Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

The Gypsy Davey: A man can spend too long in Faerie. It begins to work on the senses. Time stops having any meaning. And the call of the Faire, the great Fantasy Faire, is strong. The Fae seasons align, the horses grow restless, and the vardo starts to look like a settled place. Too long in …

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So, my Loyal Followers (all three of you!) know that I entered the Create Your Own Tarot Photo Contest last month. When I posted about this last, I included some of the scratch images from my contest entries, but not the actual entries. I don’t know why I did that: I guess I was being …

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The Gypsy Davey: Ripping up temporary roots, tying down essentials, whispered conversations with horses, and always that little pile of earth in one corner or another that asks you to remember this or that place. And of course the (not always so tearful) goodbyes, assuming you’ve had any hellos. This season, I’m off to the great Fantasy …

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This blog has been mostly a role playing blog, and now I’m expanding it because I’ve been selected as a Fantasy Faire blogger. That means some posts are now going to cover fantasy fashion (not that they didn’t before!), and I’ll be chronicling my experiences at the Fantasy Faire and expounding its wonders and attractions …

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I know what you guys are thinking: “Aw, yeah! Finally some sexy photos!” Wrong! I’m really just going to talk about mesh bodies and heads. There was a lot of discussion around the Lelutka Mesh Head, which was released on the first of April, on the Skin Addiction group, which (after the Wylds OOC group …

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