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Not all those who wander are lost.

I know a lot of other bloggers have done this, but as my friend Lapis says, everyone brings their own perspective.

I seem to have several mesh heads.

Mostly, I have gravitated toward Lelutka and Catwa heads, because these heads are easy to match with the skins I want. And, as much as I like the look of some of the Genesis heads, I’ve rarely bought one, because the appliers just aren’t out there. Now, I’ve heard many rumours as to why this might be the case, but I don’t really know for sure, so I’m not going to speculate here.

The very first mesh head I bought, probably over a year ago now, was the Lelutka Aria. At the time, there were only a couple of Lelutka heads out, and I bought it because it was the one that had the smallest lips, believe it or not! I have this thing where I don’t want my avatar’s lips to look super-botoxed, and I’m so glad that lately, I’ve been seeing some mesh heads that look closer to right for me. Of course, every one I see that’s closer to right, I buy… so now I have a bit of a collection.


The Lelutka Aria

So this is the first mesh head I bought. It’s the Lelutka Aria head, and it’s pictured here, as all the other heads I’ll show in this post with Lumae’s gorgeous Eirtae skin, Emo-Tions Leni hair, and BentBox Sylvan Ears. And yes, at the time, these looked like the least full lips that Lelutka had to offer. I’m one of those people who loves to jump on the bandwagon and try new things, so I did go out and grab one shortly after they were released.

Later on, Lelutka’s range broadened out quite a bit. Over the past year, I’ve acquired four Lelutka heads; they’re pictured below.

Lelutka Head Comparison

All four of my Lelutka heads.

Here are all four Lelutka heads, pictured next to one another. I’m aware I don’t own the whole range: I spend a lot of Lindens, but I don’t blog for Lelutka, and I am not made of money, you know. 😉

Of the four, I think my personal favourite is the Stella, and that’s really all about the lips! I know, I know, I keep going on about lips, but to me, they really matter.


Lelutka Ever Head

I also quite like the slim nose on this head, and the pointy chin, again, these are personal preferences.

For the others I have varying degrees of love. I use a Lelutka head sometimes with The Amazing Catwoman, who needs a blog of her own sometime soon, and I’ll be using a Catwa head in the near future for The Gypsy Davey, who’s also long overdue for a Three-Knots-style update.

For Gwyneth, though, who’s my primary roleplaying character and the love of my SL life (hey! self-love is important!), I admit that I still haven’t found the absolute perfect mesh head. But I suspect, as they keep getting closer and closer, that if and when it appears, it might very well come from Catwa.

Catwa Head Comparison

I, um, own six Catwa heads.

I, um, own six Catwa heads. Seven if you count the Nicki head, which is not a personal favourite and which I only bought because it was L$100. Eight if you count the Justin head, which is the boy head that The Gypsy Davey will be in sometime soonish.

Catwa Test Shot -- Jessica

First, I fell crazy in love with Jessica!

First, I fell crazy in love with Jessica! I mean, look at her! Those pronounced cheekbones, that lovely, straight nose, and lips that don’t look like they’ve been plumped to three times their natural size! (OK, OK, I’ll try to stop it with the lips, or at least tone it down…) I was in the Jessica for a while.

Annie and I never really got on, though I’ve used her on TAC a couple of times. Gwen… well. OK. I bought Gwen because I’ll buy anything named Gwen. It’s true.

Catwa Test Shot -- Helena

Then, I was head over heels for Helena!

Then, I was head over heels for Helena, partially because the face shape makes me think of a more mature version of Jessica. The only thing was… (Oh, no; here she goes again!) the bottom lip. It’s just kinda sticky-outy. Which, I know, is probably a good thing for some people, and the lips are perfectly proportioned for the face, but I just… Gah! I might be obsessed with lips. Right. Moving on.

Then, a miracle happened.

Catwa Test Shot -- Amy


Amy! I mean, I know she is meant to look like a doll and all, but I just love her! I love her perky little nose, and her pointy chin, and…. OK, I promised. You know what else I love.

And then, right on Amy‘s heels, came Dyana.

Catwa Test Shot -- Dyana


Right, now, I’m thinking the Catwa Dyana is my forever mesh head. It’s doll-like without being totally a doll head, the features are lovely, and I think it takes the Lumae shading exceptionally well.

Of course, next week, Catwa will probably introduce another amazing mesh head and I’ll fall madly in love with that one…. yeah.

I can stop buying mesh heads anytime! I can! I can stop!

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never yammer about mesh heads without it!

I do promise to get back to story-blogging soon! I know, I know. I just keep saying that, don’t I?



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