Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

There’s something about a cloudless night. Or that’s how it seems. I recall my (human) father always referring to a moon covered with clouds as a ghostly galleon, after the Alfred Noyes poem. And maybe we don’t associate a clear night with magic, or omens, or stories. Maybe. Maybe we don’t.

A cloudless night
But I felt something

But I felt something. Something on the wind. Something that made me think. It was the smell of surf and spring. The wind of things to come, my mother (my imagined mother) might have called it.

And it wasn’t just the magical gown

And it wasn’t just the magical gown, though this dress from Senzafine could make a potato feel like a princess. No, it was the slowing-down of March into nearly-April, the sound of future music on the horizon, the sight of all those tiny points of light out there.

Something, something beautiful is coming.

A thing to be held close, maybe even danced with.

Something to be both celebrated and nurtured. Can you hear it?

There is a low, lilting song making its way to you. And you might not even be sure you can hear it right now, it’s so far away.

So faint and far away, it is.

But it’s coming closer.

Notes & Credits:
Gown: Senzafine, Saria Gown— available for only a few more days at We Love Role-play.
Skin: Lumae, Lelutka Amesha, T2
Head: Lelutka EvoX Avalon
Ears: Lelutka EvoX Elf Ears
Hair: Mina, Pepper
Eyes: Arte, Spring Eyes
Body: Maitreya Lara

Lighthouse scene: K&S, Lighthouse Backdrop
Foreground Building: Minimal, Charming Abbey
Starry Night: Landscapes Unlimited, Off Sim Starry Night

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