Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.


There are uncountable ways to see Faerie. Each of us, when (or if) we reach Faerie, will see it in our own way and from our own perspective. Tonight, I am seeing Faerie beneath a full moon.

I think when Faerie is lit only by moonlight, you can see a lot more of the glimmerings and magickings going on. You can see our low-hanging clouds preparing tomorrow’s mist, for example, And you can see the light of the mushrooms in the little faery circle as well.

As we prepare for the formal beginning of Awenia’s tourist season on Midsummer, we are seeing the usual changes and growing occur on the land. This bridge has aligned itself with the more formal bridges, where it used to be little more than a tree from one island to another.

No matter what I think I already know about my Realm, there’s always more to learn and discover.

I have just this evening noticed that my gallery has nearly doubled in size. I suppose this means I’ll be supporting more art in the months and weeks to come. That doesn’t bother me at all. Friðrós continues to work on the Court, and a week away from her deadline, she’s nearly done. I’ll be more than satisfied if we are ready to open to tourists a week early; that way whatever little disasters are meant to occur we’ll have them well in hand (one hopes!)

As for what’s on the horizon generally, there is the Vintage Faire, which opens on the 11th of June. The gown I’m wearing here is from Silvan Moon Designs, and it will officially see release at Vintage Faire. Vintage Faire is one of those events that’s part serious re-enactment, part whimsy, and I think we can look forward to some fun times, if the preview I’ve seen thus-far are any indication. In any case, this Lady of Selidor gown comes in multiple colours and offers what I think is a very flattering shape. This is the Lilac colourway, no surprise I’d choose that one, of course!


Against the brickwork of the expanded Gallery, I’m struck by the possibilities, artistic and otherwise. Possibility, of course, creates work, and there’s no shortage of that already, but we can almost now see some of our work coming into focus as we let the Realm guide us into what it wishes to become, instead of our aspirations for it.

I feel as if I’ve walked across this bridge a dozen times already just tonight, back and forth, a new detail here, more glimmerings there. And really, there remains only one thing more.

And that of course is just to let the Realm itself speak to me and tell me what things must remain the same, what things must change, and which things are likely to be lost in the interim. And so, Realm of Inspiration so named, speak to me.

Forgive me: we may be a while.

Notes & Credits:

What’s Gwyneth Wearing?

  • The Gown: Silvan Moon Designs, Lady of Selidor, coming soon to Vintage Fair!
  • The Skin: Lumae, Lelutka Eden, in Tone 1
  • The Ear Tips: Arise, Elf Ear Color Dips
  • The Eyes: Avi-Glam, Sublime Eyes, 17 Rare (At the Arcade)
  • Jewellery: all by Rozoregalia. Headpiece: Alugim Headdress (Ribbon); Choker: Uzyum (Reidam); and rings: Uzyum (Luna)
  • Nails: Venge, Stiletto Nails, Mariposa
  • Hair: Miwas, Genie
  • Earrings: LittleFish, Moonchild
  • Eyeshadow: SlackGirl, Shadow 50
  • Lips: TheMars: Caramel Lip Light

Location: Fae Awenia

  • Bridges & Lanterns: The Looking Glass, The Shrine Tree Bridge and The Shrine Tree Lanterns
  • Prominent tree: HPMD, Garden Tree 10

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