Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

A Tangential Tale from the Fairelands I thought I was free. But isn’t that always the way? Truth is, I’d been searching for days to find a forest worth hiding in; in these modern and varied Fairelands, that’s sometimes not the easiest brief. So many towns with only snatches of forest in them. When I …

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it took me thirty-seven years to meet the love of my life. Thirty-seven years that included two bad marriages, a shedload of choices that would be regrets if I kept a tally of things to regret (I used to), one child, one miscarriage (that I know of), reams of making excuses for whichever bad relationship …

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From The Amazing Catwoman: I noticed recently that it was getting harder and harder to send messages from Faerie. I talked to Wulfrich about it, and he thinks this is because Gwyneth is becoming more and more a creature of Faerie and less and less a creature of the world from which she came. Her …

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If Mythspire Ridge seems dazzling from afarThen you have not looked close enough. Go back,And take the stairways down to where the seaMeets soil: there, you will hear a different tale. The belly of the ridge, beneath the arch,Beneath the statue bases, where the treesGrow shorter but the crystals shine as bright,Here find the roots …

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Really, I suppose it’s just the Realm Centrepiece, if you want to get pedantic about it, but I have never seen such a thing, and frankly the tentacles are a bit jarring. I suppose if you were close enough, you might not notice, but Bran flew right out to get a good distance shot for …

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For the first time, my darlings, I considered staying home this year. I mean, many Realms are still struggling with the pandemic, and in at least one dark timeline, Boris Johnson is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. That’s enough to scare a Fae Queen into holing up in her delightful tiny Realm and just …

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