The Gypsy Davey: “He is no gypsy,” her father said, “but lord of free lands all over.”

The Gypsy Davey:

The Gypsy Davey:

The Gypsy Davey: Ripping up temporary roots, tying down essentials, whispered conversations with horses, and always that little pile of earth in one corner or another that asks you to remember this or that place.

And of course the (not always so tearful) goodbyes, assuming you’ve had any hellos.

This season, I’m off to the great Fantasy Faire. I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of other gypsies there, find a way to make a little money, kiss a sweet and willing partner, or two. And I like to tell a story now and then.

The Gypsy Davey

The Gypsy Davey

Hair: EMOtions
Skin: 7 Deadly S{k}ins
Body: The Mesh Project
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Clothes: ((OOC))
Necklace: Jade Dragon
Ears: Southpaw
Shoot Location: Garden of Whimsy

The Gypsy Davey, along with Gwyneth and The Amazing Catwoman, will be one of three narrators I’ll use to tell stories throughout the Second Life Fantasy Faire. As you can see, he’s getting ready. I’m not sure how much we’ll hear from him while he’s on the road to the Faire, but you never know what might be whispered on the wind or carried through the campfire smoke.

PS: Thanks a million to the great customer service at 7 Deadly S{k}ins, who helped me match the right applier to a Gacha skin that I love for Davey. Thoughtful, helpful, personable, and a real pleasure to shop there. 🙂

OOC Avatar Geeking!

Skin Fair is going on in Second Life, and of course Gwyneth, as the fae incarnation of love, must always look beautiful and desirable, especially as we are moving swiftly into her half of the faery court year. I needed a new look for her, one that was approachable, warm, beautiful, but also ageless and queenly. I know: I don’t expect much from her, do I?

On a technical level it was also important to me that whatever skin I ended up choosing came with appliers for the SLink Physique mesh body, since I am not now willing to sacrifice those elbows! And the knees! OMG THE KNEES. *ahem*   sorry.

The skin is new from Izzy’s. The amazing ears are new from Lumae, far and away the nicest ones I’ve seen so far in SL (and believe me, I’ve looked!).

So here are a few shots of Gwyneth just posing and housing around in her bower. All but the obviously arted-up one are filterless, shot with graphics customised in Firestorm’s Phototools (set to “stupid”, for those of you who have me geek about this before), cropped in Photos on my iPad. Collage created in Photostein, though it’s not the only village app I use. Obviously arted-up photo uses DistressedFX, which I chose (and paid for!) because the app developer is a Second Life content creator.

EARS: Lumae
SKIN: Izzy’s
MAKEUP: MOCK (of course!)
JEWELLERY: Evie’s Closet (crown, collar); No. 7 (leaf eyelash)
DRESS: Caverna Obscure
WINGS: Fable Workshop

Thanks are due to the intrepid Luna, the dauntless Wren, and the not-quite-sure-where-he-is-at-the-moment Tristan, for helping me with extra sets of eyes while I was choosing Gwyneth’s new skin.