Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

Today I’ve been looking over my old sketch book that I had in Jasper. I thought it was lost but it turned up in my bag, and I thought I’d paste some of the sketches here. Just in case anybody finds this in some weird future, assuming the future exists.

This is the first sketch I made of Nathaniel, back in Jasper. I don’t think he knew I was alive back then. I’m still not sure how he noticed me as anything more than just a girl he could talk to about books and writing, but I’m not going to jinx it by analysing it.

This is Alec, the king in Jasper Cove that was. Of all the people who aren’t here any more, I miss him the most. It’s not even that we knew each other all that well, just that I always felt he liked me and thought I was OK to talk to. And he was the one who told me what I was.

Wow. Avalon. Avalon was Fen’s character in Shining Lands. I haven’t thought about her in a long time. I was sketching this in the car, working from a photo I’d taken of her at the event. It’s the last sketch I did before everything changed.

So, you know. Looking at sketches makes me want to sketch. This is the night we talked Aoibh out of the tree.

This is Aoibheann. She’s so different from when we were in Jasper. You could never tell how beautiful she was there. Now she’s amazing.

Here is Nathaniel, with his hair down. He does have such nice hair.

This is me, being all fairy-like. How funny.

Here is Fen again, from memory. I remember how much I used to love drawing her. I had a whole series of photos I was going to do sketches of her from, I remember. Those eyes. I told her I’d turn lesbian for her once, when we were in uni, drunk of course. She kissed me when I told her that.

I felt all arty today. This is how Mr Nathaniel Ballard makes me feel.

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