Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

I live in a hut now. And I like it.

Weirdland exploded or something. Some ppl ended up in this fucked up Fairyland, or that’s what the Queen said the one time I’ve seen her.

The only good thing about this place is that Nathaniel is here too. After some thought, I have decided he has nice hair.

Aoibh isn’t speaking to me, and apparently I dress like a man.

At least I have a bed far away from the bugs. But the portcullis is a fucking noise nightmare.

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Narrators Gwyneth, The Amazing Catwoman, Friðrós, Davi, and whoever else springs out of The Author’s head, live in the parallel universe of Second Life. You can read their stories here, or just scroll down to see what Gwyneth was wearing when she wrote it.

Gwen Enchanted is a story blogger, a fantasy fashion blogger, and a thoughtful in-world photographer.

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