Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

I have been absent a while. I can only apologise for that. Thanks to the many Awenia Fae who kept My Realm safe over the last few months, and thanks also to you, invisible but important readers, for bearing with me and having faith that I, like the light, would return.

Constant as the Moon, they say

‘Constant as the moon’, said my Welsh granny, the one who wasn’t my granny but who knew more than she let on.

‘What does that mean, Gran’? I asked; I think I was twelve or thirteen. ‘You say that all the time, but the moon isn’t constant at all: it’s always changing and growing and shrinking and moving around the sky and whatnot’.

You know how sometimes, when a thing occurs in just the perfect space, a person comes to life in a different way? That’s what happened to my granny in that moment. Her face sharpened, from her eyes to her rounded chin, and a half-smile edged across her face.

‘The only constant’, said Gran, ‘is change’. She took a breath. ‘Heraclitus. Greek. About five hundred years before the Christians start counting up from one. He was called “the dark philosopher” because he was so hard to understand. I think he would have been more understood, but probably even less understanding, in our modern world’. She squinted, mouthed a couple of syllables. ‘Oh, yes; that’s it. Panta Rhei was his motto: Life is flux. So even though she may not be always the same, she is in fact constant‘.

‘Oh’. I must have stood there with my mouth open for a good half minute.

‘Go on, or I’ll move on to Socrates, or Plato, or maybe even Plutarch’!

I don’t remember learning anything about Socrates, Plato, or Plutarch until I was in sixth form, so I must have gone.

I came back by way of the Viking-themed Faire at Enchantment.

If you’ve not visited the very beautiful Viking Faire at Enchantment, you must! There are so many beautiful things I struggled which ones to show you first! One of the first things I did was have my hair styled and braided by the ladies from Ayashi, because they had such lovely beads (I’ll have a closer photo to show you later!). And the beautiful gown is from (A)Maze; it’s called the Freya gown, and I think it’s certainly worthy of a goddess who rides around in a chariot pulled by cats! The circlet is designed by Rainbow Sundae, and its simple shape and perfect line work really well when everything else I’m wearing is so ornate! When I unpacked my trunk upon returning to Awenia, this was the first gown I pulled out, and then I thought, now— what would set this gown off beautifully is a stunning skin paint-over from Lumae! Bran even shouted at me, yes, yes, so rude to leave him and Clutie with all the rest of the putting away (not like I was going to do it anyway: Hello? Faery Queen!), but off I went to see Lumiya Rae, who of course had the perfect thing! A fantasy blush skin paint modelled on her Ayesha style, perfect for early spring and full of hope, particularly when set with the dark red of this gown.

The Gods Are In The Details

‘The Gods are in the details’, or that’s what folk say, anyway: the detailing on the gown’s overbuilt waist is just stunning, isn’t it? And here too you can see the perfectly pink paint Lumiya applied to my skin just hours before. I think I’ll be asking her to style me up like this again: I wonder if she would accept a nice holiday in Faerie as compensation for a few more shades of this lovely blushiness? I love it so much: I feel like I’ve been dipped in rose petals and swished around in milk. OK, not really: that would be a little gross, because unlike many Fae, I am not a big fan of milk generally— but you didn’t come here to find out about my dietary habits! You came here because like everyone else you want to know what Her Majesty the Fae Queen of Awenia, Gwyneth, is wearing, of course!

It is good, so good, to be back, my darlings. I’ll check in with you again soon.

Notes & Credits:

Items featured at Enchantment, which is open now:
Hair: Ayashi, Astrid Hair
Circlet: Rainbow Sundae, Hilda Headband
Gown: (A)Maze, Freya Gown

Amazing new fantasy skin from Lumae, available at the Lumae Main Store:
Amesha Blush, freckled! (best freckles on the grid!)

Everything else:
Head: Lelutka, Lilly
Body: Maitreya
Eyes: Arte, Blue Eyes
Ears: Swallow, Elf Ears High Definition
Eyebrows: Arte, Lilly Eyebrows

Photos shot in Awenia Faerie
Castle: Rivendale, Dreamy Castle
Side Chair (partially visible): Petrichor, Celeste Chair
Awenia Faerie is wholly built inside a Landscapes Unlimited Sweetwater Valley Large Skybox Environment
Moon & Stars: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night (possibly the most gorgeous star system I have ever seen)
Clouds: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Clouds

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