Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

How many times?

The Author has asked me to make a statement.

Now, ordinarily, I speak my own stories, but today, since we’re approaching Pride Month in the United States of America, which is apparently a country in her Reality, which she tells me is somewhat different from a Realm as I understand it. When I remind her that I as a character came in fact from a Reality and not a Realm, she grudgingly allows that this is in fact true, but this Reality is even different from my original Reality. The Author herself is originally from this country, although she now lives in a nicer place called Scotland, which I guess is sort of like Øyfjellsland in the “contemporary” realm I visit most often, though I spend more time in Nu Jyorck and Innsjøfestning than in Øyfjellsland.

Anyway, this is not a geography lesson, or even a geography blog, she says, so I should shut up about my Reality, since if more people knew about it they would all want to live here. That we can agree on, and frankly subjecting you to my bickering with The Author doesn’t sound like a great use of our time either.

On to The Author’s statement.

The Author would like me to remind you of something.

Apparently, in The Author’s Reality, where this blog is also read (Really? I had no idea! How many followers do we have in … oh, never mind.) Sorry about that. Apparently, in The Author’s Reality, there are people, societies, countries, and even whole ideologies (I wish you could see my face right now!) who don’t believe that it’s OK for any consensual, joyful expression of love to be expressed publicly and … omg really?! legally.

This made me think

So, I asked her, does that mean I could not marry Lady Mystie, because what would be shite.

Well, she replied, it would depend on the laws of the country in which you lived, and also whether demifae were given the same rights as humans, or even whether fae had the same rights as humans.

I felt a combination of sadness and fury at this. I was glad the butterflies were around.

OK, I said. So how many times do we need to say this?

Nobody knows, she replied. We keep saying it over and over, and sometimes it seems like more and more people are listening, but then it all goes backwards again.

I shook my head. I’m glad I don’t live in your Reality. No offence.

None taken, she said. Why do you think I decided to write you in this one?

I grumbled. I would always have been here, I said.

Of course, dear, she said.

Ordinarily, there would follow about five minutes of me bitching about her patronising me and her reminding me that in fact she is my patron. I get so pissed off when she goes on and on about how she created me and blah blah blah, but honestly, it’s a boring argument.

Louder for the folk in the back?

Hey! I screamed. Love is more important than your stupid ideology. Do you get it?

She laughed. When we have to repeat something, sometimes we say OK, I’ll say it louder, for the people in the back!

Speceisist, I retorted.

I do come from a reality where there actually aren’t any other sentient species besides human beings, she said.

That you know of, I snapped. We’re really good at hiding from arseholes, you know.

Fine, fine. She got that far away look on her face. I do wish that were true.

Will they ever get the point?

Do you think they’ll ever get it? I asked.

I don’t know, she said. But until they do, we just have to keep saying it.

I nodded. Louder for the beings in the back.


Notes and Credits:

I’m super proud to now be blogging for ND/MD skins, created by the talented and good-hearted Alea Lamont.

Gwyneth’s Skin: ND/MD, Ema, in tone Snow. You can pick this up at the ND/MD store on the NEW RELEASE wall! Each tone, including body skins, ear tattoos, head skins with and without brows (but I think you’ll agree these brows are pretty awesome!), tattoos for flat and petite chests, plus tintable body and face freckles and moles, costs only L$820. Even though it was designed for the Lelutka EvoX Milan head, I found it fit beautifully onto the Gaia head that Gwyneth currently wears, and I’ll show it on the Milan head in a future post.

Other stuff:

  • Gwyneth’s hair: Doux, Nari
  • Gwyneth’s t-shirt: MishMash Fusion, “Whatevered” t-shirt (with graphic design by me)
  • Gwyneth’s jeans: Blueberry, Evie Jeans
  • Gwyneth’s trainers: GOS, Hi-Top (this is from an old gacha, but I still love them!), with the “pride” applier
  • Gwyneth’s eyes: Samia, Ziyu Eyes (at the Warehouse event currently)
  • Gwyneth’s nails: Eventyra: The Mist (at the Warehouse event currently)
  • Poses & Butterflies: Fireheart, Beauty Poses & Pink Butterflies
  • Backdrop: K&S Love Is Love
  • Environment: Polyhistor Serpente, Distant Worlds 14

Usually when there’s an Enchantment round on, I’m all about Enchantment and very little else, but I wanted to show you this beautiful skin in its most basic form and also just, you know, remind y’all that Pride month is coming up int he US, and the London Pride festival happens at the beginning of July, and Glasgow Pride is just a month away on the 25th of June. If you’re gay, if you’re bi, if you’re trans, if you identify as anything other than cisgender and completely straight (that includes lots more people than you might think!), people have fought and died for your rights, and people who don’t have the same rights you might are in danger 24/7. If you’re cisgender and completely straight, you know people whose rights are in danger, whose lives are in danger, who cannot live their lives outwardly and openly. How is that OK? If you don’t think it’s OK, put your money where your mouth is and support LGBT+ friendly businesses (not just the rainbow pride products). If you’re able and willing, get out and make your presence known by marching, making noise, and making sure people know that everybody should (and must) have the right to experience consensual love in any way they choose. The ways are too many to list here.

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