Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

Or: How I avoided a shortcut, made a smol dragon happy, and got a (pleasant) surprise. From The Amazing Catwoman: When you work for someone like Gwyneth, you have to accept that because her adoptive Sidhe father once told her Princesses of Faerie do not ever let their feet touch the ground, she is unlikely …

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We ask this of everyone We ask, when they come to us, full of fear or hope or promise or anger, Would you everything to be beautiful? The hopeful and promising ones, sometimes even the angry ones, they say, “No, no; never.” The fearful ones, they wait to see what the others say, and then …

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The Clawful Truth

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Oxblood & Wolf

Oxblood & Wolf | Mens Style from The Ox and The Wolf