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Some things never work out right. I guess it was about two days after our Midsummer celebration that I started getting this idea that maybe something wasn’t going the way it should be going.

For starters, I’m having those dreams where I’m not Queen again. The ones where not being Queen is a pleasant and fine thing to be and where my life is totally different and everything happened in a very different way.

And then secondly, I’m starting to sleep a lot, and that’s very unusual for me in the Summer. This is the height of my power.

Snapshot_005 (2)

And the dreams are so real in these long sleeps.

And the dreams are so real in these long sleeps. If I were still pursuing a writing career, I’d say I was dreaming of alternate worlds, because my life in these dreams seems complete and rich and with none of the weird little twists and turns you usually find in a dream.

Well, obviously, they occur in very odd places. In this one, I was working for the wise woman in our village, helping her prepare for our annual Fae Pet Adoption Festival, which happens just after midsummer and is big fun for all the families in the village. My task on this day seemed simple: make some lemonade, and then make sure all the cats, winged and wingless, fae and housepet, were assembled in the wise woman’s front garden.

Now, why we were having this part of the Fae Pet Adoption Festival in front of the wise woman’s house in the deepest part of the Great Seelie Forest is beyond me, but she was certain people would come.

So, dutifully, I made lemonade. Dutifully, I assembled all the cats and made sure they knew that someone in the village might give them warm homes and nice food, assuming that’s what they wanted.

Everything was going so well.

I’d just got the table all nicely decorated, put out some hay bales for folks to sit on, and many of the cats were beginning their late afternoon naps, having just finished their midday naps.

Finally, I could take a moment for myself! I poured myself a glass of the fresh lemonade and started to walk out into the forest, just to clear my head.

Snapshot_003 (2)

That’s when I saw three of the cats up on the light wire

That’s when I saw three of the cats up on the light wire.

“Will you three get down!” I shouted. At this point, I hadn’t noticed the kitten climbing up the post to be with his fellow daredevils.

I didn’t have much magic, though I did seem to have a way with cats, so the wise woman had to come out and handle getting the cats down. Then, she told me just to relax, try to make friends with them, folk would be around come dusk.

She went back in to her cottage, and that was the last I saw of her.

Snapshot_010 (2)

I did take her up on her good advice, though.

I did, however, take her up on her very good advice: I put my lemonade down and settled down to get friendly with the cats. One of the winged ones was almost close enough that I was sure he was about to let me give him a little cuddle— and that’s when I woke up.

Style Card:
Hair: Truth, Opal (Part of the Rally to the Rescue multi-store event. You can get your HUD at the Starting Point!)
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka Stella
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae Cola Pop T1 Lelutka Applier (Available from Lumae as part of the Marketplace Buy Now event!)
Dress: Zenith, Suspender Dress, Blue (Available at Collabor88!)
Necklace: The Plastik, The Wenje Jewellery, (Available at this month’s Liaison Collaborative!)
Stockings, Milk Tea, Kitty Stockings in Black and White (Available at AnyBody!)
Foot Jewellery: Phedora, Leg Chains, Set v3 (Available at the Indie Teepee Event!)
Poses: First two Photos: an lar (it’s actually their box opening pose!); third photo, Frolic, Seated, 3 (Available at the Frolic Main Store!)
House: Trompe Loeill, Le Fay Cottage
Cart Table, Hay Bales, Lemonade Stuff, and Post Lights: Myrrine, Lemonade Set
Exterior Trees: Studio Skye, Enchanted Woods
Adopt A Kitten Basket: Zenith (Part of the Rally to the Rescue multi-store event. You can get your HUD at the Starting Point!)
Kittens: Jian, Kitten Collection
Winged: Half Deer, Winged Cats
Hairless: Pixicat, Bastet Sphynx
Others: Fashionably Dead, Mutresse

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never subject my primary rp character to dreams that are probably pointless and not harbingers of dark things ahead involving adorable kitty cats without it!

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