Confined Spaces and the Consilium Arcanum

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 2

Meditate, Breathe, Centre.

Meditate, Breathe, Centre. It may be that I am nervous. My contact is Arcturus Treem, who’s a Consilium Arcanum …. would you call him a civil servant? I guess he is. We’re to meet later today at his magic shop, Cave of Wonders, to discuss the opening of Awenia up to humans and other magical beings. The townsfolk have been pretty open to it so far; they want to encourage passage between beings, and now that the walls are down, we can do this. I’ve done some research on the few other Realms that have taken this course of action, and they’re mostly coming from the other direction: human Realms who want to open themselves to other beings. I can’t help but wonder about their reasons, but I suppose that’s what Treem wants to talk to me about as well.

I’ve been here since last night, in a Seattle where I used to have to travel glamoured— but when I arrived, no one batted an eye at my obvious differences. The staff at the hotel were very nice, but the room is very small, which I suppose I should have expected. It’s not like this is a diplomatic visit from a Queenly sort of viewpoint. One plus for the staff: the moment the concierge saw me, he asked if I’d like a large mirror put in my room. Of course I said yes: if Nathaniel or Wren or even (gods help me) Drysi want to get in touch, the mirror is the easiest way for them to reach me when I’m so far away. Will O’ the Wisps get… well, they get distracted sometimes. I am so happy I met up with the talented Queue Marlowe and got her to braid my hair over at Analog Dog before I hopped back here and boarded a ferry to Seattle, because they still don’t have great Fae portal service here.

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 1

The truth is, I’m impatient.

The truth is, I’m inpatient. You never would have guessed that about me, I’m sure. Our meeting is set for two o’clock this afternoon, and here I am, awake at barely ten, already full of a dazzling hotel breakfast that included Belgian waffles and syrup and so much whipped cream. It’s a good thing my body can function completely off carbs and fat!

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 7

I know what I have to do.

I know what I have to do. Basically, I have to convince this guy that I’m opening up the Realm for positive and legal reasons, namely better communication among different types of beings, and of course the tourism dollars won’t hurt. And I need not to go off on tangents about love and light and all that stuff. I need to speak as a town representative and not a Fae Queen.

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 3

Barely ten minutes after I embark on this train of thought, there’s a chime from the mirror.

Barely ten minutes after I embark on this train of thought, there’s a chime from the mirror.  I stand up, compose myself.


“Arcturus Treem, Miss…. I’m sorry; I don’t know your last name.”

“I don’t really have one any more, Mr Treem. Most people who address me formally use “Your Majesty”, but I’m not coming to you as a Queen. Gwyneth is fine.”

“In that case, it’s Arcturus or Art if you prefer.” He is an older gentleman, with crinkles around his blue eyes and the weathered look of a man who’s seen many seasons. “I only wanted to check in with you and see if we were on track for our meeting this afternoon. I see you’re settled in nicely. Is that the Abbot House?”

I smile. He’s not difficult to talk to, which is a good thing. “Yes; that’s right. They’ve been lovely here. Such a surprise after…”

He raises a brow. “Have you had bad experiences elsewhere, Gwyneth?”

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 4


“Um…” I swallow. Not everyone has the same set of memories as I do now, but I expected the magician might be a little more informed. Then again, he is human. Maybe I need to put Skeleton or Nathaniel on research which folk have two different sets of memories, and which folk do not.

There’s that eye-crinkling smile again. “You remember the Cataclysm. Good. Not all Fae do, of course: those who are confined to their own realms mostly, but it’s important to make sure before we begin any conversation.” He nods as if I’ve passed a test.

I exhale. And I smile. “Great. We’re on the same page. So yes, walking into Seattle last night, unglamoured, was very interesting. And while I recognise that whoever perpetrated the Cataclysm has been a very bad boy or girl, I can’t say I’m altogether displeased with the result.”

He laughs outright at that. “Very diplomatic, Your Majesty. I begin to see some of that Sidhe charm I was expecting from someone like you. Did you know, the flowers on the paintings in your room look as if they’re alive?”

I glance back to the now super-saturated paintings. “I have that effect on things. It’s part of being what the Fae call a Life-Bringer, but I don’t claim that title. I believe just about anything can be accomplished if the challenges are met with love, rather than trickery, greed, violence…. That’s one reason why I want Awenia to be a Fae town open to everyone: I want different beings to see the good in each other, learn about their differences, learn to co-exist. Because even if they think they have co-existed for a long time, there are bound to be problems.”

“No need to launch into your sales pitch right away,” replies Art with another one of those smiles. “I can’t keep the mirror communication up for long: for me, it requires a rather difficult spell. One thing I’d love to acquire from you in Awenia, as a Fae town where trade will be encouraged, is a proper magic mirror. Do you have a mirror smith?”

“Of course we do, and a good one too,” I reply. “I think we can make that happen for you.”

“All paid for, of course,” he is quick to reply. “I could not accept a gift from you, for many reasons.” He meets my eyes. “But before we sit down in the shop to do business this afternoon, I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch with me, just so we can get to know one another a little better, lay some ground rules for future interactions, if you will.”

I smile. “That sounds like a great idea.”

“Wonderful. I’ll pick you up at your hotel around eleven thirty, and then we’ll have a while to natter about whatever we like before we get down to business. Now I’ll bid you good morning, and thank you very much for your time.”

I don’t wrinkle my nose at the ‘thank you’; I know it’s a human custom and I used to do it myself. But I’ll have to make sure Mr Treem knows what’s meant by ‘thank you’ to one of us. “It is nothing,” I reply. “I’m happy and honoured to be here, and I look forward to our meeting later.”

Hotel Rooms BLOG - 6

I even blow him a little kiss before I dismiss the mirror communication. Can’t hurt.

I even blow him a little kiss before I dismiss the mirror communication. Can’t hurt.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Lona
Eyes: Mesange, Sanford Eyes
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears
Skin: The Plastik, Golha (Amethyst) (Available NOW at Season of the Witch!)
Hair: Analog Dog (natch!), Moira A (Available NOW at The Epiphany!)
Headpiece: Cae, Lasa Circlet
Bracelets: The Plastik, The Aeliora Cuffs (Available NOW at The Season’s Story!)
Dress: Oubliette, Royal Vega Dress (Available NOW at  Season of the Witch!)
Boots: !go, Fae Boots Brown

Photo Backdrop: Mary Etc., After Hour Background (Available NOW at Designer Circle!)

Thanks are always due to the incredibly talented Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog who created such.a lovely set of hairs for The Epiphany. I’ll be showing you the other versions soon!



The Beautiful Age


I decorated the Parlour in the Tree House.

I decorated the Parlour in the tree house. I found some beautiful salon furnishings from The Looking Glass at another one of those faraway shopping faires. This one is called The Secret Affair, and I regularly do a multi-Realm hop to get there whenever I hear that it’s on. And of course I found a beautiful new gown from those geniuses at Silvan Moon Designs. It comes in many beautiful colours, but I thought given the salon décor, I should go with red! I got a new hairstyle from Queue Marlowe over at Analog Dog Hair as well, and I love it so much: It is so bohemian and freeing. I also went to a couple of antique markets and found some beautiful photos of courtesans, actresses, and ladies of the night, mostly from the Belle Epoque, the Beautiful Age. They decorate the walls of the parlour.


Parlour, View 1


Parlour, View 2


Parlour, View 3


Parlour, View 4


Parlour, View 5

All the furniture, the candles, the chandelier, the bar, the privacy screen, it’s all from The Looking Glass. What a great job Sharni Azalee did on this beautiful décor set. I love this room now! And of course because I loved the room so much, I had to invite a friend over.


Meet Myst!

Meet Myst! Myst is a lovely friend and a designer of beautiful clothing. We had a lovely conversation, and lots of fun!


We shared some secrets….

We shared some secrets….

Myst and I are discovering we have a lot in common.


And isn’t she beautiful?

And isn’t she beautiful? Look at those eyes.

Myst helped me place some of the beautiful pictures that are on the walls; I really love how the pictures go with the décor.


We decided we would do this more often!

We decided we would do this more often!

After Myst left to go home, I settled down on one of the settees and fell asleep. And I had a dream….


Once upon a time, there was a captive faery.

Once upon a time, there was a captive Faery. In her own land, she had been the daughter of a King. But there was a club in Old Nu Jyorck in that time catered to rich mortal men who had, well… they had a lust and love for the Fae.

One of their members was a powerful magician, trained by famous hermeticists from Italy. He devised a spell that would subdue even wild Fae energy and keep it contained, making the Faery an indentured servant to the magician’s will. And so they kept them there, and used them for the entertainments of their various guests.


Sometimes, the captive faery’s countenance was so sad.

Sometimes, the captive faery’s countenance was so sad. Her wings felt clipped. Sad songs were made more sad by the little glamour she could use to enhance her performances.

You may ask, why did the faeries work when they were essentially slaves to the magician’s will? Well, I can only tell you the story of this one faery. She cried and begged to be let free, but the magician would only tell her that if she served him there for seven years, he would release her. And so she did what she was told, and suffered along with the rest of the faeries, none of whom would talk to her about their agreements with the magician, whatever they were.


Like all faeries, she had a voice that could rival the mythical human angels.

Like all faeries, she had a voice that could rival the mythical human angels. On nights when she was singing, the club was full of wealthy men, all of whom listened, rapt, as she sang.

Night after night, she fended off the advances of the mortal men, knowing there were other faeries at the club who welcomed that sort of work.  And year after year, she watched those faeries come and go, She knew that if she went to the magician and asked him, he might change her contract. But she just couldn’t imagine herself in that position, so she continued to sing.

What happened to her? I do not know. The story handed down to me didn’t say much else. I like to believe she was eventually released, that she went back to her life in Faerie tougher and sadder, and that she kept her family safe from threats ever after.


I do know that she was famous, in her way.

I do know that she was famous, in her way. There is a series of postcards (postcards were very popular in this time) that feature her. Some of the other faeries are featured as well, but none so often as this one.

Her name was Glorian.


When I wake up, I am in the same red dress in which I fell asleep.

When I wake up, I am in the same red dress in which I fell asleep. I feel somehow that I have been shown a little piece of unknown Fae history, something that I need to investigate. I wonder if Sharni got her inspiration from that club, or maybe I just superimposed it on to my dream.


I looked back on to my dream, thinking of Glorian.

I looked back on to my dream, thinking of Glorian. How can I learn more of her story? What about the Fae underclass in Old Nu Jyorck? Perhaps I should visit there again, maybe find where the club was. But I don’t even know its name. My dream didn’t tell me that. Maybe I will ask Dyisi to help me with a vision quest.


Yes, I think I will ask Dyisi about that, the next time I see her.

Yes, I think I will ask Dyisi about that, the next time I see her. How to tell that story. How to experience what Glorian experienced, the dark side of The Beautiful Age. How to bring it to life somehow. And how to find out if there are other Realms where Faeries are treated this way. I consider, for a moment, how different my life is from hers. My privilege. My power. My influence. What can I do for those less fortunate than myself?

And all the trouble surrounding White Owl at this time. The influx of refugees. The worry that there is a HS operative in our midst. The boat on fire. And tonight, the vandalism around Camlann and the word “Bloodsucker” written on the wall. We are entering a time of struggle and strife, my Islanders and me. But we will get through it. We will. I will find a way to help, to lift my people up and bring them further in to the light.


I can’t wait to see Myst again.

I can’t wait to see Myst again. What a beautiful soul she is.

Style Card:

Salon Furniture and Décor (except for wall art): 
The Looking Glass, The Torch Singer Gacha Set, Available NOW at  The Secret Affair!)
Sharni Azalee’s stunning set of parlour/boudoir furniture inspired this entire post, inspired me to go looking for those actresses and courtesans to create the wall art for this parlour, which in turn inspired the story about Glorian. This is not one of those photoshoot sets I build and take down: this is now Gwyneth’s upstairs parlour in Faerie, the place where she greets intimate friends and guests. The only room more private in Gwyneth’s Treehouse is her actual bedroom, which is just down the hall from this beautiful parlour. Thank you, Sharni. Without your designs, my Second Life would be less beautiful.

Gwyneth in the Red Dress:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Lona Bento Mesh Head
Hair: Analog Dog, Hyacinth
Eyes: Mesange, Arum Eyes (Available NOW at Hipster Men Event!)
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears
Skin: Lumae, Ruby (Catwa Applier) (Available NOW at The Lumae Main Store!)
Dress: Silvan Moon Designs, The Courtesan Gown (Available NOW at The Secret Affair!)
Arm Roses: Death Row Designs, Ravishing Roses Body Jewellery
Headpiece: Zenith, Spring Rose Crown (Red)
Shoes: Illi, Maitreya Rosalyn Rose Heels

Gwyneth as Glorian:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Lona Bento Mesh Head
Hair: Analog Dog, Hyacinth
Eyes: Mesange, Arum Eyes (Available NOW at Hipster Men Event!)
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears
Skin: Lumae, Ruby (Catwa Applier) (Available NOW at The Lumae Main Store!)
Dress: Fallen Gods & Faida, Ars Amandi, Aurelia Intense (Rare)  (Available NOW at The Epiphany)
Jewellery: Earthstones, Mystic Bracelet and Necklace
Headpiece: LODE, Bellflower Crown (Light Violet)
Wings: BareRose, Fairy Bento Wings, Colour
Shoes: Saga, Bohemian Sandal

Body: Slink Hourglass
Head: Catwa, Catya Bento Mesh Head
Hair: [DUE] After Monday V2
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Fjord
Skin: Pink Fuel – [PF] Sora <Alabaster> – Special Edition
Dress: Senzafine .:SF:. “Araceli” Gown – Dusk (Fitmesh)

Location: White Owl Island Faerie. If you’re looking for a great contemporary fantasy roleplaying sim, why not check us out? White Owl Island, Where Everybody Knows Your Shape.

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I’d never give Gwyneth disturbing dreams about enslaved Fae without it!

TheLookingGlassLogoFullColor   MESANGE LOGO 2017   lumae-logo   silvan-moon-designs-logo-full






Shadow Play

I looked for songs about shadows to illustrate this post, but they all seem to be about being fooled by bad relationships or psychotic ex-lovers, and that’s not really what I wanted to talk about, so despite the fact that the chorus for Fish‘s song Shadowplay keeps going through my head as I write this, I won’t inflict it on you guys. You’ve probably never heard of Fish anyway. He was with a band called Marillion, and you’ve probably never heard of them, either.

Anyway. I haven’t spoken a lot about my experience with the Visionaire photography class here, but you’ve seen the results, changes, and experimentation in my photographs. Or at least I hope you have. Friday was our last class before graduation (February 19— I’ll just go ahead and invite all of you to the party now!), and we had a guest teacher, Senna Coronet. Now, the only thing I knew about Senna before this class was something one of our instructors had told me: he photographs in complete darkness, using only projectors. But the fact is, Senna is a genius at explaining very complex things in a simple way. And, I’m convinced now that not only can Senna photograph in complete darkness, using only projectors—so can I!


Shadowplay 1

Shadowplay 1: Here, Gwyneth is lit by a projector and three prim lights, the usual LumiPro setup. She is in a constructed prim box, which in retrospect I probably should have made totally white in colour/no texture; however, I knew I would be shooting in Phototools No Light windlight, so I didn’t bother. I may go back and reshoot some of these for my Visionaire graduation portfolio and see how the texture of the box might change the photographs. Anyway, I wanted her to be mostly black and white, so I chose Lumae‘s Eirtae Nimbus fantasy skin: it’s very white with subtle shading, and I’ve used it before when I turned Gwyneth into a Bain Sidhe for a post several months ago. This outfit is one I’ve seen photographed a lot: it’s Blueberry‘s Angelberry set from the current (and half over!) round of The Epiphany. This hair is special, as well: it’s from Emo-Tions, and it’s at Hairology for another few days: it’s Anik, and I loved it so much I’ve already used it in a blog this month, but I love Emo-Tions’ silver textures so much that I put it on again for this one. Gwyneth is wearing eyeshadow from ArteSmoky Eyeshadow, but it’s also called Gwen, so of course I had to buy it! The red lipstick is one of the Catwa choices for the Catya mesh head, which Gwyneth is in almost all the time these days. The lipstick and the eyes (from Avi-GlamElysian Eyes, colour Ghost) are the only things with colour on Gwyneth.

In order to get the projector to appear in a perfect circle, I chose LumiPro‘s wide spotlight bulb for the projector, then moved the projector so that it was centred on Gwyneth’s middle. I pulled it back so that the spotlight appeared to be in a perfect circle around her. This pose, and all the poses in this post, come from An Lar‘s new Flutter Series, which you can find at this month’s SaNaRae. The prim lights are arranged so that Gwyneth’s face and hair are highlighted, and the third (LumiPro standard) prim light is on her body below the waist, on her upper legs. She’s rotated so that there is just a bit of sharp shadow behind her and so that you can see the fluffy wings make a shadow as well. I used some tips I got from William Weaver in the class he taught us at Visionaire about using Phototools to best advantage to make sure my shadows were sharp and visible behind her.

I shot a couple of photos with this lighting setup, and I was so pleased with myself that I sent a Gyazo link to Senna, proudly noting that I had been listening in class. At the same time, the creative and delightful Lola Key suggested that I try a Gobo, so I started playing with some of the LumiPro gobos to see what I could come up with.


Shadowplay 2: Gobo

Here is a double experiment: a gobo, plus a single blue coloured prim light behind her to colour the shadows and set a different tone for the floor area. In retrospect, I’d like to try this with her floating against the wall so that the shadows don’t bend, but the wall/floor dichotomy also makes her appear to be on a stage somewhere, so perhaps it’s a good thing. Notice how the blue prim light affects the colours of the shadows behind her legs and the bottom part of the wing? This was Senna’s suggestion when I sent him the Gyazo link, and after that I just went crazy, putting differently coloured prim lights behind her and experimenting with different placements!


Shadowplay 3: Different Gobo, different lights!

Here, there are two more prim lights placed behind Gwyneth so that you get a different colour both on her body and wing shadows, and also one off to the side so that the gobo changes colour on the right side of the photograph. Ordinarily in a blog photo I’d have turned her so her face is visible, but here I was concentrating more on the shadows of her hand against the wall. The Vista Bento Hands do such great things with their random movements, even with static poses, that I left this option on and just shot when I liked the position her hands were in.


Shadowplay 4: Close-up

For this photograph, I turned off the gobo option and moved the spotlight very close to Gwyneth so that the spotlight circle would appear smaller behind her. I left the purple and teal prim lights in place to create some interest around the edges of the spotlight. For those of you in the UK who are familiar with Charlie Brucker, I’m concerned that Gwyneth looks a little too much like Philomena Cunk in this photograph, but I’ll overlook that for now. Note that all the LumiPro lights were set to a grey colour and I turned the intensity and falloff down so that Gwyneth’s white skin would not be blown out by such a close placement of lights here.


Shadowplay 5: Symmetry/Asymmetry

Here, I intentionally kept the spotlight fairly small, while panning out so that the single prim light behind Gwyneth’s ankles shows you that she’s standing on a surface somewhere, possibly a stage (which the spotlight sort of implies). I carefully positioned the camera so that her shadow was roughly equidistant from her on all sides, even though she wasn’t perfectly centred in the spotlight.

So many thanks to the whole Visionaire crew for this amazing class. Wren and Nariko have created a wonderful thing. If you want to get your mind blown on a weekly basis and learn more about SL photography than you could possibly absorb in a single second lifetime, check out the Visionaire Website for more information and to see when applications will open for the next class. If you’re super keen, you can always IM WrenNoire Cerise in-world and talk to her: she is approachable, warm, and a great teacher. I cannot say enough about how enlightening and empowering the Visionaire experience is. Do not think about the money. It is not about the money. I am thankful every day that I splashed out for this class. It has been worth every Linden and much, much more. It’s worth it for the critiques alone, but the lessons will blow your mind, and the guest speakers are amazing, and the opportunities for learning more about your own work, developing your own style, and finding out how the pros do it? Just wow.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Catya Bento Mesh Head
Hair: Emo-Tions, Anika (Available for a few more days at Hairology!)
Eyes: Avi-Glam, Elysium Eyes (Omega eye appliers)
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae, Nimbus Fantasy Skin (Available at The Lumae Main Store!)
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears
Hands: Vista, Bento Prohands
Outfit: Blueberry, Angelberry, in colour Slayer (Available until February 15 at The Epiphany!) —all the colours are beautiful, but I particularly wanted the black for this series of photos.
Makeup: Arte, Gwen Eyeshadow (Smokey Eyeshadow) (Lipstick is included with the Catya head)
Poses: An Lar, The Flutter Series (Available NOW at SaNaRae!)

Setting: A Box!

Learn more about Visionaire at The Visionaire Website!

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I’d never talk about lighting Second Life photography without it!

h011017   lumae-logo

Fallen Gods and Faida Dresses from The Epiphany Event!



The Epiphany Event bills itself as “a new kind of gacha event,” and it certainly is. The literature is a little bit confusing, but essentially, the concept is this:

You go to a gacha event, and you spend loads of money. You get two things you really want, and 25 things you don’t really want. Now you have a bunch of stuff you don’t want clogging up your inventory. You could sell them or give them away to friends, but there will always be a few items you can’t get rid of, but you paid good money for these items, and there they are in your inventory, and your inventory is going to eat you. At The Epiphany, you can take all the items home, rez them, and then you get a choice of keeping them or redeeming them for points. The points enable you to buy special exclusive items made by the content creators who have made things for the event. So for example, you get 25 items you don’t want, and these you can turn into points for one exclusive copy-only item that you’ll never be able to get anywhere else, ever again. What a great deal, and a great way to get rid of extra gacha items you don’t want! For 200 points, you can get a transfer item, which you can give to somebody else. But I am a selfish girl, so I only got copy items, because I am a grabby grabber!


Reveur Nuit Beige

Nuit Reveur Beige

Because there are so many colours of this dress, I’m going to present them in alphabetical order, and I’ll do a combined style card at the end. As always, the Fallen Gods/Faida collaboration creates a garment that’s easy to wear, exquisitely detailed, and textured so beautifully. If you wanted to, you could collect this whole line and not have to wear anything else for months, because the combinations (which we’ll get to in a minute) are endless.

Nuit Reveur Black

Nuit Reveur Brown

I remember mentioning once in a blog post featuring Evie’s Closet that she can make even brown look good! The same is definitely true for the FG/Faida collaboration: just look at how the gold detailing contrasts with the brown of this dress. I love it.

Nuit Reveur Black

Nuit Reveur Black

Nuit Reveur Green

Nuit Reveur Green

Nuit Reveur Jade

Nuit Reveur Jade

Now, Gwyneth doesn’t wear a lot of black, or really even a lot of green. But I think I’ll have her in these dresses, because as I said above you could make a whole wardrobe out of these dresses. I am well known in my roleplaying group for saying, “Let me just get her dressed,” and then an hour later, Gwyneth finally looks the way I want her to look for that night’s rp. I think I now have what I think of as a ‘base dress’ for Gwyneth, and it’s definitely one of these, in any colour of the rainbow!

Nuit Reveur Mustard

Nuit Reveur Mustard

I love this ‘mustard’ colour: it has such a lovely gold tone, and the detailing on the overskirt really works, even though the colours are similar.

Nuit Reveur Pink

Nuit Reveur Pink

One thing Gwyneth does wear a lot of is pink. This dress is going to get a lot of use!

Nuit Reveur Azure

Nuit Reveur Azure

Slightly out of alphabetical order (because I’m going from the gacha key and it’s presented large and on the right) is this dusty blue ‘azure’. Again, the gold detailing on the overdress works so beautifully with this colour. And because Gwyneth’s court colours are blue and gold, this is a good every day sort of admin dress for when she has to negotiate with nasty Unseelie Lords & Such. 😉

Nuit Reveur Purple

Nuit Reveur Purple

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t like purple? Actually, don’t tell me. That’s like saying you don’t like The Princess Bride or you thought Harry Potter was just for children.

Nuit Reveur Red

Nuit Reveur Red

This subtle red is not at all what I was expecting! In fact, it’s the colour I managed to lose somehow before I started photographing these dresses. So I had to go back to The Epiphany and buy like 700 dresses (not really, but a lot!) before I finally got a red one so I could have a complete collection. I might be a bit … OCD about all this. 😉

Nuit Reveur Rose

Nuit Reveur Rose

This deep salmon-y rose colour is again not at all what I was expecting. Yes, I know, but you see the photo and you’re never sure how exactly it’s going to look on your avatar, even if you have a good eye for colour. In the end, I love that all the main colours are sort of subdued and subtle. There’s so much you can do with these dark colours—and just wait til you see some of the photos below!

Nuit Reveur Royale

Nuit Reveur Royale

The FG/Faida Royale is a favourite of mine. Whenever I buy one of their dresses, if I don’t have the money for the fatpack (and usually I find it!) the Royale is the colour I’ll buy first. It’s a favourite both of mine and of Gwyneth’s, and this one particularly, with the gold detailing, works perfectly for a rp dress.

Nuit Reveur Silver

Nuit Reveur Silver

Again, a subtle and beautifully rendered colour, against which the gold detailing works perfectly. Yum!

Nuit Reveur White

Nuit Reveur Teal

And this dark teal surprised me again by being a perfect foil to Gwyneth’s skin. So beautiful.

Nuit Reveur White

Nuit Reveur White

And at last, here is the white one. Gwyneth does wear a lot of white, and this is going in to her regular wardrobe as we speak.

All in all, there are fifteen colours, and these are the commons. You could go to this gacha, spend your last $L75, and you’re going to come away with a gorgeous dress you’ll probably wear forever.

Quality wise, these dresses work beautifully over the Maitreya mesh body, which is how they’re pictured above. I didn’t try them with the SLink or the EVE, but experimentation is good, and I think this dress is going to work over just about anything.

Basic Style Cards for Dresses Above:
The dress of course is all the colours of Nuit Reveur, from Fallen Gods and Faida, available at The Epiphany. Gwyneth is also wearing a necklace and tiara from Le Forme, also at The Epiphany. The skin is Fallen Gods Pure Eden, which I got at the Wayward Carnival, the hair is Analog Dog (natch!), from Hair Fair, and the foot jewellery is Pearls of the Muse, from a Tales of Fantasy event yonks ago. Gwyneth is standing in The Looking Glass‘ stunning Enchanted Ballroom, and the furniture you can see in some of the pics is from Ionic, the Lothlorian Table, Chair and Stool. Some of the photographs have visible little moons and stars above, and this is part of the Nightly Netting, from Refined Wild. Gwyneth is wearing the Maitreya mesh body and SLink hands and feet.

Now… imagine what you could do if you combined some of these dresses, because I haven’t told you the best part yet!

Each common dress comes with a HUD like this one.

Each common dress comes with a HUD like this one.

Each common dress comes with a HUD like this one. so you can wear two or even three dresses at once and make layers transparent or hide them altogether. Below are some of the combinations I tried. But you can go mad, I tell you! MAD with colour mixing and combinations of this gorgeous dress.

Nuit Reveur, Red Over White

Nuit Reveur, Red Over White

Nuite Reveur, White over Royale

Nuit Reveur, White over Royale

Nuit Reveur, Black Over White

Nuit Reveur, Black Over White

Nuit Reveur, Royale Over Mustard

Nuit Reveur, Royale Over Mustard

There are so many possibilities!

And… we haven’t even got to the rares and exclusives yet!


When I started this blog entry, I thought I’d make it into a big story about how Gwyneth found this amazing dress. But the fact is, there are so many dresses I couldn’t find the time to blog them all this way, and for that I’m a little sorry. But RL is going to hit me big time tomorrow (major surgery!), and I had guests last weekend, so I’m working against the clock to get this and a couple more blog posts out because my week is about to go crazy.

Anyway, Rares. These are the Jour Reveur dresses, presented in doux and intense colours, and each rare comes with three different colours, which you can mix and match.

Jeux Reveur Azure

Jeux Reveur Azure

Some of these photographs are from the story I was thinking of building, so you can see that here Gwyneth is holding a pomegranate. The jewellery is also quite different for each photo, as is the hair. Here, she’s wearing EMO-tions lovely Cersei hair, which I found at The Instruments last month. The jewellery is from The Plastik, finds from the Fantasy Faire back in May. Foot jewellery is the same.

Jour Reveur Beige

Jour Reveur Beige

This is the Beige colour. Jewellery is from Cae (Guinevere Necklace) and the circlet is from Deviance, the Erulisse circlet in Princess (rare). It’s from the second Fantasy Gacha Carnival I visited, can’t remember how long ago. The hair is Analog Dog (Natch!); it’s the Enja updo.

Jour Reveur Rose

Jour Reveur Rose

Azure, Beige and Rose are the three colours of the doux rare. Jewellery and hair here is the same as above, but you can see the ring, which is from JCNY.

And of course, colour-mixing is possible with these as with the commons!

Jour Reveur Beige and Rose

Jour Reveur Beige and Rose

One jewellery change: This is the Deviance circlet from that long-ago Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Priestess.

The intense colourway is going to be a favourite, because I love intense, saturated colours.

Jour Reveur Royale, with Bliensen and Maitai rare and exclusive

Jour Reveur Royale, with Lassitude and Ennui rare and exclusive

A hair and jewellery change here; the hair is Analog Dog (natch!) The staff is one of the rares from Lassitude and Ennui, the Staff of Light. The crown is the exclusive from Lassitude and Ennui—both of these things are available at The Epiphany. 

Jour Reveur Jade

Jour Reveur Jade

Hair on this one is Analog Dog (natch!) Megan.

Jour Reveur Red

Jour Reveur Red

Here is the Red one, with the Le Forme tiara and necklace, and the Analog Dog (natch!) Molly hair from Hair Fair.

And you can switch these up as well!

Jour Reveur, Royale and Black

Jour Reveur, Royale and Black

Again with the Deviance circlet and the Le Forme necklace.

Jour Reveur, Rose and Red

Jour Reveur, Rose and Red

This hair is Analog Dog (natch!) Fiona. The crown is from NSP Floral, one of the Guinevere crowns. Necklace is from EMO-tions.

Detail of Jour Reveur Royale, with a closer look at the Lassitude and Ennui crown.

Detail of Jour Reveur Royale, with a closer look at the Lassitude and Ennui crown.

Hair is again Analog Dog (natch!) from Hair Fair, and the necklace is from EMO-tions.


Fallen Gods and Faida made two gorgeous Exclusives for The Epiphany; they created black and white versions of the Jour dress, called Angelique and Diabolique. 





And by now, you can imagine the mixing and matching possible!

Well, wow. I’m exhausted, and you probably are too, but  hope you aren’t too exhausted to head off to The Epiphany and get some of these gorgeous dresses.