Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

Stories … for children, you say?

I have been called many things, I grant you.

I have been called many things, I grant you, but “safe for children” is not among them. That said, it remains that here we are together, and here you are, deciding whether to follow me or turn around and go home. Now, I could be my usual self and tell you that following me would bring you everything you might ever desire, but we are thinking creatures, are we not? You know that no-one ever gets everything they might ever desire: there is if nothing else that pesky truth that new desires are ever cropping up to make the fulfilled ones seem pale. Humans, so full of desires. I love that about you. Your little wants outpacing your needs, so often compelling you to do things that bring you pleasure, and of course shame. “Shame” is a word I do not understand, except in the abstract. I know it is something that you feel sorrow or remorse for, but there seems to be a deeper component of “shame” that we in the Wild cannot grasp, except insomuch as human shame is an excellent … well, if we were talking about a machine, I would say that shame is an excellent lever, I guess. a way in which to make you operate exactly as predicted. Simplistic, deep, and hidden. I like things that are hidden.

Are we on a voyage?

Are we on a voyage’, I hear you ask. And the answer is yes, of a sort. This boat has only one stop, though. It can take you to the world of story. And I’m afraid it’s a one-way trip. You’ll have to find your way back all on your own. Of course I’m a storyteller: aren’t we all storytellers? My stories only serve to introduce the deeper tales that await you as you travel through the deeper lands of fairytale. You can be anyone there, a pauper, a princess, a king, a cat. Who you are is immaterial, certainly to us who call those lands home. Whether you gain your heart’s desire or are defeated by a dragon? Also immaterial. It is your beliefs and your desires that drive us. And as much as you might like it, we never tell the same story twice. All stories change according to who is in them, and you are in this one, now.

I don’t understand the question.

Do I ever feel ‘remorse’? I don’t understand the question. Let me look. Guilt for doing something wrong. Sorrow around committing a sin. No; these are not concepts that have any meaning for me, for us. We don’t work that way. You are, as we are, all characters. Characters have their own motivations for doing what they do, and we have no control over their actions. We only give a situation, a premise, a set of obstacles. How, and if, you overcome them—well, that’s up to you, isn’t it? But let’s cease this talk of morals and ambiguous ‘feelings’, shall we? Would you prefer a forest, or a castle, for your destination? How would you like to be called? Do you enjoy sweets? Apples? How about music? Good, good. Of course there is a story for you; why would you even ask? There is a story for everyone.

Enchantment Awaits You

Lovely, lovely; these answers will do; they’ll do perfectly. Of course you feel like you know the place already: It’s in your bones, you see, you humans. At the bottom of your stomachs, in the back of your minds, on the beginning edge of everything you do, there is the Story. And here, on the sometimes confusing paths of our world, you’ll walk your story. Of course, of course; you can move into another story, if you choose to do so. But you must finish each story before you begin the next. Yes, no matter how the ending looks from here. No, no; not yet. We begin. We begin the same way every time.

Once Upon a Time…

Notes & Credits

Enchantment’s Twisted Fairy Tales round is open!

Items from Enchantment seen in this post:

  • The Clothing (including headdress): Les sucreries de Fairy, Once Upon a Time
  • The Eye Makeup: Shiny Stuffs, Stepsister eyeshadow and liner

Other super cool stuff:

  • The Skin: ND/MD, Kat, in tone Snow, available now at the Orsy Event
  • The Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs, May Kisses
  • Body: Maitreya, Lara
  • Head: Lelutka, EvoX Gaia
  • Ring: On A Lark, Cypress Ring
  • Hair: Moon, Fox
  • Boat & Background: FoxCity, Cloudtop

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