Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

From The Author:

You know, nothing makes my little pagan heart go flippity-flippity more than the prospect of visiting a shopping event where there will be lots of magical stuff to look at!

Once again, Dark Passions Events, headed by the super-creative and super-lovely BCreative Wilde of Eventyra, have delivered a Midsummer Enchantment to help us remember that this is a bright and beautiful time of year, despite all the ongoing looniness in our various First Lives.

Decor? On point!

Obviously, as a Faerie Queen, Gwyneth arrived via a magical mushroom circle, but there are multiple portals and even footpaths (if you’re old-fashioned!)

The festival is packed with great stuff! Clothes, housewares, magical stuff— if you’ve ever thought it ought to be at a summer solstice festival, you can buy it here.


You can even have a hover-cuddle with a triskele, once you’re all shopped out and the sun is setting on to one of the shortest nights of the year.

From Gwyneth:

Of course, when I got home, it was … I guess I should say it was kinda normal for home, actually. Some of the cats had… well.

Oh, no, no, no.

‘Who is responsible for this’? I asked this question as if I expected an answer. I was met with the usual indifference. ‘Seriously? Vandalism? Really? You could be using your powers for good, you know’. Just ignore that quartet of black ones who look like they might be planning to take over the world at any moment. I was so angry I took off my hat and threw it to the floor—and Jasmine (the cat of the hat) was none too please about that. Even though she landed on her feet, the yowl was enough to wake the dead. Great; not that again. Glad I bought some candles.

Not A Chance

‘And don’t even think offering me a nose boop is going to fix any of this. You make me all sorry I ever leave the Real—oh’.

Cue nine smug little feline faces. ‘Right; let’s get you all some dinner. Even though you haven’t said a thing about this cool outfit’.

Notes & Credits:

  • Midsummer Enchantment is OPEN! That means that from now until the 10th of July, you can drop by to see all the niftiest magical stuff there is to be seen anywhere. And not only that, as usual the build is lovely. You’ll want to stay longer than just a shopping trip: it’s really worth walking around and just enjoying the ambiance.
  • Gwyneth’s Witchy Outfit: zOOm, Circe Top & Skirt, available at Midsummer Enchantment
  • Gwyneth’s Perfect Skin: ND/MD, Cea, in tone Snow, available at the Reborn Event
  • Gwyneth’s Lustrous Hair: Truth, Eclipse, the latest gift for folks in the Truth VIP group
  • Gwyneth’s Nifty Hat: Birdy, Little Witch—Hat. From an ancient gacha, but I still love it
  • Gwyneth’s Tattoo: Nefekalum, Enchanted, Earth
  • Background Texture: By The Author
  • Cats:
    • Flying Cats are from Half Deer
    • Black Cats in adorable costumes are from Hextraordinary (A very nope cat halloween gacha)
Dark Passions Events: Midsummer Enchantment 2022

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