Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

I had a dream about kissing. I haven’t kissed anybody, or had anybody kiss me, since Before. I would throw a book across the fucking room for capitalising Before, Before. Now I’m doing it. 

Yeah. I hope I will remember how to kiss somebody, if it ever happens again. My last kiss was Richard, right before the car crash when he fucking shanked me. It wasn’t even dramatic: it was an accident. And now I’m the most mundane fairy in fairyweirdland. 

And nobody ever kisses me. 

Ran into a weirdland demon yesterday, who did not kiss me. I wouldn’t even have liked it, arsehole. Thanks for nothing, jerkface! 

Just doesn’t ring true, does it? Nathaniel was talking to a dryad. I don’t know, but I think there might be something going on there. I always suspect something is going on whenever Nathaniel is talking to a woman, probably because yeah. So even though I knew she was a dryad, I just called her ‘tree bitch’, because Nathaniel at least gets a kick out of my ignorance and I can entertain him that way. 

Then I said he was treating me like his sister and wtf Gwyn, why did you do that, you dumb bitch. 

Rachel smelled like foot cheese. She asked if she smelled and I told her, and then she got all huffy with me. If you don’t want to fucking know, don’t fucking ask. 

We walked back to the castle after fairy demon took tree bitch off with him somewhere, probably for Hot Fey Sex. *GRIN* I will say HFS now, and they will all wonder what I’m talking about. It’s kind of fun to be the only one from the 21st century. 

Isabella and Aoibheann were talking when we got there, and suddenly I was invisible. I just walked away from it. Fucking politics. 

Yeah. The kissing dream was nice, anyway.

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