Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

Ardan’s Birthday Party

Ardan's Birthday party was kinda small.
Ardan’s Birthday party was kinda small.

So, Ardan’s birthday party was kind of small. Nathaniel came, but only for a little while; he had pressing matters to attend to back in the village. Janus was only able to be there for a little while as well; I didn’t ask him where his other business was.

People drifted in and drifted out, but in the end only Helene, Ket’lyn, Aoibheann and I went back to the residence to chill out.

I was a little deflated, because I so wanted to show off my new space. But it ended up being nice and quiet. I’m afraid we lost Helene early on, to Nathaniel’s library, which he has not yet seen. Soon, I hope.

It is a beautiful space.
It is a beautiful space.

It is a beautiful space, though some changes might still take place as we finalise everything. That said, I love the library, which you can just see through the tree, and everything is very soft and comfy. I didn’t want a hard, cold, marble space like Father’s.

Ket'lyn, being comfortable!
Ket’lyn, being comfortable!

Folks came in through the kitchens, which I’ll have to sketch and put in the book another time— I’m just so tired right now. Bran and Brassica did a great job of helping everyone get settled: Brassica even dressed Aoibheann earlier, which I think she appreciated. Clutie helped with serving, so my merry little band of fae support continues to move along apace.

So surprised, though; I have gone off cider for some reason. It just tasted like sour apples to me, and that never happens.

Helene in the library
Helene in the library

In fact, the only thing I wanted to drink was goats milk, which I have never had much of a taste for before. I’m afraid Aoibheann made some horrible suggestions about me while I was drinking it, but that’ll have to wait until I can bring myself to talk about them.

Aoibheann of course left us for the tree.
Aoibheann of course left us for the tree.

I was so tired, so early! But everyone else seemed to feel the same way, so we all wandered off to bed. I put Ket’lyn up in the big guest bed upstairs, and we discovered Helene asleep on the furs near the library fireplace, so I got her some blankets and a pillow. Aoibheann left us for the tree, of course, and then I made my way to the private residence: it’s not ready for visitors yet, but soon.

And there’s not really much more to say about the first social gathering in the summer lands. Ardan looked great, the lands looked great, everyone was tired, I don’t like cider any more, and then we all toddled off to go to bed.

Such a bunch of old ladies! Though I suspect Ket might have stayed up a wee bit later than the rest of us: I’m sure I caught Bran giving her the eye as he watched from kitchen supervising.

Oh, fine.

Fine, I’ll mention it.

But just as a PS.

PS: I am not pregnant, thankyouverymuch.

I just thought I should make that very clear to everyone. If we lived in normal world, I’d have statistics to trot out or something, but there is a reason there are so few sidhe, and it’s less to do with the fact that huge underworld demons keep wiping us out than our general infertility.

We (sidhe) are generally infertile.

Therefore, it extremely likely that I am infertile.

In conclusion, not pregnant.

From the summer lands, over and out.

Yeah, I really need a new tag line.


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