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From The Author

Fantasy Faire is so many things.

Fantasy Faire is so many things. For me, it’s a chance to remember fallen comrades, tell some new stories or expand on some old ones, introduce new characters, look at beautiful sites, and of course it’s the best shopping on the grid, bar nothing, nowhere. This year, Queen Gwyneth has sent ahead her new hire, Friðrós, partly to pre-scan the Faire for her, and partly because, well, Gwyneth’s not getting any younger. So for now, maybe just for today, here’s an account from the blog’s new Huldufólk.

From Friðrós

Queen Gwyneth sent us ahead of her. So much for pre-Faire bonding with Her Majesty, but it’s wonderful to finally visit the great multi-realm Fantasy Faire, even under the watchful eye of Bran, the Queen’s steward. He is Seelier Than Seelie, or at least that’s what everyone says, everyone being the three people who will talk to me even though I’m new.

In the Realm of The Wandering Woods

Bran arranged for us to portal first to The Wandering Woods, an Elfin realm, because he thought it would make me feel at home. And yes, the architecture is definitely Elfin, but so many things are different. The trees are so tall! Taller than the tallest of the buildings, so tall you have to look up to see the canopy that’s keeping it all so delightfully cool and shady here.

A realm of many spirals

This Realm is full of spirals, which meant that as a good Huldufólk, I had many spirals to walk throughout our visit. So many that, if I’m honest, I was downright dizzy before we’d stopped to rest (the first time)!

Lady of the Forest

Such work must have gone into the creation of this beautiful Lady, and so much love, too. At first, I was awed by the reverence in the Fae Realm of Awenia to the Old Gods, but now I am made equally happy by the seeming similarity in other lands. It’s one of the things I will actually tell the family when I get around to FaceTiming them.

Before I departed Awenia, Her Majesty gave me some guidelines for enjoying the Fairelands properly.

  • First, do not try to see the whole Faire in a day. It’s simply too big.
  • Second, don’t miss the little details in your awe-struck discovery of these Lands.
  • Third, get some rest when you can.
  • Fourth, don’t forget to eat!

When Bran tried to get us to move on to another Realm, I played country cousin and reminded him of the Queen’s advice. His mouth became that line that it becomes when you have stopped him by reminding him of a Rule. People who adhere to the Seelie side of the Unseelie/Seelie silliness love rules, and they follow them. This rule even came from his Queen. He could not dispute that the Queen had indeed given me a set of Rules! It was hard not to smile.

The little details

These demifae really were tiny! They’re busy all over the Realm of the Wandering Woods, but I liked these two just having a conversation by one of the lamps that help you see your way through the cloudy blue of this Realm.

Get some rest, and eat something!

I think it’s OK to combine two rules into one. Bran wasn’t so sure, but I said I was really tired, and could we please spend the night here because I needed to wash all the portal dust out of my hair and also my feet hurt, and then he asked me why didn’t I just fly. What a twerp.

Notes & Credits

Many of the items in these photos are featured at or available at the 2021 Relay For Life of Second Life Fantasy Faire. Links next to items available at the Faire point directly to individual stores.

Centaur Photo:
Taken at: the Candle Path between Fairelands Junction and The Cerulean Bombora
Centaur Avatar: Jinx, Cen-Lightaur (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Centaur Skin: Cinnamon, Galaxy
Skin: Petrichor & Trap, Kalan Vors Skin in Vuraak (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Eyes: The Little Bat, Felis Eyes (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Centaur Tail: Cinnamon, Princess Tail
Corset: Ricelli, Tanya Corset
Hair: No Match, No Viking

Friðrós Photos:

Taken in: The Wandering Woods
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon
Body: Maitreya
Skin: DeeTaleZ, Aria in European tone
Clothes: R3D, Runar Tunic (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Boots: R3D, Runar Boots (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Hair: Analog Dog (natch!), Swoon
Eyes: AviGlam, Elegance Eyes

The Wandering Woods, where most of these photos were taken, is designed by Kilik Lekvoda and sponsored by Titans.

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