Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

For Part One: For Part Two: For Part Three: For Part Four: Gwyneth and Nathaniel fell in love. Even though Nathaniel was a vampire and Gwyn was a Seelie Fae, everyone knew it was the right match. Then one day, Queen Isabella returned and revealed herself as a Goddess, breathing life into Nathaniel but letting …

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For Part One: For Part Two: For Part Three: Gwyneth said goodbye to the Boatman, then climbed the seemingly endless steps to the walled village above the harbour. The town she found was quiet, but she walked along to a pub called the Lucky Leaf, because that’s where you are meant to go when you’re …

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For Part One: For Part Two: Gwyneth grew up in the city, the child of an Irish mother and a Welsh father who’d moved to London for work. Strongly glamoured by her mother to appear completely human, her parents believed their pale child to be a partial albino because of her pale, pale colouring and …

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For Part One: Yes… what did become of Tabitha’s twin girls? Older by mere seconds, the sunkissed daughter placed in Alba grew up as Aoibheann. Aoibheann lived in a world of toil and worry. Placed under strong glamour by her mother at birth, she appeared and acted human. Evil dragons scourged the forests and towns …

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You might wonder what there is to write about that’s happy, since Ashmourne is such a fucking downer. I admit I wondered too, for about thirty seconds. I haven’t written anything but these journal entries for more than a year, but the crazy thing is I used to teach creative writing to university students. And …

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The Clawful Truth

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