

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To start out with, though, it is possible.

To start out with, though, it is possible to become a tree. Obviously, you need the right environment. Duh, Faerie. And the right attitude. This, for me, can present a problem. So in lieu of the right attitude, I choose the right clothing. I mean, it’s really the same thing, isn’t it?

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You start with a garment that pretty much covers your torso in tree-ness.

You start with a garment that pretty much covers your torso in tree-ness, add some tree-style gloves (which are a bit scratchy but look fabulous), put in some floaty leaves for good measure….

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And you finish it up with shoes that are made of actual oak leaves.

And you finish it up with shoes that are made of actual oak leaves. I kid you not. Or, as Fen might have said before she became The Amazing Catwoman and developed a worse potty mouth than I used to have, “For-real-sies”. No, I am not making this up. Don’t ask her: she’ll probably tell you to fuck off.

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You have to find just the right kind of light.

You have to find just the right kind of light. The sort of light that filters over you and makes you imagine that if only you were a bit more still, you could make slanting light fill the forest, call sunbeams, green the ground with a translucent leaf.

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You have to appreciate shadow.

You have to appreciate shadow. Because what tree doesn’t grow up in the shadows of other trees? Well, aside from those fake tree plantations, or maybe trees in an orchard, or — yeah, whatever: we’re talking about actual, real forests here, not some artificial construct made by other hands, be they mortal or Fae.

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You have to really want to be a tree.

You have to really want to be a tree. And I’m not taking about sort of going, “Yeah; it might be nice to be a tree.” I’m talking about full-scale, bark-fetish level tree envy. Like, “O how marvellous it would be to have a thousand year lifespan and never have to talk to another human being again as long as I lived, assuming someone didn’t chop me down and turn me into, I don’t know, some evil marionette and make me talk as if I were a … OK, obviously I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here.

Moving on.

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Finally (and this is the hard part), you must actually be still.

Finally, and this is the hard part, you must actually be still. Which, OK, I am not very good at. But I trust that once I have all these things in place and once I learn to be still, I shall be a very good tree indeed.

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All that remains after that, of course, is to just let it happen.

All that remains after that, of course, is to just let it happen.


I pretty much suck at that bit, too.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Lona Bento Mesh Head
Hair: Pr!tty, Yoshi (Available NOW at Hairology!)
Eyes: Mesange, Aspen Eyes (Available NOW at The Hidden Chapter!)
Ears: Swallow, Shiny Elf Ears
Skin: DeeTaleZ, Miriam (Catwa face applier)
Headpiece: Venge (Formerly Vengeful Threads), Anisah Head Adornment (Available NOW at Genre!)
Dress: Petite Mort, Royal Serene Lace Dress
Tree Top: .shi, Tree Of Life Creepers Top (and floating leaves)
Gloves: Drastic, Walnut Moss Maitreya Hand Branches
Collar: Footpaw Industries Celtic Filigree Amythest Collar (attached rose from Footpaw Industries AeLan necklace)
Shoes: Rhude, Jhani

Location: White Owl Island Faerie. If you’re looking for a great contemporary fantasy roleplaying sim, why not check us out? White Owl Island, Where Everybody Knows Your Shape.

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Blink, and you could miss it….


This month’s GENRE theme is Victorian!

There is always so much going on! If you’re not careful, you could miss stuff. For example, this month’s GENRE theme is Victorian! Genre is one of those events that has been going on for a few years and has had a few spikes and dips, but the last couple of months have been amazing. Last month was Viking, and I forgot to tell you about it, or I had too much other stuff to talk about, or my work schedule got out of hand (likely), so I didn’t get around to that. This time around, I promised myself I’d talk about Genre. I also haven’t got a chance to talk very much about what’s happening at Hairology this month, so I want to show you three different outfits in this post. Don’t worry: I do have an epic story post coming, hopefully tomorrow! But tonight is all about Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion!

This dress is Senzafine‘s Zenobia gown, and her textures are really striking, no matter what colour you choose. I can never choose, so I tend to fatpack her gowns, but that’s because I have a hard time with, you know, choices.


Here, you can see a glimpse of the bodice detailing.

Here, you can see the glimpse of the bodice detailing; I love the smocking on the front. The skin I’m wearing is another of the new offerings from 7 Deadly s{K}insIzara has really hit it out of the park for the SL Skin FairMaliThe skin is built around 7 Deadly s{K}ins’ new body appliers, and they are so easy to use. Mali is a Lelutka face applier. I kept Gwyneth a redhead for this post, because I love the red eyebrows on this skin. The freckles are also great.


Stealthic hair from Hairology!

The hair here is Stealthic, for Hairology, which closes in a few days. The hairlines and textures on Stealthic‘s hair have been impressing me since I first discovered them at the 2015 Hair Fair, and this is one of my favourites to date: Cadence. This is Lelutka’s new Cate Bento mesh head, which is a little softer than the Simone. The ears are Swallow‘s Elf Ears High Definition, the eyes are from Mesange: the Bering eyes are available for a few more days at We ❤ Roleplay. I found the Earthstones Velvet Rose Choker at The Liaison Collaborative.


Another great hair from Hairology!

This next outfit features another great hair from Hairology, Runaway’s Jasmin. The skin is another of 7 Deadly s{K}ins‘ releases for Skin FairWednesday. These are the same eyes from Mesange: I just loved the purple colour with this dress, and I kept the rose choker on her as well.


Beautiful furniture from Raindale adorns this set for the whole shoot.

Beautiful furniture from Raindale adorns this set for the whole shoot: these items are from the Birdside gacha. It was at the February Crossroads events, but you can find it at Raindale’s main store now. The gown is from BareRoseTasha in purple. The gown comes in sections, and it’s beautifully shaped. it comes with boots, but here Gwyneth is wearing the Harriet Booties from Wicca’s Wardrobe, which are also available at Genre, along with the dress.


No shoot featuring this dress would be complete without a picture of the amazing BOW.

No shoot featuring this dress would be complete without a picture of the amazing BOW. When I tried this dress on, the first thing I noticed was that I had a huge bow on mah butt! And I kind of love it!


Not everything at Genre is formal Victorian.

Not everything at this month’s Genre is formal Victorian: this is Poeme‘s Neo-Victorian in Damasque, here worn with some black legging appliers and the Wicca’s Wardrobe boots.


This is the new Catwa Lona head.

This is the new Catwa Lona head. One of my favourite styles from the March Hairology is from Iconic; this is Esme, and I’ve been wearing it around just casually for weeks now. This is a Lumae freckled applier for Catwa, Ella, also available at Skin Fair. The eyes are once again Mesange; these are the Capriccio Eyes, which you can get for a few more days at The Chapter 4. The necklace is from Empyrean ForgeBreccia.

So, yeah; not a lot of my usual scintillating content here, but do take a trip to Genre. You’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget to visit the Skin Fair before it closes!

No style cards for this post: everything’s in the text, and I’m kinda tired, and it’s Dyisi’s RL birthday, so I have to think of her right now. 🙂