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New Blog Headers - 8
From all of us:

So you might have noticed, if you notice such things, that I’ve been using the same blog header for nearly a year now. And the fact is, none of my narrators look the way they used to! So this morning, I took the time to take some head-and-shoulders shots of all three personae with their updated looks and with Gwyneth, who’s the primary narrator here, in some iconic jewellery and her favourite hair ever. I know it may seem odd to geek the way I’m about to over new blog headers, but you know, none of us would do the SL blogging thing if we weren’t completely geeky about it all, so here we go!

First of all, have a look at the original blog header, which I made when I first started blogging for RFL of SL’s 2015 Fantasy Faire:

On the left, you see the plain header, and on the right, you see it with the 2015 FF logo in the middle, signifying visually that any post with this header was a FF post. The photo on the right signifies a post being narrated by The Gypsy Davey: the other two photos are presented at about a 50% fade, I think. The background is a photo I took of the Ceridwen’s Cauldron Faery Court Tree from the 2014 Fantasy Faire.

Amusingly, the only avatar in this photo wearing a mesh head is The Amazing Catwoman, and it’s the Lelutka Aria, which I actually dropped pretty quickly as it wasn’t the right head for her. She also was still evolving as a narrator at this point.

All blog header

Here is the next iteration of the blog header, which shows both the Gypsy Davey and The Amazing Catwoman a bit more evolved, although for some reason I really thought TAC was a redhead at this point: she quickly dropped the red hair and opted for brown.

The photo of Gwyneth here is from a blog post that I did for one of the amazing Evangeline Miles’ gowns. She is wearing Lumae ears because the BentBox ones weren’t out yet, and the skin is probably DeeTaleZ, though I’d have to dig back to be sure. Both The Gypsy Davey and The Amazing Catwoman are in 7 Deadly s[K]ins skins; TAC’s is one of the amazing unicorn skins 7DS did for the 2015 Fantasy Faire. Pretty sure TAC’s hair is Analog Dog (natch!) believe it or not. The Gypsy Davey’s is almost certainly Calico, and I’m not 100% sure what Gwyneth is wearing! I can recall that TAC’s necklace is made by Otherskin. Davey is wearing the Mandala Steking Ears, which have been up til recently a trademark for him, as have TAC’s Gauze High Elf Ears pictured here. The Amazing Catwoman’s very bright Avatar Bizarre eyes have shaded down into a glamoured brilliant green most of the time. Nobody has a mesh head here, Gwyneth is in a Maitreya body, and TAC may be in the SLink, or she may have moved on to the Maitreya by this point; I’m not sure. The Gypsy Davey is almost certainly in a system body. The background photo is of the Mallorn Tree in Gwyneth’s Fae home of the Wicked Wylds.

Here are the head-and-shoulders shots. I took one shot for when the narrator is the active narrator and another for when they’re not speaking. Sometimes the difference between photos is pretty subtle, but it matters to me! (See above: I Am A Huge Nerd!)

So, things that are pretty noticeable to me anyway is that across the whole narrator range, we are now sporting mesh heads! Gwyneth is in the Catwa Dyana, TAC is in the LAQ Trinity, and TGD is in the Catwa Justin.

Gwyneth is wearing Analog Dog (natch!) hair; the style is my favourite hair ever, Gwen. She’s in the BentBox ears and is wearing the Junbug circlet that seems to be her default casual crown choice. Because she needs a casual crown, don’tchaknow. Her eyes are now Omega mesh eyes, with appliers from Soul. Actually, everyone is wearing the Omega eyes and Soul appliers; they’re even all from the same set, the Sidhe Eyes. Eye Appliers are so much easier than fiddling with fitting a new set of mesh eyes to your avatar every time you want to change something: I do hope they catch on with eye creators!

The Amazing Catwoman is now in the LAQ Trinity head, which I think is just perfect for her. With some mesh heads, you get a problem with ears that are put on with left and right ears separately, and unfortunately the Gauze ones have this issue. So when they’re put on to the LAQ head, they rez all turned about. Weirdly, when I have edited them and changed them to look right, if I take them off and put them on again, they are turned about again, sometimes in another way! So, for now, she is wearing the Soul Uni Ears. The hair is from Hair Fair, by Mina. I was surprised by how much I liked the fringe on her! The skin is The Plastik‘s amazing new skin line, which you’ve seen her in before if you’re one of the 3 people who reads my blog! 😉

The Gypsy Davey is appearing here for the first time in his new Catwa Justin head! Alas, the Steking ears have the same issue as the Gauze ones, so for now, I have put him into the Illusions Fairy Ears because they’re about the same size as the Steking ones. I may change him to the Soul Pixies, but I’m not sure. He’s in 7 Deadly s[K]ins gorgeous Fier applier. The eyes are Omega eyes with the Soul Sidhe appliers, the necklace is from Schadenfreude, and the shirt is from Cold Ash, whose recent 50% off sale was well taken advantage of by the Lord of Free Lands All Over (that would be Davey, for those of you who don’t live breathe, eat, sleep, and excrete English balladry as I do).

New Blog Headers - 8

And, even though you’ve already seen it in smaller form at the top of this post, here is the finished blog header. Because when I’m speaking I still sound a lot like Gwyneth… hmm. You already know what everybody’s wearing here; the background photo is an aerial shot of the possibly mythical White Owl Island, and you’ll hear so much more about that in the weeks to come here on this blog!

So, for now, you have updated personae looks from all the blog narrators. There will be a TAC post soon covering some more great styles from the Second Life Hair Fair, and look forward to the further adventures of The Gypsy Davey, as well.

The pose set I used for these photos is Ploom’s Regal set, because I needed poses that would show various full-face angles and not a lot of body movement.

No style card on this post, as most everything was explained in the text anyway, and I’m not logged in to SL at the moment. I am on my way out the door to dinner, so I’ll add tags and post photos to Flickr later on this evening.

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never replace all my blog header photos and then write a geeky post about the whole process without it!

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