Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

I’m still not feeling creative enough to work on the story-blogging, so you get two posts in a row that are mostly straight-up fashion blogs for me. Sorry about that, and I do promise to get back to the story blogging as soon as I can. I’ve been blogging Hairology for a few months now, …

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Something about the new Bower unsettles me. I can’t decide if it’s the unfinished nature of it, my reluctance to rebuild a Land without My King. I fear I shall never be able to recapture the Dance of Gwyneth and Janus. It might be just the seeming immaterial-ness of it all. Is that even a …

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Another day, another Realm. So much to see. I remain in awe of the magicians and sorcerers who bring the Realms together each year for the Great Fantasy Faire. This morning found me in Lucentia, a city of dark wood and glowing lights, full of the most interesting people. The whole city seems to be …

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It’s easy to get the idea, when you visit here once a year for the best shopping in more worlds than we small dwellers upon them can count, that all of the Fairelands are a bright, cheerful, or at least beautiful, place. This is not true. Each year I’ve visited the Great Faire, I’ve become …

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So, here’s an unusual straight-up fashion blog from me. I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so I thought I’d take a look around this month’s We Love Roleplay to see if I felt inspired. This round is low on fabulous dresses, but I did find a couple. I wanted to showcase …

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I admit it: I do reckless things. It’s one of the qualities that make me good at my job. It also gets me in to trouble, and I have realised this last world-hopping jaunt, the one where I kind of forgot who I was at the end, has landed me in a heap of trouble …

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