Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

It’s been a long time since I found myself in a realm and didn’t realise how I ended up there. It’s even been a long time since I dreamt of such things. I confess, I’d fallen into a sense of complacency, I guess you’d say: that is, I became comfortable with the illusion that I had some sort of control over life outside of Awenia Faerie. The truth, of course, is that I don’t really have all that much control over life inside of Awenia Faerie, but I’m sure I’ve made that clear in various stories repeated here.

It’s somewhat odd to find oneself in someone else’s gallery….

That’s why finding myself in someone else’s gallery gave me quite a turn. Well. I say gallery, but it was really more like a hallway with a few pictures: I’m sure whoever owned the hallway thought of it as “The Gallery”, though: the frames alone were testament to that.

Ruffs? Uncomfortable.

Of course, it didn’t take much longer than the realisation that I was clearly in someone else’s hallway/gallery/whatever to clock that I was dressed in appropriate Tudor bordering on Elizabethan garb, and while corsets aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as contemporary mundane media would like us to believe, I’ve never been a fan of slashed sleeves and ruffs. They constrain, they itch, and frankly, unless you’ve got a swan neck, they have the (in my opinion, anyway) not always flattering feature of making it look as if you don’t have a neck at all. Then again, that could be what the Elizabethans were going for. I can’t remember if the neck was some sort of forbidden bit of anatomy. Certainly not as devil-tempting as the elbow or the wrist!

Graffiti, alive and well

I admit I was somewhat amused when I turned one of the pictures over and found scrawled on the back in what could have been grease pencil, or crayon (red): DnT FKCNG CAR Hu DeEs IS. JUs+ WNNA G0 HM. It would seem I’m not the only person to have ended up in this hallway.

I do hope they found their way home: I mean, obviously they found their way somewhere else, seeing as how I’m not currently boring some poor lost traveller with tales of Sir Walter Raleigh.

Well, whoever that 18th century dandy is, I think I’d best be going.

At least there was not similar graffiti behind the portrait of Revolutionary American George Washington on the other side, but I do tend to think of that timeline as an alternative, no matter what you might have grown up with. In any case, it’s not difficult for me to find my way home from these little unplanned visits! Before I go, though: let me just see if I can manage to keep this dress. Sure, ruffs are itchy, but the Great Faire approaches, and one can never have too many gowns!

Notes & Credits:
The Elizabethan Gown: Silvan Moon Designs, The Virgin Queen (Available now at We Love Roleplay!)
The Demure & Blushing Skin: Lumae, Lelutka Amesha, Blush (freckled!) (Available now at the Lumae Main Store!)
The Don’t leave me alone with anybody in the drawing room hair: Exile, Dangerous
The Everything goes with gold and roses circlet: Air, Rose Circlet
The Eyes that were never so blue: Yoshi, Syn Eyes
Head: Lelutka, Lilly
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Swallow, Elf Ears, High Definition

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