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The New House, And Other Little Details

From Gwyneth:

In the salon! Featuring ND/MD New Release “Lou”, available at the Reborn Event!

My darlings, one of the Awenian details I’ve been fussing over for months, possibly longer, is what I and Nathaniel will use for our official residence. The spot was already chosen: a small island with a rocky cliff edge, atop which we could view the rest of Awenia at our leisure. But it wasn’t until a rare conversation with of all divine godlike beings, Dyisi, that I finally saw what my heart truly desired. It’s not a castle, not a fairytale house, but something in between, and I love it! And with newly painted skin from the arty brush of Alea Lamont of ND/MD (but branching out to be Enlight!), I’m ready to take on the world, or at least my little slice of it.

New House, from some distance

This house was designed by Winter DiPrima, the same designer who created the Treehouse I lived in when the children were about. He also created the cottage that was my home base when I had just a tiny part of Faerie, back in the Mysthaven days.

Of course, as you can see from here, the house is pretty big, so it’s not even half decorated yet, but here are some rooms that are mostly finished.

Heart of the home

I think the heart of any house is the kitchen, though of course I only go in there to get stuff that’s already cooked, make coffee, or microwave stuff, at least these days. Clutie and her band of demifae will kick me out of a kitchen if I so much as think about cooking something for real. This kitchen is a collaboration between Dust Bunny and Consignment, and despite the modern appliances, it has a timeless quality that I think lends itself very well to Faerie. As you can see, very little has been actually done in the kitchen, as the cupboards haven’t even been filled yet, but have no fear: this will be a working kitchen probably before the end of the day if the demifae have anything to say about it.

Dining Room, Formal Side

The dining room was a tricky one to decorate. I wanted both formal and informal dining, but even though the house is big, it’s not full of rooms like some of DiPrima’s other designs. I chose this room because it’s divided into halves already by the stairs that come down from the living area and then go down again into the kitchen. The dining room furniture is from Dahlia and Kraftwork, and all the artwork in the house was sourced by the Author.

Dining Room, Informal Side

Far easier to talk on this side of the room, where nobody will be separated by an entire table according to seating etiquette. Chairs and tables are from Dahlia, and the china cupboard is from Nutmeg. Roses from Zerkalo.


Upstairs. the salon has been very nearly finished for days now while I worked to remove the very bright lights from this set of room dividers from Merak.

More Salon!

I hope that when you see the layout of seating in the greater room, you can see what I am hoping for with this room. People need places to congregate, to talk about whatever interests them, and I’m hoping we can be that both for the denizens of Awenia herself and also for visitors.

A little makeup goes a long way!

While Brán was busy taking the photographs of the mostly finished bits, I nipped upstairs to a mostly unfinished bit to apply some lovely eyeshadow from Hexumbra.

A little fireside chat?

Brán called for me to come back down just as he was taking this photograph of the not-quite-finished conversation spaces just past the entrance of the house. He asked if I’d mind changing the time of day for him for just a bit, because he wanted a sunset photo but had to be at a state dinner around sunset, so wouldn’t be able to take one naturally. I obliged, of course. Brán is invaluable around here, and it is a good idea to keep him happy.

A pretty good view!

Mostly, Brán said, he wanted to capture this view from the house’s generously sized front porch, and he wanted to capture it with me looking out into the distance. I reminded him that there was still obvious work to be done just outside the sacred grove, but he said people would be understanding about that: everyone knows it takes time and effort to decorate a whole Realm.

So, there you have it. Nathaniel and I now have a house to live in whilst we’re in Awenia, and I hope that’s going to make life here that much easier. It was my decision to enlarge and change things about the Realm, and I don’t regret it—but it is an awful lot of work!

Notes & Credits:

Sponsored Items:

  • All photos of Gwyneth feature ND/MD skin “Lou”, recently debuted at the Reborn event, open until April 7
  • Second and third photos of Gwyneth feature Hexumbra makeup “Alissa”, available exclusively at the Ritual event until April 12

Other Fancy Stuff:

  • Gwyneth:
    • Hair: S-Club, Elizabeth Hairstyle
    • Circlet: xx, Pandora Circlet
    • Necklace & Earrings: Heartsdale Jewellery, Cannes Collection
    • Gown: Enfant Terrible, Isolde
    • Ring: On a Lark, Cypress Ring
    • Eyes: Lotus, Blue Affair 04
    • Gwyneth is styled on a Maitreya Lara body (petite option) with a Lelutka EvoX Gaia head. Her ears are further enhanced by the Clover Fantasy ear Deformers
  • Environs:
    • House: Heima, Craftsman Log Home & Cave
    • Sim Surround: Landscapes Unlimited, Alpine Valley Full Mega Surround 7.0
    • Kitchen:
      • Dust Bunny & Consignment, Rosemary Kitchen
      • Roses: Ariskea, Faedreams Roses of Red
      • Breakfast Tables: Serenity Style, Spring Colours Breakfast Set
    • Dining Room:
      • Formal side:
        • Table, chairs, place settings: Dahlia & Kraftwork, Jora Collection
        • Lemonade, Iced Tea, Lemons, Pomegranate, Apple Fall
      • Less Formal Side:
        • Tables & Chairs: Dahlia, Bare
        • Roses: Zerkalo, Fresh Roses
        • China Cabinet: Nutmeg, Dinner Soiree, Hutch
    • Salon:
      • Moss and Mink: Sectional sofas, Shell Chairs, Mari Dresser Buffet. Vivenne Roses Vase, Nukka Palm Planter
      • Coffee Tables: Petrichor, Clarus Tables
      • Side Tables: QE Home, Fairytale Console Tables
      • White Roses: Apple Fall, West Village Magnolia Arrangement
      • Crystal Wall Art: Lucas Lameth, Crawling Crystalline Shards
      • 2D Wall Art: All sourced from royalty free envato pictures, mostly from creator ‘ddraw’, and noted as such on the canvases.
      • Room Dividers: Merak, Enchanted Room Dividers

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