Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

I would trade a lot never to be plagued by Rachel again. Every time I see her, every time I hear her voice, I’m reminded of that betrayal, and she breezes over it as if it never happened and suggests I am the villain because I have not thanked her for selflessly giving her life in that confrontation with Major FuckBeak. No, I do not thank people for leading me to believe they’re my friends, then influencing me to do something dangerous and putting my life in danger. Sorry.

I am tired of it now; I might even talk to her and treat her cordially, if it weren’t for her need to bring the whole thing up every single time we are in the same space. But enough about that: it’ll just make me angry, and this will turn into a rant and not a journal post. And Nathaniel is asleep, and if he wakes up he’ll get all protective and I’ll have to hide my notebook. I guess it’s a good thing he sleeps like the dead (pun intended).

Why do I bring this up? Yesterday, I was walking and singing, because I had nothing better to do, and I started overhearing a conversation between Rachel and Aoibh. As it turned out, Rachel was swearing up and down she knew the identity of the arsonist, and Aoibheann was trying (unsuccessfully) to get her to reveal the information. That Sluagh — I don’t know his name; let’s call him Sir Stinksadeath, because he does — was there, trying to get the information as well, and Rachel wasn’t budging. So I sat quietly and listened (after Sir Stinksadeath threatened to eat my vocal cords), hoping to get some useful information. Of course, as it was a conversation with Rachel, I wasn’t convinced any useful information would be forthcoming. She seems to delight in circular arguments where nothing is revealed except that she’s the centre of attention.

So, once that finished and I directed her vaguely in the direction of HFMG’s stately hangout — which she’ll probably never find; it is so deep in the mists you pretty much have to be led there, and even then it’s crawling with guards — a woman came and collapsed on the ground.

So a woman came and collapsed on the ground and, no surprise, Nathaniel knew her. Is there a woman in the universe he does not know? He’s already told me about the women we’ve come across with whom he’s had romantic entanglements; this one, Helene, was very touchy-feely with him, but it might just have been shock. Then again, she might be a former girlfriend. As far as I know, everyone in Fairyland might be a former girlfriend of Nathaniel’s. And what if the next one we meet is still carrying a torch for him? What if this one is?

Am I involved with a man-whore? How could he be such a gentleman and have (apparently) shagged every woman in Fairyland?

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