How To Remember The Perfect Storm

This is the story of a rooftop and a memory, a memory I remade because it needed to change, and I will start from the end and then jump right back to the beginning, because I’ve recently learned that not everyone does this.

I am a historical revisionist, I guess. Because here is the memory I remade. It’s my first trip to Røyken since—well, since some things changed a bit in the universe. I guess you could say the universe itself is somewhat of a historical revisionist, but that’s another topic for another time.

First, I’ll show you the finale of the remade memory. The thing about remaking a memory is to change only the parts that give you distress and keep all other details exactly the same, if you can.

London Rain Roof - 4 BLOG

Dancing on a Røyken Roof

Sometimes as I’ve aged, I’ve had a nostalgic longing to revisit the city I grew up in, which you probably know as Røyken, but in my mind is always known by its alternative name, London. You might even meet some people there, should you ever visit, who prefer to call their city ‘London’, but I suspect those folk, or I should say their desire to speak that name, are a dwindling breed.


I went to the Skredder School, which if you know Røyken you may think of as a bit posh. I really went there because my adoptive parents were both employed by Gullsmed, and the school was about halfway between their work and our home. That sounds flippant, but my mum used to swear it was true. They’d only just moved to Røyken when I arrived on the scene, and they knew next to nothing about schools, so they went with the (thankfully accurate) recommendations of their new coworkers. I guess it helped that their coworkers were all university lecturers.

Skredder was made up of a bunch of buildings, all from different times and aesthetics because the school grew and expanded over the years, but my home base building was the arts and humanities school, and I’d call it Brutalist now; when I was a kid we just called it ugly. But it was cheap and functional, I guess, and the building was maybe from the 1960s? I don’t know. And people call a lot of things Brutalist when they’re not actually. I am probably one of those people.


London Rain Roof - 3 BLOG

The Roof

If you knew the way, you could get on to the roof of the Skredder arts and humanities building. And I knew the way.

London Rain Roof - 8 BLOG


My memories of the Skredder roof are all about quiet times, sitting up there writing, listening to the hum of industrial fans, being alone. I wasn’t always alone; it was just a big roof.

Anyway, it was school holidays on this visit. So I figured, I’ll go up to the roof.

It started pouring at some point. I don’t usually mind the rain, but on this day as it moved toward evening I just wasn’t prepared for it.

London Rain Roof - 9 BLOG

It just figured.

I guess I had expectations. Anyway, it pissed me off. And the roof really was empty, and the rain came down in sheets, and my glamoured umbrella at least was pretty, but it made me remember.

London Rain Roof - 6 BLOG


It made me remember that I did not spend all my time on the Skredder roof happily writing and planning and singing and dancing like some manic pixie dream girl.

The fact is, I was a lonely kid. And my efforts to fit in and be like the girls I knew at school took work and energy. There were a lot of tears, I remember. I remember lots of tears from when I was in school, and then suddenly there were tears again. Me, an ageless Sidhe, bawling my eyes out on a rooftop.

London Rain Roof - 10 BLOG


There was this sense that with the cloud cover so thick and the rain so dense and the light so dim and blue, that nothing beyond the roof could possibly exist, nothing. Because school wasn’t in session, there weren’t even any lights through the skylights.

I remember the sky darkening and that smell, ozone, coming. And I was so angry, so full of resentment for this force I could not control in Røyken. Too many variables in a big city, too many warring magical factions: one wrong weather change could start a witch war, and there is nothing so messy as a witch war. Never mind that I am not actually a witch: witches have this idea that they are the only existent magic, and even if I’d done the whole thing with good old OTO precision, the witches, particularly Røyken witches, if I’m honest, would just assume the change came from one of them and fight first, ask questions later.

So years later, when I think of that visit to Skredder, all I had was this sorrow, this self-pity, and this completely tangental rage toward Røyken trad witches. It made me sad and angry, and it threatened to make me forget the good things about the roof.

London Rain Roof - 1 BLOG

So I took this moment.

I have never liked that memory, of me on my old school roof, crying. So I remembered it again. I took this moment. This one, right here. I scrunched up my eyes and tasted the air, reached out a hand, to see if it would really rain—and of course that’s when it did.

One moment, one change.

London Rain Roof - 2 BLOG

Joyful anticipation?

What if, instead of scrunching my eyes up and meeting the rain with anger, I remembered it like this: I smelled ozone. The sky darkened. Ooh, a roof rain storm! I stretched out my hand to feel the first drops. And I looked up into that endless sea of clouds with anticipation and not resentment.

London Rain Roof - 7 BLOG

A Solid Plan

And then, with that one moment changed, Rainy Roof Day Me looks at Today Me and an understanding passes between us. We have changed the beginning, the introduction, and now the rest of the story will write itself, and we will have a happy ending and a dance on the roof of the Skredder arts and humanities building.

And then, you see, it will be OK to go back to Røyken, in no small part because I will have forgiven the witches.

Notes and Credits:
Rainy Roof Dress: Senzfine, Oona Dress (Get it at We Love Role-play!)
Rainy Roof Shoes: Viki, Tremane Shoes (Get them at Midsummer Enchantment, opening on 10 July!)
Rainy Roof Skin: DeeTaleZ, Jane (Celtic) (This is a new release at the DeeTaleZ Main Store, and I love it)
Rainy Roof Umbrella: {anc}, My Umbrella Light (rare) (Get it at the {anc} main store; it’s a gacha!)
Rainy Roof Bindi: Rainbow Sundae, Druid’s Sigil (not my personal druid sigil, but I like it anyway) (Get it at We Love Role-play!)
Rainy Roof Eyes: Storybook, Heimdall Eyes
Rainy Roof Hair: Magika, Victoria
Rainy Roof stockings: Izzie’s, Sheet Tights, Basics
Rainy Roof Eyelashes: Shiny Stuffs, Lelutka Lashful Lashes
Head: Lelutka, Evolution Lake
Body: Maitreya

Location: The Box, my weird little studio above Awenia Faerie
Scene: Minimal, London Rooftop Scene (Get it at Uber!)
Rain: Dysfunctionality, Simplest Rain

From The Author: Because in Gwyneth’s story people like significant ex Richard can read her blog, I won’t be referring to the Event in which the veil between the ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’ worlds was blown to pieces, thus creating a new reality in which people have ‘always known’ about the other parallel worlds that exist alongside theirs. She will couch it in vague language, but as a world walker, she is necessarily aware that something has changed, and since it started with her house on White Owl Island being blown up, she feels personally affronted by it, so it comes up a lot. On public social media, everyone is an unreliable narrator, and Gwyneth is no different.

The Changing Landscape of Awenia, 2

ASSWLRP 7.2018 BLOG - 9

OK, so from time to time I get curious.

OK, so from time to time I get curious. And even though Bob (unicorns hate people names: I call him that to piss him off) and I have been having a great time frolicking around the great forest (more on that later), I decided it couldn’t hurt to check out what she is doing with Faerie. I mean, Faerie is my home too, even if I am a dark elf. So I glamoured myself to look a little more like those happy little light elves of happiness, and I landed in the remembrance garden at Awenia—I figured that was one place she wouldn’t change much, and I was right.

I’d barely landed before I was surrounded by black feathers, and this raven just landed on my shoulder and stayed there. I’m thinking of naming him “Go the fuck away”, since that’s the sentence I seem to say to him most. He hasn’t left yet. As I type, he and Bob are grousing over dinner and whether or not it’s acceptable for GTFA (I like the sound of that) to pluck out bits of Bob’s mane in order to line some nest or other, which they’re probably building together in the deserted little cave we’re calling home now, at least until she decides the forest needs to turn into something else. It’s summer; she’s at the height of her power, so gods know what she is planning here in the forest.

ASSWLRP 7.2018 BLOG - 10

The view, however, was very different.

The view, however, was very different. OK, so there’s a lot of empty space: I guess she’s not quite finished. But this town bit, that looks like it might end up being a fun place to hang out, at least when the crowds get so big I can get lost in them. I suppose I could contact Wulfrich and see about working guard in Awenia again, even though we haven’t spoken in yonks.

ASSWLRP 7.2018 BLOG - 11

Looking back at the remembrance garden

Here we are looking back at the remembrance garden. I have to say I love this drone I got for working my last job: it was a magical tech company in Nu Jyorck and they manufacture these amazing drones that fly around behind you. They’re completely silent because they’re powered by magic and not batteries, and they don’t make that annoying wind that so many of them do, again, because they’re powered by magic and not batteries, and they don’t need any moving parts to fly. Anyway, that’s how I took this picture; GTFA (it’s pronounced “Gitfa”) and I are just looking back at the garden. I’m wondering what kind of crap she’s going to put in here now that she’s moved the earth all around to create that windy hill path up to the garden. Of course, gardening isn’t my strong point, but I’ll be interested to see what she puts here. I mean, not that I’m interested. But I did sneak into one of her offices once and photoscan the plans for Awenia, so I do kind of know what she’s up to.

ASSWLRP 7.2018 BLOG - 13

It looks pretty good down here!

And, frankly, it looks pretty good down here. This big dancing/eating/whatever square is going to be a big hit with the tourists: they can lurk around the edges of Scary Faery Town and still tell their friends what an adventure they had. Of course, if they’re planning on staying here for more than one day, they’re SOL: there are two inns in town and they’re both right in the town centre. Maybe she’ll put something further out on the edge for the squeamish; I’ve got no clue as there weren’t any actual drawn plans with the stuff I … acquired. There were just notes and bits and bobs about what to tell this or that minister when they started asking questions. She’s got her husband doing all the paperwork, of course: that guy may actually be too nice for her. Not that he’d look twice at someone like me: I mean, look who he married. Miss Tall Bright and Seelie. Forget that short, dark bitch with the potty mouth and the extra long ears. Yeah. I’m a real winner with the menfolk: that’s why I get my own unicorn companion, folks.

ASSWLRP 7.2018 BLOG - 14

Nearly Full Dark

Anyway, it was nearly full dark when GTFA and I made it down to the town (that was a lot of walking!) so I decided to come back for a longer tour of the town/village/whatever sometime when it was more light. I mean, obviously  can see in the dark, but the iPhone is still pretty shite when it comes to imaging at night, and the drone’s not much better for all the magical extras it’s got.

Besides, GTFA suddenly started cawing his fucking head off like something was coming to get us both. So I headed back to the forest, which is where I am now, and I’m writing all this shit on my phone because it’s not like she thought to put in an electrical outlet for my MacBook Pro, is it? Luckily, my battery is powered by magic and gets an extra charge from the sun this time of year, so the phone isn’t about to die any time soon. For once, as I looked across the water, I missed the too-bright shores of White Owl Island. At least I could have charged the damn notebook there.

Hm. You know what I noticed? I noticed that Faewatch has an office on the other side of town. It’s closed at the moment; I’m guessing she ran everyone out of Awenia except her little minions when she started revamping the place. I’ll bet Cherish Gelato would love to get her hands on these photos…. and others I’ll take, when I come back tomorrow.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: LAQ Bento Mesh Head, Lulu
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Ferna (in fudge) (Available NOW at The Chapter Four!)
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ear, Bane
Hair: Mithril Apothecary, Chamomile
Clothes: Noble Creations, Woods Queen (Available NOW at We ❤ RP!)
Pauldrons: Storybook, Morrigan, Raven
Eyes: Anatomy, Meow Eyes, Neon Green
Necklace: Bliensen & Maitai, Luan
Shoes: Noble Creations, Roman Sandals (Available NOW at We ❤ RP!)
Raven: Jian, Raven Collection Companion
Raven Feathers: Persefona, Floating Raven Feathers (black)
Ring: Aisling, The Good Wife

Comeuppance, Part 1

The Amazing Catwoman:

The Amazing Catwoman:

I admit it: I do reckless things. It’s one of the qualities that make me good at my job. It also gets me in to trouble, and I have realised this last world-hopping jaunt, the one where I kind of forgot who I was at the end, has landed me in a heap of trouble in Fair Fucking Elfland. Clutie was all full of dire warnings about temporal rifts and OMG THE WHOLE UNIVERSE OUT OF BALANCE, and of course the whole Incident got escalated to her. And I admit that I myself have not remained untouched, but I’m not really talking about that.

I was out roaming in the Unseelie Forest, as you do.

I was out roaming in the Unseelie Forest, as you do.

I was out roaming in the Unseelie Forest, as you do. And I felt something, something shimmering just out of reach. As, you know, you do. I was glad I had my new bow on me: I managed to sneak away to this faire held by the Fantasy Collective, and I couldn’t resist it. My new armour comes from there as well.

Then something changed, though I couldn't have told you what it was at the time.

Then something changed, though I couldn’t have told you what it was at the time.

Then something changed, though I couldn’t have told you what it was at the time. Feathers appeared in my hair though, almost never a good sign. At least they were white and not black. Black might indicate ravens, and I think having to deal with Nemaine right now would destroy whatever confidence I have left.

Speaking of left—should I go that way?

Speaking of left—should I go that way?

Speaking of left—should I go that way? Hm. Another weirdness: usually I know what direction things are in, just sort of naturally. Left, I thought, would take me toward the river that separates the Unseelie lands from the Seelie half of the forest. Like a lot of Fae, I’m of mixed heritage, though I prefer the Unseelie lands: there’s less prejudice, less name calling, and of course I’m less likely to run in to her. Why I’m seemingly the only person in Faerie who doesn’t trust her, I couldn’t tell you. And it’s not that she’s a bad person; it’s just that she’s the Queen, and you cannot fucking trust Fae royalty; that I know with certainty.

Or ... should I go right?

Or … should I go right?

Or… should I go right? I couldn’t decide; it was very frustrating. But I heard the sound of a waterfall in that direction: fuck. I was definitely turned around. Toward the waterfall would be toward the Seelie lands, wouldn’t it?

There was something else in that direction, though: a different kind of mist than we have here, the sort that burns off in the morning and makes you wet through to whatever you’re wearing beneath your —wait. My armour changed, too. Well, this couldn’t be good, even if the armour was, wow. Well fitting and perfectly coloured for my skin, and leaves in my hair, a long tunic with just the right amount of sway…. and comfy boots, my goddess, comfy boots.

Wow…I heard music, tinny and upbeat, with drums I’ve come to associate with more ‘modern’ realms. But in Faerie, I shouldn’t be able to perceive that stuff. A van. Shouting. Someone asleep in the driver’s seat. I shook my head. That’s just leftover stuff from one of those realms, I told myself. I’m not that girl. But I really have to go back to Russell: he’ll be so upset when he wakes up and I’m not there. We were going to Cornwall. Cornwall. What a funny name for a place. Does it actually have walls made of corn?

And then, like the chiming of a bell in my head that rang straight down into my heart, it came.

And then, like the chiming of a bell in my head that rang straight down into my heart, it came.

And then, like the chiming of a bell in my head that rang straight down into my heart, it came.

Geas. Fuck. I was being summoned. But I can’t leave Russell. But I must. She did it. She called me to the fucking Seelie Residence.

Just then, I was about as far away from anywhere I wanted to be as one pointy-eared Fae can get.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” I said.

“No joke, and do please try to control your tongue, Tacey,” said Nathaniel. He’s her new husband. He’s so goddamn nice, he’s hard to be around. Not to mention very easy on the eyes, that Nathaniel. But I can’t afford to lust after her consort: even though we Fae don’t have this thing about owning our lovers that many mortals do, my life is complicated enough already without a sexy redheaded vampire in it. Big mental X on that.

TAC, I repeated, for the umpteenth time. It's TAC.

TAC, I repeated, for the umpteenth time. It’s TAC.

“TAC,” I repeated for the umpteenth time. “It’s TAC”.

“No, TAC, I am not kidding you,” Nathaniel said. Fucking over cultured English arse. “You will be checking tickets for tonight’s banquet, and you will wear the Queen’s colours while you do it, and you will be polite and personable, and you will ensure that our guests have no fears or concerns about what might be occurring outside that door.”

“I’m bouncing at a Royal banquet?”

“That you are. And for the next three weeks, you’ll stay here in Faerie, and you’ll have a long talk with Dyisi about how reckless and dangerous to our Realm your recent activities have been. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal,” I replied, because I couldn’t think of anything better to say.

“Good,” he replied and he didn’t give me another look, not for a long time. And that was just as well, because then Clutie put me in the Queen’s Knight clothes. Which are perfectly serviceable, except they make me look like a fucking Court Jester. The only thing that makes this outfit worth wearing is this fucking amazing polearm. She might want us to look like courtiers, but she knows where to import weapons. This spear comes from MacMoragh & Museand it may be the most beautiful weapon I’ve ever held. Not giving up the bow, but shit, if you have to have a spear, this is the one you want.

All in all, the evening was a simple job, except for this one woman, Cherish Gelato. And may I just say what a stupid fucking name that is? Cherish Gelato? Are you a woman or a dessert? Make up your mind!

Anyway, Ms. Gelato did not want to surrender her ticket because it had the Queen’s signature on it. What an imbecile. A document, any kind of document, with the Queen’s signature on it is powerful, and sometimes she forgets to enchant them so they’re useless. So her knights, her fucking Guards, have to inspect every ticket. Cherish Gelato’s turned out to be unenchanted and therefore very powerful magic that we absolutely cannot allow to go home with her.

And she pitched a goddamn fit. Oh, it was a souvenir. Oh, she’d cherish (see what I did there?) it always. Oh, it would go on her wall in a place of honour. Oh, she’d hide it away in a safe. Oh, she might sell it on eBay….

Yeah. No.

It took half the guests staring her down and Nathaniel backing me up to get her to surrender that stupid little piece of paper. “I don’t know what the problem is,” the Queen said when she finally showed up, “Cherish Gelato easily has a dozen signed photos of me. She doesn’t need an invitation, too.”

Ms. Cherish Gelato, refusing to surrender her ticket.

Ms. Cherish Gelato, refusing to surrender her ticket.

Finally, with Nathaniel, Dyisi (whom I’m trying to avoid, frankly), a very convincing Fae Bard called Maeve, and Sabre, a visiting Unseelie Royal Sidhe who seems to have some diplomatic standing, all standing over her, she was convinced to hand the damn thing over.

This? Is going to be the longest three weeks of my life.

Group photo, from left to right:
Mikachu, Wren, Nathaniel, The Amazing Catwoman, Sabre (in the back), Dyisi, Cherish, and Maeve.
Thanks to my amazing and patient rp friends who let me take nearly an hour to put this photograph together.

Style Cards:

TAC Roaming the Unseelie Forest:
: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Andrea (the NEW B UNIQUE skin, available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store)
Body: Maitreya Lara
Eyes: Gauze, Paradox Cat Eyes
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ear
Ring: Aisling, The Good Wife
Bow: Storybook, Heartseeker Bow (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Boots: Gauze, BP Swift Boots, Fantasy
Hair: Homage, Frenchie Redux, Lohans
Clothes: The White Armory, Woodland Guardian Tunic Set (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Necklace: Otherskin, Selene

TAC Under the Arch:
: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Andrea (the NEW B UNIQUE skin, available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store)
Body: Maitreya Lara
Eyes: Gauze, Paradox Cat Eyes
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ear
Ring: Aisling, The Good Wife
Bow: Storybook, Heartseeker Bow (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Clothes: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Nirenil Outfit, Woodland (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Hair: AII (the ugly and beautiful), Forest Witch Hair V2 With Feathers (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Torc: The Forge, Torc, Ultra-Rare
Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Laerlorn Headpiece, Summer (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui, Endenion Boots, Brown/Gold

TAC as a Queen’s Knight:
: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Andrea (the NEW B UNIQUE skin, available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store)
Body: Maitreya Lara
Eyes: Gauze, Paradox Cat Eyes
Ears: Gauze, High Elf Ear
Ring: Aisling, The Good Wife
Tunic: SenzaFine, Beriawen Tunic (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Necklace: Alegria, Dragon Scale Necklace, Silver
Hair: Mina, Lena/ Guusje (long) Mina (windblown, in the group photo)
Boots: Gauze, BP Swift Boots, Naturals
Spear: MacMoragh & Muse, Obara’s Spear (NEW at the MacMoragh & Muse Main Store and not on MP yet)

Group Photo Style Cards:

: *ARGRACE RYO -Golden Blonde
: *~*Illusions*~* Fairy Ears
: InkHeart Dorian Eyes-Bottle
Rat: Alchemy-Rat Familiar-Brown
Boots: Cazimi Eben Boots-Brown
Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings-Youoko-Lime
Shape: oddbAlls’ FINN Shape for Girl Child
Pants: the Lounge- Medieval Lounge Pants-Burlap DkBrown
Tunic: {Exalted} Woodland Strider-Tunic-Green
Belt: {Exalted} Ranger-Belt

Body – MA Designs Complete Avatar, Riley 1
Skin – DNA Damien Type 1
Hair – Wasabi Pils Orion Mesh Hair (Cinnamon)
Eyes – Ikon Sunrise eyes, Verdigris
Clothing – [S] James Pants and Boots, .Luminary. Henry Top

Wasabi Pills Erik Mesh Hair.
Zed Mesh fur lined Black Goth Strap Boots
Zed Mesh Goth Distressed Black full Length Coat
Zed Mesh Lace-up Leather straight leg Pants

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Daisey, Apricot (Rare)
Hair: Olive, The Daisy Hair (Rare)
Dress: Aphorism, Inanna Dress, Vine, White
Coat: Aphorism, Inanna Coat, Ebony
Necklace: Le Forme, Aegon Necklace, Butterfly, Gold

Skin – Plastik Astrali Basic Vaaliarah
Hair – little bones. Shaaswat
Hands – Slink Mesh Casual
Tattoos: .ARISE. – Maori Facetattoo
Tiki Tattoo – Bora
Plastik – Asaia Markings
Jalwa – Kheleeji Swirl
Top: [RA] Fashonista Scarf in White
Pants: Artizana Sari Pants in Indigo
Jewelery: Kibitz – Tulip Nose Chain
Zaara [Goa Party] – Baga Nose Ring
Friendship bracelets
Retro sunglasses *silver-blu*
Schnadenfreude – Long Water and Earth necklaces
Earthstones – Tumbled Stone Necklace (Rasta)
Belly Crystal -Amethyst
.:ellabella:. – Xerim’s Conundrum
RO: Hipster Bag – Coffee
~Soedara~ – Pearl Berjuang Tari Bindi (Silver)
Goat parts: [Gauze] – Faun hooves
Illusions – Nivicola horns (Runes)
Shape: Self Made
Staff of Doom: Self Made

TWA Bravado Gown
.::S::. Zania Grey Hair
Elizabeth by RUBY Skins (old lady skin)
CCD- Luxury Optical- Victorian Lace

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never leave home without it!

The Fantasy Collective for July

From the player:

From the player:

If you’ve been looking for me (all two of you!) you haven’t found me. I’ve been appearing to idle on SL a lot, unresponsive to messages, no flickr or  blog posts for days; in short it seems as if nothing’s going on with me. And of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve been in hospital here in London receiving and beginning to recover from a full knee replacement. I’ve talked before on this blog about my husband’s cancer and why helping with Fantasy Faire and events like that is so important to me. My own disease, the one you can see anyway, is arthritis. Arthritis doesn’t just strike super-old people, although I’m hardly what would be described as young. On Wednesday, I had my right knee replaced and depending on my recovery speed, the left one will follow in its own time.

As it happens, the full knee replacement is apparently one of the most painful surgeries you can go through, and I can now vouch for this. I don’t have the energy or concentration level to role-play or write the stories about my narrators that people have begun to expect here, but I’m still taking photographs and finding cool stuff. These photos have mostly been hanging around for four days, waiting for me to have the energy and wherewithal to put them into a blog post.

So here’s the stuff Gwyneth really fell in love with at the July Fantasy Collective. The Fantasy Collective is open until the 15th of August, so you still have time to check out some of these lovely things. I’ll present the style cards with the photographs.

Sweet Lies, Tauriel Gacha

Sweet Lies, Tauriel Gacha

The Sweet Lies Tauriel Gacha has a beautiful array of dresses, and you will get a dress on every play, not just pieces and parts. This one is Box 11 (rare), and I love the detailing on the sleeves and the over skirting. Gwyneth is also wearing the Deviance Erulisse Circlet (The Priestess, Rare), Analog Dog (natch!) ‘s new(ish) updo, Sambuca. The stunning necklace is an event find from I don’t know how long ago, The Mithrind Necklace from Storybook, which is a staple of Gwyneth’s wardrobe. Here, I love how it picks up on the lattice pattern in the dress’ arm texture. The skin is 7 Deadly s{K}ins stunning Baukje, which started out life at the first July Designer’s Circle and is now available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store. She’s in the Maitreya Mesh Body with SLink hands and feet.

Les Encantades Ivy Dress, Azur

Les Encantades Ivy Dress, Azur

Here is another beautiful dress from The Fantasy Collective, Les Encantades Ivy Dress. This is the Azur colourway. I did mention Gwyneth likes blue, right? 😉 The hair is from Ayashi, which is doing such a great job with superlong mesh hair right now; it’s called Sirena and is available at The Fantasy Collective. Necklace is once again the Storybook Mithrind Necklace, and the mask is from Spyralle, who’s long been one of my favourite SL designers. It’s called Forest Edge Mask, and you can get it from the Illusion Point event, which I’ll talk a little more about farther down. Skin is of course Baukje from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

Senzafine Beriawen

SenzaFine Beriawen

The dress here is the SenzaFine Beriawen ensemble. SF really hit it out of the park on this one. The stuff is always good, but this style just makes me so happy, and additionally the tunic is completely wearable without the skirt and vice versa. The matching shoes are from The Illusion Point event, and they come in the same colourways as the clothing ensemble. You want to go to Illusion point, btw, and saying you’re just going for these shoes is a pretty good rationalisation!

Senzafine Beriawen, tunic detail

Senzafine Beriawen, tunic detail

Gwyneth is wearing SenzaFine Beriawen tunic and skirt in Pack 4, which includes the metallic colours, so Gwyneth really likes it. I also picked up the blues, greens and purples for her; those are Pack 2.You get a choice between gold and silver trims on each piece, as well. The necklace is Aegon from Le Forme and is still available at The Epiphany: this one is “eclipse” in silver. The tiara is also from Le Forme‘s Epiphany offerings; this one is the Aegon Tiara in Silver Sapphire (rare). The hair is, naturally, Analog Dog, the new(ish) Sambuca updo, and the skin is still the stunning Baukje from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. I just can’t get enough of this skin. Gwyneth’s eyes in these photos are actually new to her: I’d been using my own tweaked CustomEyes for her for so long I’d stopped crediting the eyes. These are from Mayfly, Luminous Mesh Eyes in Borealis. Ears are as always the Leevi Long Ears from Lumae. This is the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with SLink hands and feet, and the shoes are SenzaFine‘s Aesbrennil Velvet-Lined Slippers, in colourways that cleverly match the ones for the Beriawen Tunic. This is pack 4, of course. They are available at the Illusion Point event: you should go there “just to buy the shoes”…. 🙂

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice, Blues

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice, Blues

I know I’ve rhapsodised at length about the Faida/Fallen Gods collaboration, but I’m going to do it again! They seem to have a gorgeous new dress for every event that comes along these days, and since I can’t resist a gorgeous new dress, here is Berenice. No fatpack was available, so I bought the blue ones to get the gorgeous Royale colourway, and as ever, it does not disappoint. HUD options are included as well, and you’ll see some of those later. The hair is Pepe, Athena, a gacha you can play at The Fantasy Collective. This is the rare light blonde colourway, and you don’t even want to know how much I spent to get Gwyneth’s colour in this hair. But, you know, if you want some of this hair and you don’t feel like leaving your house, just IM me in world and we can work something out. 😉 That said, if you’re not bothered about colours, the gacha is L$100 per play and the textures are all really nice. I’m always looking for ponytails and braids that work with Gwyneth’s ears, since I’m not giving those up, and that’s why I spent so much to get the colour I wanted in this one: it works with the ears! The circlet and crown combination are from ieQED, the Arwen crown (rare) and circlet (common) from the most recent Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Shoes are Deviance, M’Lady’s Slippers, from a longer-ago Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The ring is from JCNY. Body is Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, and hands and feet are SLink.

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice, Detail

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice, Detail

I’m presenting so many of these dresses with close-up photos so you can see the detailing on the dresses, it’s true, but also so you can get a closer look at this skin I’m currently raving about: Baukje from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. As with all of the 7DS skins, the detailing and subtle makeup on the face is worth taking a second-57th look at, and this skin has something that I really love personally, which is pronounced and visible eyeliner that does not take away from the eyes or the rest of the face. It’s eyeliner I might wear in real life if I wanted to be subtle. Yes, really.

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice

Faida and Fallen Gods, Berenice

One of the things you can do with the Berenice dress HUD is hide the bodice altogether. I quite like this look, but as Fae Queens go, Gwyneth is actually frightfully modest. So, I thought of this necklace from Zibska, called Aisling, which I haven’t had much of an opportunity to wear, immediately. I don’t remember where I got it, but you can score it at their main store, and they have a special one available in the dark rose colourway at The Lexi Project, another great event for a great cause that you should run not walk to as it has loads of worthy stuff.

Faida and Fallen Gods Berenice, plus Zibska Aisling, a closer look

Faida and Fallen Gods Berenice, plus Zibska Aisling, a closer look

And even closer. Irresistible skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

And even closer. Irresistible skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

This close-up photo is a good way to see how the Baukje skin employs such beautiful subtle highlighting, and you can also get a better look at the Mayfly eyes this way. I love the way the falling petals on the Zibska necklace seem to cup and enhance the breasts; as a Sidhe, Gwyneth is a bit of a titless wonder, so she needs all the help she can get in that department!

Now, I have to go get ready for physical therapy, which is the reality of my life for the next several weeks. I’m hoping to step up the blog posts for later today and later in the week, since so much is happening on the grid, but I can’t promise narrator stories or rp blogs for the foreseeable, as this post literally took three days to put together because my concentration is shot due to surgery, hospital, pain, heavy drugs, etc.

Thanks for reading.