Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

OK, so from time to time I get curious. And even though Bob (unicorns hate people names: I call him that to piss him off) and I have been having a great time frolicking around the great forest (more on that later), I decided it couldn’t hurt to check out what she is doing with Faerie. I mean, …

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Sometimes, sometimes, sitting here on my cloud My thoughts turn to fears I cannot speak aloud. It seems too much trouble, this holding ’til Spring And so in this darkness I whistle and I sing. Why did my life lead me to times such as these Where hope for the future’s as slight as the breeze Just give me one …

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I’m still not feeling creative enough to work on the story-blogging, so you get two posts in a row that are mostly straight-up fashion blogs for me. Sorry about that, and I do promise to get back to the story blogging as soon as I can. I’ve been blogging Hairology for a few months now, …

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The Clawful Truth

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Oxblood & Wolf

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