Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

This is how you show care for your people. You ensure that they will not live under the thumb of any King, even if he is your brother. You keep their sacred groves, you keep their Old Gods, you give a nod to the New Gods, though they are not yours. You walk among the Weirwood …

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You say we are dark because we come from down below I say we are dark because we are the face of shadow You say we are freakish with our shocks of silver hair But I have seen your partners with their bleachpots and their envy stare At us who tend the blooming crystals, mine …

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I’m beginning to think this little Realm is really one of those list songs. You know, like, “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea,” or “The Rattlin’ Bog.” Because I swear there was no rainbow house in the Stained Glass Grove when I found myself there before. What does a rainbow house look …

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Another day, another breakfast. I get the feeling the weather may be about to turn; there’s a generous bowl of porridge this morning, a pot of coffee in addition to the usual orange juice. I wish once again that I could have coffee every day. Halfway through, it starts to rain. Great. This means I …

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I’m building a book forest. Yes, that’s right: a book forest. I got inspired by this gacha at The Guardians, the Storybook Gacha by BananaN. One of the rares is a Book Door! And I was thinking, what would you find if you walked through a Book Door? I’d come across this great set from Una, the Book Road, after I …

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