The Yellow Brick Road Photo Contest!

I’m completely jazzed and a bit gobsmacked to say that my photo “Wicked” won an honourable mention in the “Yellow Brick Road” photo contest, sponsored by the Enchantment folks and the Lost Unicorn Gallery!

Here is the photo, which you can also see at the gallery in-world. 

This is the first time I’ve ever won anything in a SL photo competition, and I’m still smiling about it. — This is the Flickr link for the contest winners. They are all terrific, and I’m really pleased to be in the same place with any of them!

Style Card:

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa, Destiny

Eyes: Soul, Oculus Eyes

Skin: Lumae, Eirtae Elphaba

Hair: Analog Dog (natch!) Vamos (New at the Analog Dog Main Store!)

Dress: Silvan Moon Designs, Evanora of the East

Hat: Noble Creations, Wicked Witch’s Hat

Building a Bean Sí

New Blog Headers - 8

Something Different

So, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the last post, Ban Síde. Thanks to everyone who’s commented or popped me a message on Second Life or Facebook or even Skype about it. And a couple of people have asked me how I came up with such a wild story for Gwyneth to have to deal with in this blog.

Now, some looks start with wanting to showcase a great outfit, but for the most part, I don’t get my inspiration that way. I put Gwyneth or TAC or Davey into a situation, and then I use that situation to showcase some great stuff I’ve found recently, or some new skin I want to blog, that kind of thing.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 1

Gwyneth as I often see her.

So, here’s Gwyneth as I often see her. Well, OK, I usually don’t bother with the undies, but, you know. Family blog and all. Almost all the time, Gwyneth is in the Maitreya body, which takes the small-breasted Sidhe look very well, and lately I’ve been putting her in the hands and feet that come with the body, rather than swapping her into the SLink ones, since so many shoes are being made for the Maitreya now. Gwyneth’s base skin is almost always from Lumae, and the standard skin for her for the better part of a year now has been Lumae‘s lovely Eirtae in Tone 1, which is very light and in keeping with her Sidhe Celto-Irish background. For some time now she has been in the BentBox Sylvan Ears, though I may switch her back to the Lumae Leevi ones at some point. Her base head has recently been the Catwa Dyana, which offers a shape I quite like.

Now, like I said above, most of the time, I think of a story or situation, and then I just put the avatar in something that works with that story.

But this time, the whole thing started with a dress.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 2

A Dress!

It’s been my privilege to blog for The White Armory for about three months now, and I have had a great time showcasing as many of their beautiful designs as I possibly could. When TWA started up its new collaboration with Blue Moon Enterprises, Silvan Moon Designs, I was really excited. Such a rich palate of gorgeous textures and amazing dress shapes! So when this one, Aquella, came across, I first thought the pictures looked amazing, but then when I put Gwyneth in it, I wondered, “When would Gwyneth wear such a thing?” I put it away, then tried it on again a few days later. And suddenly, it just came to me. Gwyneth couldn’t wear this dress in her own life. She would have to have an alternate life, one in which she could wear something like this. Now… who would wear something like this? Revealing clothing, unless it’s made of flowers or intended to knock her Consort’s virtual socks off, isn’t really her style. But what if she were someone else?

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 3

What if Gwyneth were even more supernatural than she already is?

What if Gwyneth were even more supernatural than she already is? What if she were some kind of elemental spirit, but in keeping with her heritage and culture? I could take the opportunity to showcase one of Lumae‘s excellent fantasy skins: this one is the Fable, NimbusLumiya Rae just released some appliers for the BentBox ears in the Fable tones, as well. Score! Now… what sort of creature would have skin like this, a ghostly apparition of a woman?

Well, a Bean Sí, of course. A Banshee. Now, often Bean Sí are depicted in art as hideous apparitions, but in fact all that folklore tells us is that their job is to keen for deaths, often of important chieftains. In fact, Bean Sí can appear any way that they want to appear. They generally have long, disheveled hair, though, so I started going through all the hair I would love to blog from Hair Fair, in hopes of finding something perfect.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 4

Mina came through!

Mina came through with the lovely Neah hair. At this point, I also decided to put Gwyneth into the SLink Pointe feet, just because I like them and I knew I had some fab shoes for them … somewhere in my inventory. I figured I wanted something to wrap around her legs, the right pair of shoes, and maybe a circlet or something, and then I’d be good to go. Now, there are some great textures out there in hair land, and Mina‘s never disappoint: this hair looks lovely in just about any colour, and when you work with very light hair colours, the textures always show through, so it’s very important to me that hair textures be as close to perfect as possible. It’s one reason why I love Analog Dog so much. Another top contender for my list of favourite hair textures would have to be EMO-tions. No Match is also doing some amazing things. But Mina was the perfect style for this look. Now I just had to find leg wraps and shoes!

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 6

Funny thing about these leg wraps….

Funny thing about these leg wraps… they were already in my inventory: I’d just forgotten completely about them. I asked over on SL Blogger Support if anybody knew of good ballet shoes for SLink Pointe feet that include long leg wraps, and someone mentioned that there were some good ones at We ❤ RP’s current round, from Empire. So I duly went down to We ❤ RP to check them out. Luckily, I thought to make sure I hadn’t already bought them when I saw what I was looking at—sure enough, there they were, already in my inventory.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 7


And I remembered I had some fab shoes for Pointe from a previous Fantasy Collective, so I popped those on. These are the ChicChica Fairy shoes I ended up putting on her for the blog post, but initially I didn’t want to use them because they had a metallic look to the laces and she wasn’t wearing anything else that was metallic. So I did some searching around, but I didn’t find anything I liked better. That meant finding something else metallic to balance out the look.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 8

A Circlet!

A circlet! This one is a gacha from I forget where, made by Coquette, the Fairy Crown. It’s simple lines really contributed to the look and matched nicely with the laces on the otherwise simple ballet shoes from ChicChica.
Somewhere along the way, I realised I wanted to change Gwyneth’s ordinarily bright blue eyes to something more ethereal. Luckily for me, the fatpack of Soul‘s Sidhe Eyes comes with an exclusive colour, Holy. 

The completed face!

So here we have Gwyneth as a Bean Sí, in the lovely paper-white Nimbus skin, part of Lumae‘s Fable range. The Mina Neah hair frames her face beautifully, and I love the balance of inverted triangles with the hairline and the Coquette circlet. The silver-white Holy eye colour brings it all together. I did consider making her eyelashes white, but when I tried lightening the lashes beyond a certain point, they just looked more creepy than I wanted, so I decided that even Bean Sí go for black mascara! As always, she is in the Maitreya mesh body, and today she is sporting the Catwa Dyana mesh head. It’s her favourite head lately, though I am hearing great things about the Bibi and can’t wait to try it out.

Here’s a closeup of that gorgeous dress!

Here’s a closeup of that gorgeous dress that started me down the creative road to turning Gwyneth into a Bean Sí. In case you’re wondering about the various spellings of Bean Sí, the word in English is Banshee. The title of the post, Ban Síde, is the word in Old Irish, and Bean Sí is the word as it’s spelled in Modern Irish. I thought Old Irish was most appropriate for the post title, but then given that we’re speaking in 2016, I figured the Modern Irish equivalent would be best here. Call me pedantic. I’ll just agree with you; it’s OK!

Now, speaking of the gorgeous dress, it’s the Aquella Marina dress from Silvan Moon Designs, which is a collaboration between the creative geniuses at The White Armory and Blue Moon Enterprises. The dress comes in Gray, Green, Pink, and Turquoise; the Pink and Turquoise are exclusive to the Fantasy Cream event. They are beautiful. Gwyneth is wearing the Gray here.

Now, of course, the blog story ends up with Gwyneth-the-Bean Sí diving off a cliff and surfacing on a beach somewhere, then walking up a very long boardwalk to whatever she’ll encounter next.

BuildBeanSidhe BLOG - 11

That means I get to put another gratuitous photo of Gwyneth in this dress in the post!

That means I get to put another gratuitous photo of Gwyneth in this dress into the post! Now, she’s back in her blue eyes, the Lumae Eirtae skin (tone 1), and she looks just like herself, though the smile on the Catwa Dyana looks a wee bit doubtful; then again, I’m sure she is feeling a bit doubtful as she goes on to whatever’s going to happen to her when she gets to the top of that boardwalk….

Don’t forget: Hair Fair is open for five more glorious days, until 31 July, and you can pick up the Mina Neah hair there, along with a tonne of other amazing hairstyles. Remember that every hairstyle you buy at Hair Fair donates a percentage of the price to Wigs For Kids, so you’re donating to a good cause and getting great hair at the same time! What could be better than that?


BeanSidhe BLOG - 8



Blog Maintenance!

New Blog Headers - 8

From all of us:

So you might have noticed, if you notice such things, that I’ve been using the same blog header for nearly a year now. And the fact is, none of my narrators look the way they used to! So this morning, I took the time to take some head-and-shoulders shots of all three personae with their updated looks and with Gwyneth, who’s the primary narrator here, in some iconic jewellery and her favourite hair ever. I know it may seem odd to geek the way I’m about to over new blog headers, but you know, none of us would do the SL blogging thing if we weren’t completely geeky about it all, so here we go!

First of all, have a look at the original blog header, which I made when I first started blogging for RFL of SL’s 2015 Fantasy Faire:

On the left, you see the plain header, and on the right, you see it with the 2015 FF logo in the middle, signifying visually that any post with this header was a FF post. The photo on the right signifies a post being narrated by The Gypsy Davey: the other two photos are presented at about a 50% fade, I think. The background is a photo I took of the Ceridwen’s Cauldron Faery Court Tree from the 2014 Fantasy Faire.

Amusingly, the only avatar in this photo wearing a mesh head is The Amazing Catwoman, and it’s the Lelutka Aria, which I actually dropped pretty quickly as it wasn’t the right head for her. She also was still evolving as a narrator at this point.

All blog header

Here is the next iteration of the blog header, which shows both the Gypsy Davey and The Amazing Catwoman a bit more evolved, although for some reason I really thought TAC was a redhead at this point: she quickly dropped the red hair and opted for brown.

The photo of Gwyneth here is from a blog post that I did for one of the amazing Evangeline Miles’ gowns. She is wearing Lumae ears because the BentBox ones weren’t out yet, and the skin is probably DeeTaleZ, though I’d have to dig back to be sure. Both The Gypsy Davey and The Amazing Catwoman are in 7 Deadly s[K]ins skins; TAC’s is one of the amazing unicorn skins 7DS did for the 2015 Fantasy Faire. Pretty sure TAC’s hair is Analog Dog (natch!) believe it or not. The Gypsy Davey’s is almost certainly Calico, and I’m not 100% sure what Gwyneth is wearing! I can recall that TAC’s necklace is made by Otherskin. Davey is wearing the Mandala Steking Ears, which have been up til recently a trademark for him, as have TAC’s Gauze High Elf Ears pictured here. The Amazing Catwoman’s very bright Avatar Bizarre eyes have shaded down into a glamoured brilliant green most of the time. Nobody has a mesh head here, Gwyneth is in a Maitreya body, and TAC may be in the SLink, or she may have moved on to the Maitreya by this point; I’m not sure. The Gypsy Davey is almost certainly in a system body. The background photo is of the Mallorn Tree in Gwyneth’s Fae home of the Wicked Wylds.

Here are the head-and-shoulders shots. I took one shot for when the narrator is the active narrator and another for when they’re not speaking. Sometimes the difference between photos is pretty subtle, but it matters to me! (See above: I Am A Huge Nerd!)

So, things that are pretty noticeable to me anyway is that across the whole narrator range, we are now sporting mesh heads! Gwyneth is in the Catwa Dyana, TAC is in the LAQ Trinity, and TGD is in the Catwa Justin.

Gwyneth is wearing Analog Dog (natch!) hair; the style is my favourite hair ever, Gwen. She’s in the BentBox ears and is wearing the Junbug circlet that seems to be her default casual crown choice. Because she needs a casual crown, don’tchaknow. Her eyes are now Omega mesh eyes, with appliers from Soul. Actually, everyone is wearing the Omega eyes and Soul appliers; they’re even all from the same set, the Sidhe Eyes. Eye Appliers are so much easier than fiddling with fitting a new set of mesh eyes to your avatar every time you want to change something: I do hope they catch on with eye creators!

The Amazing Catwoman is now in the LAQ Trinity head, which I think is just perfect for her. With some mesh heads, you get a problem with ears that are put on with left and right ears separately, and unfortunately the Gauze ones have this issue. So when they’re put on to the LAQ head, they rez all turned about. Weirdly, when I have edited them and changed them to look right, if I take them off and put them on again, they are turned about again, sometimes in another way! So, for now, she is wearing the Soul Uni Ears. The hair is from Hair Fair, by Mina. I was surprised by how much I liked the fringe on her! The skin is The Plastik‘s amazing new skin line, which you’ve seen her in before if you’re one of the 3 people who reads my blog! 😉

The Gypsy Davey is appearing here for the first time in his new Catwa Justin head! Alas, the Steking ears have the same issue as the Gauze ones, so for now, I have put him into the Illusions Fairy Ears because they’re about the same size as the Steking ones. I may change him to the Soul Pixies, but I’m not sure. He’s in 7 Deadly s[K]ins gorgeous Fier applier. The eyes are Omega eyes with the Soul Sidhe appliers, the necklace is from Schadenfreude, and the shirt is from Cold Ash, whose recent 50% off sale was well taken advantage of by the Lord of Free Lands All Over (that would be Davey, for those of you who don’t live breathe, eat, sleep, and excrete English balladry as I do).

New Blog Headers - 8

And, even though you’ve already seen it in smaller form at the top of this post, here is the finished blog header. Because when I’m speaking I still sound a lot like Gwyneth… hmm. You already know what everybody’s wearing here; the background photo is an aerial shot of the possibly mythical White Owl Island, and you’ll hear so much more about that in the weeks to come here on this blog!

So, for now, you have updated personae looks from all the blog narrators. There will be a TAC post soon covering some more great styles from the Second Life Hair Fair, and look forward to the further adventures of The Gypsy Davey, as well.

The pose set I used for these photos is Ploom’s Regal set, because I needed poses that would show various full-face angles and not a lot of body movement.

No style card on this post, as most everything was explained in the text anyway, and I’m not logged in to SL at the moment. I am on my way out the door to dinner, so I’ll add tags and post photos to Flickr later on this evening.

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never replace all my blog header photos and then write a geeky post about the whole process without it!

The Memory of Daisies

Gwyneth Blog Header


Sometimes my dreams are little more than images. A tree. Nathaniel’s hair in a canopy around my face when he kisses me. A memory of Father and me on a swing. The park I used to play in as a kid in London.

So it’s not really odd to me when I remember little more than a feeling, a smell, a single moment.

In our world, dreams are often portents, which may be why I’m thinking so much about my dreams lately. I’m scouring them for signs of what the next chapter in my life will be. Of course, even we are not allowed to know what will happen, or nor in any detail.

GwynFlower BLOG - 1

I do remember a feeling of tranquility.

I do remember a feeling of tranquility. The flowers were without fragrance, larger than life; the atmosphere was almost aggressively cheerful. But I only just have this image of myself there. I don’t know what I was doing, or if there was any point to my being there.

GwynFlower BLOG - 2

And what does it say about me that I was suspicious of these feelings?

And what does it say about me that I was suspicious of these feelings? It may be that with everything that’s happened, I simply assume that happiness is fleeting. When something good happens, I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have never been to a place like this before, and I can’t imagine where the flowers in Faerie would look so much like those in the mundane Realms except for their size. Oh, wait: I do remember something else. There was music, coming from not very far away. It was like festival music, a big stage, people cheering. But now of course it’s fading; it’s gone; it’s just the memory of daisies.

The Secret Affair starts on Friday! It opens at noon SLT, and the dress Gwyneth is wearing here is from Silvan Moon Designs, the collaboration between The White Armory and Blue Moon Enterprises. It’s called the Willow Spirit Dress, and it will be available at The Secret Affair. It comes in five colours; this one is “Hipster”, which makes me giggle. 

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Dyana
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae, T1
Hair: Analog Dog (natch), Glam
Dress: Silvan Moon Designs, Willow Spirit Dress, Hipster (Coming soon to The Secret Affair!)
Necklace: #187#, Ever After, Chestnut-Silver
Foot Jewellery: Phedora, Leg Chains, Set v3 (Available at the Indie Teepee Event!)
Poses: Frolic, Harbinger, 3, 4 (Available at the Frolic Main Store!)
Location: Indie Teepee
Flowers: Part of an installation by Bryn Oh at Indie Teepee called : ). Find out more about the installation on the Indie Teepee website.

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never subject my primary rp character to dreams that are probably pointless and not harbingers of dark things ahead involving huge flowers without it!

Summer Forest

Tac Blog Header

The Amazing Catwoman:

I’d been working a security job for one of those Realms where everybody belongs to some secret club or another and most of them are vampires or other unsavoury folks, and they all trade on whether or not other people know who they are. So tiring, these places are. Give me a good old demon dance club any day of the week: at least there I’m working as a bouncer and unlikely to be asked to offer my blood in exchange for sexual favours I actually don’t want in the first place. The world is full of pervs; did you know that? Yeah; you probably did. Oddly enough, despite my appearance, I tend to forget it.

Anyway. The job finished and I was trying to figure out what my next move should be; I was having trouble getting my fixer on the phone. So I just said, “Fuck it”, checked out of my hotel (which is a kind word for where I was staying), and gathered all my shit into my rucksack, which is actually a backpack but I don’t want to sound like a hipster. I went to walk to the train station, and for the first time since that godawful world-hopping experience that landed me in the Realm of the Fae Bitch Queen From Seelie Hell, I went all dizzy, turned a corner so nobody would see me sink down onto the pavement to be sick, and ended up here:

TAC Forest BLOG - 1

No shit, man. There I was.

No shit, man. There I was, in the middle of a deep forest, and I mean like rainforest deep forest, with the biggest trees I’ve ever seen. I dumped my backpack on the ground and dug it in to a hiding place (which I hope to gods I can find later), then took a few minutes to get my bearings.

As you can see, I was glamoured to the gills for this job, since it was in a world where Svart are not welcome, despite the fact I was working for fucking vampires. Seriously fucked, that place. No dark elves, bloodsucking predators welcome. In any case, I took a long few minutes, once I’d washed my hands in the nearby pond, to get some idea of where I might be. The place seemed so peaceful, though all forests hold their secrets. And, bonus, my mobile seems to work here, so I can grab my next job and possibly get a little camping and hunting in, depending on what I find out after I’ve explored a little more.

TAC Forest BLOG - 2

In fact, I felt so comfortable in the place, I started thinking.

In fact, I felt so comfortable in this place, I started thinking. What could it really hurt to ease the glamour? I mean, as magic goes, glamour is pretty easy, but it does require some constant concentration that’ll tire a girl out if she has other things on her mind, such as not being eaten by vampires.

By the time I’d followed the stream that fed the pond to its source, I felt like my old self again, and in fact it was a little like the place was giving me some power, some energy.

TAC Forest BLOG - 5

My glamour was gone entirely by the time I reached the shore.

My glamour was gone entirely by the time I reached the shore. I stared across a narrow channel to what looked to be a quiet, peaceful town. And it felt—feels—safe. It feels like a Haven. In fact, it felt so safe that I began to wonder if this wasn’t one of those actual havens for beings like me. You know. We’ve all heard of them.

They’re stories we tell each other, around campfires, in the dark, whatever. If our kind have any mythology, it’s this:

Somewhere out there, there’s a world, a place, a piece of a world, where we can live together and be safe.

TAC Forest BLOG - 4

Was this that world, I wondered?

Was this that world, I wondered? That place apart from other places? Haven? Safe home? The World’s End?

TAC Forest BLOG - 3

And if it’s true….

And if it’s true… what does that mean for me?

OOC Fashion Blogger Babble: The Amazing Catwoman is wearing the brand new and long-awaited mesh head from  LAQTrinity. I first tried this head on Gwyneth, but then realised she was destined to be for TAC. Trinity is a gorgeous head, designed by Mallory Cowen, with scripting by Liz Venenbaum and tech support from Winter DiPrima. Other bloggers have done reviews of the HUD, talked about this and that, discussed the size of the eyes, the usefulness of the included skins, etc., but in my opinion the best thing about this head is that it’s natively compatible with the Omega System, which means that any applier in your inventory that comes with an Omega head applier will work on this head! Obviously, I tried a couple of my favourite skins in the world first! The Glamoured TAC is wearing 7 Deadly s[K]ins‘ Leslie in Oak, which I’ve blogged before (but on Gwyneth, with another head and in another shade—it looks completely different on the LAQ head, as you’d expect). Complete details of where to get this skin are in the style cards below). The unglamoured TAC is wearing one of The Plastik‘s stunning new skins, Draziele, in shade Aeshma. I was so impressed by the way the Trinity head looks in both these skins! I think The Amazing Catwoman will be wearing this head for a long time to come.

I also wanted to showcase some great poses I discovered at Frolic! Frolic is a new pose store, and they’re mostly making static poses for fantasy (as in elves and wizards and druids and faeries, not sexy time!) photography. I discovered them because someone associated with their store faved some photos on my Flickr feed and I went to check them out, as you do, and found out that not only are they a pose store, but also they’re running a photo contest for photography featuring Frolic poses. I might just give that a go!

Style Cards:

Glamoured TAC:
Body: Maitreya
Head: LAQ Trinity (Brand new and long-awaited from LAQ and available at the LAQ Main Store!)
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ears Drow
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins, Leslie, shade Oak (Available at the 7 Deadly s[K]ins Main Store!) (Maitreya and Omega Appliers sold separately!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Vanessa (Available at The Season’s Story!)
Necklace: Meva, Thors Hammer (Available at We ❤ RP!)
Clothes: DE Designs, Azrael Corset & Arya Capri (Available at We ❤ RP!)
Boots: Azuchi, Archer Boots in Black
Poses: Frolic, Ranger 1, Curious 1 (Available at the Frolic Main Store!)

Un-Glamoured TAC:
Body: Maitreya
Head: LAQ Trinity (Brand new and long-awaited from LAQ and available at the LAQ Main Store!)
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ears Drow
Skin: The Plastik, Draziele, shade Aeshma (Available at The Plastik Main Store!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Vanessa (Available at The Season’s Story!)
Necklace: Meva, Thors Hammer (Available at We ❤ RP!)
Clothes: DE Designs, Azrael Corset & Arya Capri (Available at We ❤ RP!)
Boots: Azuchi, Archer Boots in Black
Poses: Frolic, Nervous 3, Nervous 1, Nervous 2 (Available at the Frolic Main Store!)

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never get The Amazing Catwoman into even more trouble without it!

Chaos—at Adopt a Fae Pet?

Gwyneth Blog Header


Some things never work out right. I guess it was about two days after our Midsummer celebration that I started getting this idea that maybe something wasn’t going the way it should be going.

For starters, I’m having those dreams where I’m not Queen again. The ones where not being Queen is a pleasant and fine thing to be and where my life is totally different and everything happened in a very different way.

And then secondly, I’m starting to sleep a lot, and that’s very unusual for me in the Summer. This is the height of my power.

Snapshot_005 (2)

And the dreams are so real in these long sleeps.

And the dreams are so real in these long sleeps. If I were still pursuing a writing career, I’d say I was dreaming of alternate worlds, because my life in these dreams seems complete and rich and with none of the weird little twists and turns you usually find in a dream.

Well, obviously, they occur in very odd places. In this one, I was working for the wise woman in our village, helping her prepare for our annual Fae Pet Adoption Festival, which happens just after midsummer and is big fun for all the families in the village. My task on this day seemed simple: make some lemonade, and then make sure all the cats, winged and wingless, fae and housepet, were assembled in the wise woman’s front garden.

Now, why we were having this part of the Fae Pet Adoption Festival in front of the wise woman’s house in the deepest part of the Great Seelie Forest is beyond me, but she was certain people would come.

So, dutifully, I made lemonade. Dutifully, I assembled all the cats and made sure they knew that someone in the village might give them warm homes and nice food, assuming that’s what they wanted.

Everything was going so well.

I’d just got the table all nicely decorated, put out some hay bales for folks to sit on, and many of the cats were beginning their late afternoon naps, having just finished their midday naps.

Finally, I could take a moment for myself! I poured myself a glass of the fresh lemonade and started to walk out into the forest, just to clear my head.

Snapshot_003 (2)

That’s when I saw three of the cats up on the light wire

That’s when I saw three of the cats up on the light wire.

“Will you three get down!” I shouted. At this point, I hadn’t noticed the kitten climbing up the post to be with his fellow daredevils.

I didn’t have much magic, though I did seem to have a way with cats, so the wise woman had to come out and handle getting the cats down. Then, she told me just to relax, try to make friends with them, folk would be around come dusk.

She went back in to her cottage, and that was the last I saw of her.

Snapshot_010 (2)

I did take her up on her good advice, though.

I did, however, take her up on her very good advice: I put my lemonade down and settled down to get friendly with the cats. One of the winged ones was almost close enough that I was sure he was about to let me give him a little cuddle— and that’s when I woke up.

Style Card:
Hair: Truth, Opal (Part of the Rally to the Rescue multi-store event. You can get your HUD at the Starting Point!)
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka Stella
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Eyes: Soul, Sidhe Eyes
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae Cola Pop T1 Lelutka Applier (Available from Lumae as part of the Marketplace Buy Now event!)
Dress: Zenith, Suspender Dress, Blue (Available at Collabor88!)
Necklace: The Plastik, The Wenje Jewellery, (Available at this month’s Liaison Collaborative!)
Stockings, Milk Tea, Kitty Stockings in Black and White (Available at AnyBody!)
Foot Jewellery: Phedora, Leg Chains, Set v3 (Available at the Indie Teepee Event!)
Poses: First two Photos: an lar (it’s actually their box opening pose!); third photo, Frolic, Seated, 3 (Available at the Frolic Main Store!)
House: Trompe Loeill, Le Fay Cottage
Cart Table, Hay Bales, Lemonade Stuff, and Post Lights: Myrrine, Lemonade Set
Exterior Trees: Studio Skye, Enchanted Woods
Adopt A Kitten Basket: Zenith (Part of the Rally to the Rescue multi-store event. You can get your HUD at the Starting Point!)
Kittens: Jian, Kitten Collection
Winged: Half Deer, Winged Cats
Hairless: Pixicat, Bastet Sphynx
Others: Fashionably Dead, Mutresse

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never subject my primary rp character to dreams that are probably pointless and not harbingers of dark things ahead involving adorable kitty cats without it!