Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

Hello. I am Clutie.

Hello. I am Clutie.

Hello. I am Clutie. You might have heard Queen Gwyneth mention me; I’m sure she talks about me a lot, because the fact is she couldn’t live without me. Now, a lot of you probably think that I do nothing but sit around and eat bonbons all the time, but the truth is I do a lot of important things around the Treehouse and in the Great Seelie Forest. Here, I’m about to check on the herb pots that stay on our oven counter. Bran likes to have herbs and spices fresh and near him when he works overseeing the cooks in the kitchen, and I am just happy to do my part!

Another important task: dancing on the kitchen counters.

Another important task: dancing on the kitchen counters.

Another important task of mine is dancing on the kitchen counters. It is vital that the home of a Seelie Queen have at least a small measure of good cheer at all times, and since the Seelie Queen herself is, frankly, a wee bit surly most of the time (and I have no idea why! I mean, she’s the Queen for Bran’s [the god, not the Steward; so confusing!] sake!), this task falls to me. Everyone else is racing around trying to keep her happy: I merely spread good cheer in a general way. I think my mere presence ups the cheer factor in a room by at least 15%, possibly more (but I’m modest!).

Now, I won't say I ever get the urge to do naughty things....

Now, I won’t say I never get the urge to do naughty things….

Now, I won’t say I never get the urge to do naughty things, but it’s hard to resist fresh cherries, particularly when one might get a mouthful of whipped cream along with them. But Bran gets so cross if I take a little cherry off the top of a little cake! He’s all, “No, No, No! There have to be seven cherries!” And then he replaces the cherry with a new one. Which I then take. I can play this game for hours!

Of course, even I eventually get tired.

Of course, even I eventually get tired.

Of course, even I get tired. But when I lie down for a quick nap, I make sure I’m somewhere the Family and Her Majesty can see me, because I know it cheers them up just to know that I am there.

So, that’s a little bit about me, Clutie, Executive Demifae to Her Majesty Queen Gwyneth of Faerie. Maybe next time I will explain my excellent hair-braiding skills, or my expertise in garland-weaving. There is so much to talk about, and we haven’t even left the kitchen yet!

Style Card:
Petite Avatar: Entice, Fairy Avatar, Luna. (Not a new release, but new to me; a conversation with someone from Entice led me to discover this little beauty, and I was so impressed with her simplicity and the attention to detail in the design that I knew I had to write about her. Clutie is a big part of Gwyneth’s life, and the similarity between this av and the way I ordinarily describe Clutie in role-play was so close, I knew it was her just from seeing the promo photos.) She’s available on Marketplace for just L$200, which is frankly a steal, but you can get her and her sister, Oceana, for L$10 apiece at the summer hunt now taking place in the Entice Main Store! The hunt is on til July 26th.

Location: The Tree House, The Great Seelie Forest

Kitchen Counters and Table: DDD
Cake: Apple Fall Harvest Cake

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never stay home without it!

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