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My OOC Fae Queen Throne: where the deer might eat me for using their daddy to decorate…. They all look kinda hungry to me, actually….



I know I owe folks loads of RP posts. This is not one of those posts.

Folks who know me know I love gachas and I spend a lot of money with creators whose designs inspire me. But this morning, as I was preparing for a very stressful day, I got the most amazing surprise.

I saw on that FREE BIRD was having a gardeny-themed event, and I checked out the gallery to find they had a gacha. First of all, it was a floral headband. Gwyneth has to have lots of those, so obviously I was going. Second, it’s a gacha. Duh. Gwyneth is going.

But THIS floral headband? Is DIFFERENT. It actually blooms as you are wearing it; I kid you not.

I had a really nice chat with Cortez Brandriss of Free Bird, who I hope will make a mint off these very reasonably priced ($L50) flower garlands.

Just after putting it on!

Just after putting it on!

This one is a lavender one, which of course goes perfectly with Gwyneth’s super casual look that I’ve been wearing around the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Fantasy Faire this week. Let’s not even talk about my inventory. It scares me. One day it will eat me.

It starts out as little buds, very green, and lovely and springlike.

Fifteen minutes in....

Ten minutes in or so….

In a few minutes the gorgeous flowers begin to BLOOM!

I cannot even say how cool this is. I am such a nerd! It is so cool. You have no idea. You must get some.

Twenty minutes....

Twenty minutes….

And it doesn’t stop! Things keep on happening. I swear– you guys know I take a lot of selfies, but I think I brought constantly vanity camming to new heights, at least for me!

In Bloom!

In Bloom!

Once the headband is fully bloomed, it will stay bloomed, which means you have to have about, oh, I don’t know, sixty of these or so on hand, for those occasions when your fae queen simply must have flowers that are currently blooming upon her person.

And if you don’t have such a need, MAKE ONE UP! I am not kidding. Cortez and the folks at free bird have made something wonderful that is also geeky and beautiful. I hope everyone will go out and buy about a million of these so they’ll be inspired to make many, many more.

Now, I am not a fashion blogger, or an event blogger: if you look back through this blog (and I hope you will, if you’re visiting!), you’ll see that I am a role-player, pure and simple. I blog my characters’ exploits, and I don’t get in to where I bought what. I think I did once for some Deviance wings about a year or so ago (I’m still wearing those A LOT), so let’s just say I have to be super excited about something to make a point of breaking the wall in this blog and coming out of Gwyneth’s character to talk about a product or the things I do OOCly in Second Life, which mostly involve spending loads of money and trying to make it back by selling my gacha extras. 😉

Back at home, still blooming.

Back at home, still blooming.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that Cortez gave me a couple of these because she thought I might enjoy them, but I know her only as someone who admires [free bird] and the stuff they produce. And I promise you my endorsement, whatever it’s worth, can’t be bought for $L100. Trust me; I bought a few with my own Lindens. Yeah. Just a few. And I gave some away. And I brought at least one friend along who was as excited as I was about this little item. The item I’m wearing is a common: the rares are gorgeous roses, but I can’t bring myself to wear the couple I ended up with: they’ll bloom and be gone. And then I will have to go back and get MORE.

Since I’m playing Fashion Blogger this morning:
Skin: The Plastik, Asaiah in Helvynne, new from Fantasy Faire|
Hair: Lelutka: Jolie
Eyebrows: Maia from SyS, from Cosmetics Faire
Necklace: House of Rain
Corset: Schadenfreude Fluorite Tree Corset
Skirt: Spyralle, group gift, Lulu, Grapevine
Bracelet: Tabloid, Sea Story in Blue.

[free bird]’s Kensington Gardens event is at

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