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A Chat With My Daughter….


Talk about something that feels weird to say! Yesterday for once, I wasn’t completely caught up with meetings and suchlike, so I made a cup of tea and spent some time talking with Drysi.

It’s so funny: Drysi was the dark crystal. I thought we’d be at odds from day one. And maybe we will be at odds, eventually, but so far she’s shown herself to be a damn sight more responsible than her brother (more on that later!) and a hell of a lot more down to earth (literally and figuratively speaking!) than her sister.

She's just in the background here.
She’s just in the background here.

She’s just in the background here, but I will get her closer up sometime soon. Even so new out of the crystal, she’s acquired her own style—they all have, I guess—and, I don’t know. She reminds me of myself, even though I felt that dark side pulling at her and I know she is more her father’s child than mine. I remember feeling so odd when I checked on her crystal sometimes, like there was a shadow over it. It worried me.

That said, we had a good conversation. We talked about how much we both liked the scrying pool, though she didn’t know it was called that (or what scrying was, actually; had to define that one for her). She wondered if we could go back together sometime when there weren’t scary horse creatures there, and I allowed that we could. (Note: I really will tell you all this story at some point; suffice it to say that my son is apparently an idiot and he has a date with a Kelpie one year and a day from last Sunday.)

She wanted to know about books with stories in them, and I pointed her to the right shelf upstairs in the library. And then, of course, I recalled that I had to take Wulfrich to the place where the Kelpie had taken her and Eilian the other night, and it had to happen before sundown: given the current political climate none of us want to be in the Unseelie Lands much during the dark hours. I felt bad, just having a cup of tea and leaving her there. But Bran will take care of things. He is so capable. Sometimes I think he’d make a better Queen then I do, and to be honest, he might look just as good in many of my gowns. 😉

There's something to be said about slinky casual, I think.
There’s something to be said about slinky casual, I think.

There’s something to be said about slinky casual, I think. No big skirts to get in the way. This dress feels almost like a dressing gown, but it looks like I’m on my way to a party. Which I think is how a Fae Queen should look most of the time.

Wulfrich, the big softie, was openly appreciative of the dress. I think sometimes he feels as proprietary about me as any of the other important men in my life; it’s just that his days are filled with different sorts of battles than mine are.

He brought half a dozen of my Knights with him, and they scouted all round the perimeter of the area. It’s a beautiful place, the lair of this half-Kelpie, half-Incubus. I sensed his demon side when we were in close enough proximity, and of course that fed in to why I made the deal with him that I did. Of course he ended up thinking he’d won a victory, but as far as I’m concerned all my creatures (and they are all my creatures) deserve to live their lives in whatever way works best for them.

That’s how I feel about all my creatures, even the ones who might mean me harm. They’re unlikely to end my life, and if I’m foolish enough to put myself into a situation where I must bargain with them, then that’s my responsibility.

Style Card:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Sientje blonde (in the NEW Pineapple skin tone!), available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store!
Hair: RedMint, Hair Number 38’15 (New at Hair Fair!)
Gown: FINESMITH, Goddess, in Sky (New at the FINESMITH Main Store!)
Jewellery: EMO-tions, Cecile (necklace and armband)
Sandals: Carrie’s Boutique, Silver Gem Change Sandals
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears

Location: The Tree House, The Great Seelie Forest

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never stay home without it!

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