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Being a Fae Queen has its perqs. Too many to list, in fact: I’d only sound smug. Among my favourites is that no one asks any questions when I say, “I’m off to the Fantasy Faire! See you in a fortnight!”, for example. Only some of them are a little miffed when I don’t take them with me, but that’s why we have summoning orbs!

Actually, the Faire is providing summoning orbs, this year, which is so nice of them!
Actually, the Faire is providing summoning orbs, this year, which is so nice of them!

Actually, the Faire is providing summoning orbs this year, which is so nice of them! Or… I mean, used it as a summoning orb, though why it delivered that odd fellow from the future, Tam, to me and whisked us both to the top of the world is beyond me. I was so surprised I forgot to make a record of it. Maybe I will ask him to come back to the Faire with me, so I can get Kern to take care of that little detail.

Gwyneth Posh Dresses in Odyssey_006
So, what do you do at the Faire, Your Seelie Majesty?

Funny you should ask that: I shop! I shop and I shop—and then when I’m done, I shop some more! I love checking out designers both new and old, because they all bring their best wares to the Faire, and the Faire itself is such a magical place that things seem even cooler when you buy them there. This is the beautiful Cequai gown from PoshTale. I love that it comes in my Court’s colours. I can foresee many, many uses for this dress. I only hope that Certain Fae Lovers might want to take it off me as much as I enjoyed putting it on!

Being a Faerie Queen means that I have to be prepared for almost anything, including consorting with our local demons. And sometimes, well, when you’re visiting your favourite former elementary school student, now Demon Princess, you want to do as in Rome.

See? I demon up pretty well!
See? I demon up pretty well!

Well, fine. I didn’t go all out. I just can’t see myself in horns. But the rest of the outfit? Well, that’s pure “What Gwyneth would have looked like if she’d ended up as a demon instead of a fae queen”, and I”m thinking really it’s all about a few basic choices.

The wings, for example. They’ve got little spikes. And their’s something about their consistency, their resemblance to a bat’s wings, that makes them demon-y rather than fae-ry (See what I did there?!). Material Squirrel makes them; they’re new this year and available at the Fantasy Faire in a glorious array of colours.

What I really loved was how well they match this amazing dress from The Muses. It’s called “Coil”. The snakeskin texture goes beautifully with the wings, and of course I got lucky with the colours; I’d say that’s because I’m the Queen, but I know people get tired of hearing that.

Oh, and I was so inspired by this dress! It made me long to do evil things! Imagine that! A Seelie Queen, doing Evil. Hahaha. Honestly, I’m losing my understanding of “evil”. I don’t think it means what I used to think it meant. Whoa, unpack that, Gwyneth? No, thanks. You can just sit back and revel in my Sage Prose.

Anyway– oh! There is this part of the Faire! It is an iceberg! And… and… and…

Come along, little penguins....
Come along, little penguins….

There are PENGUINS! Penguins! Penguins which I have never seen except in zoos back in my old life before that I can barely remember now, and the penguins were so coooooold!

Come along, little penguins; Queen Gwyneth will take you somewhere niiiiiiiice and warm. Nice and warm and possibly full of sweet lovely demons who… well, they’re carnivores. Is that OK with you? Of course it is! You don’t speak English! Seriously, let’s get out of this snow! Just follow me…..

As the penguins and I rounded the corner, I rediscovered something, something I’d not seen for a long time. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Style Cards:

So what do you do at the faire, Your Seelie Majesty?
Dress: Posh Tale: Cequai (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Bracers: Posh Tale: Cequai Bracers (Available at Fantasy
Collar: Posh Tale: Cequai Collar (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Hair: Analog Dog: Megan
Shoes: Deviance: Milady’s Slipper, Sapphire
Crown: Wimey: Celtic Lunar Crown 2 (Gold)
Skin: Curio: Simone (Moondrop)
Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears

See? I demon up pretty well; and Come Along, Little Penguins….
Dress: The Muses: Coil (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Wings: Material Squirrel: Nireus Wings, Dark Scales (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Hair: Analog Dog: Sola (Available at Fantasy Faire!)
Shoes: ieQED: Rose Sandal (Red)
Skin: Curio: Simone (Moondrop)

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. Go look at the web page. Yes, I know they’re expensive. If you want to take amazing photos in SL, they’re worth every Linden.

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