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Winding Down in WooHoo! Bay

From Gwyneth:

The Most Beautiful Tree

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no place nicer for a relaxed and happy sojourn than WooHoo! Bay. When we made our reservations to stay here for the duration of the Great Faire, I admit I wasn’t sure what we’d find when we arrived, but our FaeB&B hosts have been just lovely, and I can see why they love living here and offering space to tourists. You can see the curved window of the large townhouse we hired from this photo. It’s clean, plainly decorated, and perfect. All the houses are built into the island itself here, so the walls you see are only a small piece of the very large buildings within. We’ve really enjoyed our stay. That said, our initial arrival here was a bit of, well, an adventure.

Obviously, there was all that drama with Friðrós. I am so glad my children emerged from the Sithen Tree Crystals fully grown, even though they’re all off seeing the worlds now and have mostly abandoned all thought of ever coming home. I miss Drysi the most, although I do tell my share of stories about Eilian’s antics as a newly awakened Sidhe prince. That business with the phouka, well. It’s better left untold, this time. I’m rambling: it’s probably because I’ve been so relaxed these past few days! It makes me want to reminisce and tell stories, but there is a time and a place, you know. No; I’ll just tell you about my brief adventure when we finally arrived in the Bay a few days ago.

One thing they do not tell you in the tourist brochures is that aside from the thriving population of painted lizards, this island is also populated by small dragonets known to the locals as drakes. In fact, one of the first things you’ll see when you enter the Bay, whether by portal or on foot, is one of these signs:

I immediately made sure the rest of the Shining Throng, not all of whom are good at reading signs, took heed of the warning. especially since our initial guide was very clear that touching a drake could lead to being bitten by a drake, and apparently it is certain death. I did not argue the point: we are exposed to such odd things in these Fairelands, it’s entirely possible a drake’s bite just might mean the same thing for us as it does to others. I asked TAC (quietly, of course) to go over this rule with Friðrós and make sure she understood it was one to actually be followed. And I was fuming at her, by the way, but of course my composure is easily as strong as my formidable skill at seeming to play games on my iPhone whilst actually listening in to every conversation in the room, so I suspect she didn’t know, and that was all to the good, because of course she only had herself painted purple to invoke my ire. Our lizard guide, Kel (their actual name is much longer, but they agreed we could use their nickname), was very clear on this point, and very excitable as well.

Whilst there was a picture of a drake on the signs, it wasn’t until we were almost at our FaeB&B that we realised the little devils travel in veritable swarms!

I think we’d best hurry down these stairs!

Perhaps they, like some supernatural beings, are just attracted to the smell of fae blood; it’s better not to ask, I decided, and when Kel said, ‘I think we should hurry down these stairs, everyone’! I just nodded and booked it.

Once she realised I was not going to outwardly react to her appearance (she even had her hair dyed purple!), Friðrós and several of the party throng made their way to the Rave Above The Waves, which is apparently, among other things, a very popular karaoke spot. I should probably stick my head in before we leave: the phrase “lizard karaoke” should not make me laugh as much as it does!

We, on the other handed, headed down a steep flight of stairs to the island’s equivalent of a Sithen Tree. I do not know if the tree has a name, but it is one of the most beautiful trees I’ve ever seen. Apparently, there is only one in the universe and there is no way to get a cutting so I can try to grow one in Awenia, alas.

Bunnies beneath the tree

Once there, I let Brán and Nathaniel go ahead to make introductions — it’s easier to take a short boat trip across the inlet than to walk all the way to the place we were staying, but even though I was drained from the day, I decided to spend some time with this lovely tree to rekindle my energy and connect with the Bay’s earth. Kel asked if I’d like them to stay with me, but I explained that I needed a little alone time and would just fly the short distance once I’d spent some time with the tree. They seemed to approve: apparently every lizard must learn to speak with the tree. ‘She will hold your memories and remind you of your most lovely family, if you let her’, they explained.

And it was peaceful, so peaceful, beneath her long, leafy branches. I let my feet touch the ground and grounded myself. It was nearly Bealtaine, of course, so the earth was full of growing energy. I love the feeling of letting the earth flow into my body. And what Kel said was true: this tree speaks of and reflects family, memories of family both blood and chosen, and invites you to share with her.

What am I going to do about Friðrós?

‘Well’, I said. ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do about Friðrós. She’s impossible right now: angry, headstrong, and she’s gone and had a purple skin paint. I know the Throng will keep her out of too much trouble when she’s with them, but when she goes off on her own like, this… and it’s not like she’s my child, you know; she’s my intern. I knew she was young, for a fae, but I didn’t expect this complete teenager side to her after three years of reasonably good relations’.

It felt good to say that out loud. I sensed the tree accepting and storing my words, tucking them away with all the other stories she’s heard. And I felt a sense of complete belonging and calm.

‘Well, all right’, I said. ‘I will keep on as I am keeping on, try not to enjoy her ire at my lack of strong outward reaction to what she’s done to herself. It’ll fade, after all. We’ll all go back home and then she’ll settle into her work and maybe be the delightful huldufólk I know before long’.

I felt the tree acknowledge my words, and as always, even though I’d softened it with the word ‘try’, the feeling of an oath taken fell upon me like a geas. It always does.

I think I’ll be spending more time with this tree. I so wish I could take part of her home with me. Maybe just one flower— oh, but Kel explained one has to be given a flower by the tree: she doesn’t give them to just anyone. I hope I’ll win her favour enough to merit one, even though it will only last with magic, before we leave the Faire and return to Awenia.

Brán’s photo of WooHoo! Bay from a flying distance

Then, it only remained for me to head to the FaeB&B and settle down with Nathaniel for a night of companionable reading and conversation.

The Caves of Amorphia

But I should, sometime soon, tell you about some of the other beautiful places here in WooHoo! Bay. My particular favourite is their Caves of Amorphia, where it is said, some may find a crystal that sings especially to them.

Still lost in thought

As I made my way over to our FaeB&B, I was still lost in thought, remembering my conversation with the tree and my resolve to taking a very centred and reasoned approach to Friðrós and her young adult crises. She’s only fifty, after all; she has a lot of growing left to do.

Brán calls this one ‘Goodnight from WooHoo! Bay’

And so, dear readers and followers, goodnight from WooHoo! Bay, where we are now sharing a lovely brandy in the shadow of a restless volcano god, but feeling happy enough that it really doesn’t matter.

Notes & Credits:

Items featured or available at this year’s Fantasy Faire:

Other Fancy Stuff:

  • Eyeshadow: Hexumbra, Devan Eye Makeup and Liner. Available at the Hexumbra Main Store.
  • Drakes: MoonRabbit, Mr Draco. Available at the Moon Rabbit Main Store.
  • Gwyneth is styled on a Maitreya mesh body, petite add-on, and a Lelutka EvoX Gaia mesh head.

About the Region:

WooHoo! Bay is one of 22 regions at the 2023 Relay For Life of Second Life Fantasy Faire, sponsored by Soul and PolyPlace and designed by LRRiven.

Celebrating its fifteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2023 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 20 to Sunday May 7, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Note from The Author:

A few extra notes about this post. First, if I were doing the My New Shiny blog challenge, Drunken Brokkr would definitely be at or near the top of my great new places I’ve discovered this Faire list. The quality is out of this world, and the rigging for Maitreya Petite is appreciated and works beautifully. Second, the FAS fairy wings come with a bento animation HUD that lets you control the wing pose, which makes my job of photographing them that much easier, so my thanks to them. Third, if you haven’t done the WooHoo! Bay Region Quest, grab your free HUD and start it today! It’s fun and will take you all over the region. And when you’re done, drop some Lindens in the kiosk by the volcano.

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