Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

That’s why I love living here. Take last night, for example (please!)

I’m on the telekinephone to my friend, and I remember I’d got a latté on the way home, and, well.

This happened.

It’s my house, sure, but….

It always makes me feel calm when I get to my little purple lawn with creepers in colours everywhere. I love my house, even though it’s more of a bedsit with a fabulous view. Even at night, the twisty trees are always properly lit (they can’t survive without bright light you know, even though they are defined by their shadows).

But last night.

I kid you not! A giant PEACH!

‘Mystalucrezia’, I said into the telekinephone, ‘you will not believe what’s out here this time’.

‘More knives’? She sounded hopeful.

‘Pretty much the exact opposite’, I replied, ‘though a knife might be useful about now’.

Mysta squealed. ‘Is it prey?! You know how I love prey! Go on; send me a teleport link, and I’ll help you chase it and kill it and then we will feast on’…

‘It’s a giant peach, Mysta’.


There was a short silence.

‘I don’t really fancy peaches’.

‘Yeah; I think you either love peaches or hate them’.

‘I’m super good at hate’.

‘That you are, dear’.

Point of fact, I don’t like peaches either, but Mystalucrezia’s not the sort of friend who would ask that kind of question, because she just dgaf, if you know what that means. If you don’t, let’s just say she doesn’t care.

Luckily for the longevity of our friendship, there was also this.

‘Um’… I stared at the other thing. It hadn’t really stood out as much as the peach from a distance; in fact, it rather blended into the trees until I got close. Truly, I nearly ejected my latté.

‘Knives this time’? For a self-described homicidal villain, Mysta is so very hopeful sometimes.

‘Not exactly’, I replied. ‘How do you feel about disembodied legs’?

‘Send me a photo right now‘!

Good; that meant she’d be over sometime during the night and would probably dispatch of both the legs and the peach: surely there’s a nest of fruititarians somewhere. I mean, assuming they exist.

That feeling of calm

Truth be told, I am such a homebody. Once I’ve finished with work, attended the nightly Feast, and made it to my little slice of darkness, I just don’t want to deal with anything else. That’s why we put wards on the house, my darlings.

A wee pause

Sometimes, I take a wee pause to look into the windows, because it’s fun to look at things from a different perspective sometimes.

Bedroom, Sweet Bedroom.

The perfect bedroom makes any house a home. I read that once. Now, this one still needs a few special features, but it is in most ways objectively perfect, like the house it’s in. Don’t mind the ladder up to the loft: that’s my special meditation space, and I’m not ready to show it off just yet. It is woefully empty I’m afraid! And my latest order of books from Congazon’s 7th Circle supply house haven’t arrived yet either, so the shelves are ever so slightly bare.

A treat!

But what a treat to finally relax, take the horns off, and check the telepanews before calling it a night. And the signal is so good here! It’s like lava!

Ah, well. Time to turn in and be ready to get up tomorrow and see what the morning has in store for me. I say morning even though it’s always night here. Isn’t that funny? It must be some sort of holdover from an ancient world or something.

Speaking of holdovers, I reckon I could take the damn peach into the city tomorrow and see if I could donate it somewhere, in case Mysta decides she’d rather not take a whack at it. Luckily, I don’t need the new books to summon some minions.

Anyway, toodledoo, my darlings! I’ll make sure and send you another note when a) I’ve decorated the meditation space; or b) something even stranger appears on my front lawn!

Credits and Notes

Enchantment’s Burtonesque round is in full swing! But hurry, because it closes on the fourth of June and you won’t believe how much fun stuff there is there to add a little quirk, a little darkness, a little madness into your life!

Items Featured at Enchantment:

  • The House: This is another one of Dragonia Decuir’s beautiful houses from Dragon Magick Wares. When you’ve been blogging fantasy stuff as long as I have, one of the coolest things about it is seeing how different creators evolve over time. Dragon Magick Wares is one of those places where I’ve really enjoyed seeing that progression. Every new thing just makes me smile wider.
  • The Trees, the Giant Peach, and the Disembodied Legs: All from Love: Curly Wurly Trees; Giant Half Peach; Sally Legs
  • The Multicoloured Grass: Celeste, Curly Grass
  • The Amazing, Wonderful and Wacky Room Decor: All from Bee Designs: Crazy Room
  • The Dress: Lorien, Mars Cat Dress
  • The Hair: Clover, Charmed Hair
  • The Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui, Key to Wonderland
  • The Horns: Air, A Little Terrifying head accessory
  • The Eyes: Yoshi, Lydia Eyes
  • The Lashes: Venge, Queen of Hearts Lashes

Other Stuff, just as Cool!

  • The Skin: ND/MD, Uli, in Snow
  • The Nails: Eventyra, Festive Striped Metallic
  • The Makeup: Suicidal Unborn, Vampira Collection
  • The Head: Lelutka, EvoX Gaia
  • Environment: Polyhistor Serpente, Creepy Dark Night

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