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Glinda Could Have Fixed The Whole Thing, You Know.

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I can’t stop thinking about this Wizard of Oz thing. So much so that I Realmhopped just to get a chance to re-watch the film on iTunes.

And you know, I was right about Dorothy: my memories of her were indeed correct. She learns that she shouldn’t reach high and far. Poor kid.

But Glinda. Wow, what a piece of work she is! I didn’t remember her being red-haired either: I remembered her as blonde, but maybe that was just my kid memory imprinting myself on whatever character looked most like me in the film.

Glinda BLOG - 2
I imagine Glinda explaining the whole thing, with visual aids!

I imagine Glinda explaining the whole thing, with visual aids! You know she could have done it, with that posh accent she was affecting the whole way through the film.

“Now, child, just remember your friends already have what they were looking for: the Wizard can’t help you with anything because he’s a big fraud, and I don’t know why everybody in the Emerald City hasn’t figured that out yet!”

If Glinda had just been a straight-talker, the whole film would have lasted about half an hour.

But nooooo. She had to be all secretive and moralistic about it.

I guess that’s what bothers me most about The Wizard of Oz, even though I still love the story. The moralism of it all.

Glinda BLOG - 1
But there’s no denying Glinda’s beauty.

But there’s no denying Glinda’s beauty. I suppose she was meant to be a gentle moralist, but it’s hard to watch the film now, knowing what I know. I did get a giggle about the “witches are old and ugly” line, though.

“Follow the yellow brick road”, my arse. Glinda, Glinda, you bitch! You could have explained it all, with visual aids! You’re the most powerful witch in Oz, for pity’s sake!

Yeah; I’m just pissing myself off now. Maybe this Oz kick I’m on is about over. But it sure has been fun.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Bibi
Ears: Logo, Expressive Elf Ears (with appliers from Lumae)
Eyes: Mesange, Kelpie Eyes (Omega appliers)
Skin: Lumae, Eirtae Bare, T3
Hair: Little Bones, Vanessa (Available at Collabor88!)
Crown and Wand: Aisling, Good Witch (Available at Enchantment!)
Dress: Silvan Moon Designs, Divine Regency Gown
Shoes: Astralia, Dorotea Shoes (Available at Enchantment!)
Sparkly Particles: Cole’s Corner, Cosmic Consciousness Aura, Astral, Celestial, Innocence Serenity
Glowing Hand Magic, Cole’s Corner, Lunar Fae Hand Dancer
Glowing background pins: Air, Lost Bravery, Lost Heart, Lost Brain (Available at Enchantment!)
Pose: !bang, Evil 2
Yellow Brick Road: Fashionably Dead Designs Stories, Stone Roads, Yellow *Oz* (Available at Enchantment!)
Poppy Fields: MeadowWorks, Summer Meadow Poppies

Enchantment closes on August 31st. If you haven’t visited this round, I urge you to go and take a look. There are so many wonderful things to see, experience, and of course buy! What a beautiful trip through Oz they’ve created, with so many terrific creations to facilitate you making your own Land of Oz!

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I’d never rant about Glinda the Good Witch without it!

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