Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.



Autumn on the cusp of winter, now November, now November.

I don’t remember where that’s from, or maybe I made it up just now. It’s hard to remember, these days, which poetry comes from books I read in the before time, and which poetry springs naturally from the Land.

I thought I would feel freer, once the power transition took place, and I guess in a way I do. But the nastiness, the wrongfulness of war hangs over us like some repulsive cloud. The influx of marines and gods-know-what-else from Anemone Valley continues: some of my advisors wonder if they are helping us or if this is some kind of coup d’etat. 

But all is not sad, this November.

But all is not sad, this November.

But all is not sad, this November. I shall have for you soon some remembrances of our Samhain Ball, which went off without (many!) hitches; highlights included Arahaelon showing up unexpectedly and promising to stay with us for part of the season, and my dark daughter Drysi stabbing some impertinent little Sidhe noble snot who tried to molest her on the dance floor, no less. He picked the wrong daughter to tangle with. I had to keep my composure during the fracas, but inwardly I cheered for her, for she has a resolve and a tenacity I never had at any age, and her not even half a year old as the sun turns.

Most importantly, and most joyfully, Dyisi has returned to us, though she is much changed: she appeared in human form, near Amazonian in height and walking unsteadily on legs that must feel so strange to her. I recall how dizzy I was for the first few days after my Quickening when I regained my Sidhe height and cast off the mortal glamour that had clung to me since birth, and I do not envy her these next few days, until she gets her land legs, so to speak. And that seems to be the other complication: she has returned to us without a voice, though Kern is valiantly acting as translator. Of course, Kern is still besotted with her, so he peppers all her speeches with remarks about what an excellent provider and general all-around amazing Fae he is. I know she’s quite taken with him, but I can’t imagine her ever calling anyone “Love Morsel”. Still, perhaps he has insights into her that the rest of us cannot reach. Her bond with Maric should prove useful, as they can mindspeak to one another. As an aside, this strikes me as a potential problem with her impartiality: I should speak to Ara or one of the Fae elders if I can get in touch with Roanóafa and see if we possess a similar bonding capability. There is still so much I don’t know about being Fae, and I won’t ask the Seelie Court of the Wylds: they cannot know how much of the time I walk in ignorance.

And speaking of Sad November....

And speaking of Sad November….

And speaking of Sad November, Moxy and I, along with delightful designer Evangeline Miles, had a little realm walk to attempt some shopping on a very boring day, and we came across Sad November, which appeared to be some kind of rustic festival offering the usual goods for sale, along with a kind of exercise-walking course that took you up and down hills and across those sorts of bridges that you have to walk like you’re on a balance beam. Thank the gods for supernatural Fae balance: nobody fell in the mud! Really, I don’t know why they can’t put these market fairs in meadows or town squares or something: why put them in the middle of nowhere? Still, a lot of folk seemed to know about it, as we kept running in to interesting denizens of the many realms.

I found this beautiful dress there, from a company that seems to specialise in goth cotoure, Livid. It’s called Elisabet, and yes, it is a bit of a doll dress, but with a pair of Elizabethan boots and the right hairstyle, I think it works out beautifully. That genius Izara of 7 Deadly s{K}ins did my skin painting for these portraits: I’m so glad when she works with lighter eyebrow shades and the red lipstick was the perfect touch. This is a style she’s called Vlinder, and it comes in twenty-two different varieties. This one is Number 8a.

Magic Hour - 1

I’ve seen The Gypsy Davey in my peripheral vision lately.

I’ve seen The Gypsy Davey in my peripheral vision lately: I haven’t thought of him since he left us just before the Great Fantasy Faire back in the Spring. I don’t think he wants to speak to me: I hear rumours he’s carousing round with some of my Sidhe Ladies, and I’d never deny him his fun. I do miss him sometimes, though. I only mention it because I saw a few things at this Sad November festival that he probably would have liked.

Something about the way the light slants in at this time of year, when the sun is sinking low and the mist starts to come up makes me feel breathless and young. Maybe it’s my memory of the Bonfire Nights on Blackheath. Maybe it’s one more layer of relief over not having the Realm in my hands for the next few months. Maybe it’s about seeing the transition of the seasons reflected visually; I’m not sure. But something about change and the balance of law and chaos, light and dark, form and frippery, puts a tingle under my skin.

Despite the no-doubt grisly days ahead, I think that tingle is hope.

Style Card

Head: Catwa Jessica
Body: Maitreya
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Vlinder 8a, with Omega appliers for Catwa head and Maitreya body appliers, all available at the 7 Deadly s{K]ins Main Store (and currently on sale!)
Eyes: Prima Petite, Daydream Eyes, Bewitching
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears, with Omega Leevi applier for skin tone
Hair: Truth, Maren
Crown: Empyrean Forge, Aurora Diadem in Onyx
Dress: Livid, Barock Doll Dress, Elisabet (Available at Sad November!)
Choker: BAMSE, Clockwork Heart Choker (Available at Cosmopolitan!)
Boots: milevA, Victorian Buttons Ankle Boot
Tattoos: Things, Airell and Agnes
Rings: Real Evil, Dark Queen Rings for SLink Elegant Hands
Stone Circle: Gor Con, Menhir Circle
Flower Field: The Looking Glass, Ichi Fields
Forest: Studio Skye, Enchanted Woods
House: 8f8, Storyteller’s Cottage

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never leave home without it! 


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