Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

We planned to attend the Faire’s glamorous masqued ball, but truth be told, large gatherings are making me a bit anxious these days. Of course, there are many satellite parties, so the Fairchilde was our choice for later in the evening. It only made sense that I spent my day before the ball in the …

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First Voice: To wear this world of paper, you must firstImagine how the texture fits your form.It wrinkles there, and here’s a dash of red,and over there the shadow of a path. Second Voice: It’s not enough to be a paper doll;No, you must learn to breathe in two, not threeDimensions: forget depth, and think …

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I remember everything. From the first haunting strains, through the climax of Act I, and into the tears of Act II. The details come to me in dreams: the places we went, the melodies we shared, the deep red of roses, the underpinning of music, and the love of music, and the longing for the …

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By Princess Briar Rose, aka, Talia, aka, That Girl, aka, The Cursed One, aka, loads of other names people just haven’t called me to my face yet. I’m not allowed up to the moor To catch the copper twilight slant I’m not allowed even to view The windows of Maleficent I’m not allowed to visit her …

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It started last Saturday. My father had another of those never-ending receptions, and in the absence of my mother, I got to be the one parading around the mirrored hall, greeting guests and keeping a smile plastered on to my face. Of course, the dress was stunning, a Senzafine. I’m sure someone on Father’s staff knew …

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The Clawful Truth

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