Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

Not my best August

I’ll be honest with y’all: it’s been a month for The Author. She would like you to know that attempting to sell a house from a long way away is no easy task, that illness sucks, and that she will be taking some time off to attempt to re-engage her blogging mojo after this post.

There’s just been no time, she says, and I kind of believe her, because I haven’t seen her very much this month either. She has even received “slightly worried” IMs from a few folk who know how to reach her via Discord.

I wish we could have told you more stories this month.

Truth is, it’s quiet in Story Land

I guess its been quiet in Story Land for The Author, Sometimes it’s like that.

She would like me to remind you all that there are several places on the west coast of Scotland where if you squint and the mist’s not too thick, you can see Ireland.

Notes & Credits.

Enchantment’s Twisted Fairy Tales ends tonight, in just a couple of hours. Featured items:

  • R3d, dress & scarf, Bianca
  • SFU (Six Feet Under), Heartsong Crown
  • MooH! Moon Swing

Other nifty stuff:

  • Skin: ND/MD, Izi, currently available at the Reborn Event
  • Hair: Doux, Adrienne
  • Footwraps: Friday, fae wraps
  • Nails: Eventyra, Meow at the Moon
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Lelutka, EvoX Gaia
  • Tree: Cube Republic, Old Oak Tree

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