Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.



I guess, really, there’s not too much to say about this.

I think I should probably be embarrassed about this now, though.

He really is the loveliest person I have ever known.

So, even though there will be whispers, even though it’s just not done, even though there might even be open confrontations, even with all of that:

I don’t believe that Faerie will fall

because I said yes.

because I said yes.

because I said yes.

Style Card:

Stitched: Bran in Purple
Pendant: Empyrean Forge: Chronos Timepiece (available at the We Love Role-Play May Event!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Orion, Cinnamon
Skin: DNA—Damien Type 1
Eyes: Mad Designs Eyes: Promise, Green

Skin: Curio: Simone in Moondrop
Hair: Analog Dog (natch!): Megan
Dress: Faida & Fallen Gods: Circe, Gluttony
Footwraps: Muka: Rosa Dark Feetwraps
Crown: GSpot: Dyonysos’ Bride, Violet
Necklace: glYph: Miraculous Necklace, Purple
Bracelet: Tabloid: A Sea Story Leather Cuff, Blue
Ring: Krystal, Damask Ring (Rare multijewel)

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