Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

My father had a tea cup with a picture of Mr Spock on it and this quote. I can remember my mother teasing him about it. He must be, she said, the only elf with this obsession with Star Trek. I can tell you now that’s not true: I have met a few elves who like Star Trek. There’s something about the Vulcans and the Romulans. I guess it’s like they say: representation is important. The OG elves think of we younger generation as somehow not properly separate from human folk. “Younger Generation” elves, as far as I can tell, means anyone born after the Ingólfr Arnarson arrived, permanently devaluing the island for all eternity. My grandfather claims to have witnessed the ceremonial founding of Reykjavik. He tells the story the same way every single time. Oh, they came in with their primitive boats and their Norse butchery, yes, he says. But, he always adds, at least in those days they were properly pagan. I hear. Fucking Lutherans. And then, he spits. And everyone laughs politely, even though we know that Asatru is stronger than ever now. You don’t glamour out in the world to avoid persecution these days: you glamour out to avoid fangirls and stalkers.

I’m leaving all that behind.

But now, I’m leaving all that behind. Mother wouldn’t hear of it until I was a hundred and fifty, and father made me wait another twenty-five years (and twenty-five more snooze-inducing reiterations of The Day Grandfather Saw The Founding Of Reykjavik over Midsummerthing.

I got a posting, and it made Grandfather cough in that way he does when he wants to say you’re full of it but is trying to be polite to you. Well. It’s not a permanent posting. It’s a temporary gig, and it’s only guaranteed for the next month or so. I’m going to be part of the Awenian Throng, and one of my duties will be to accompany Her Fae Majesty, Queen Gwyneth of Awenia though the Great Multi-Realm Faire. I’m sure you’ve heard of it: It occurs every year around this time and runs until right after Beltane.

So get this. Father has told Grandfather that I am serving Her Majesty as a bodyguard, not as a member of her retinue, one of a dozen or so. And so, the evening before I began the multi-portal journey, he put me into this ludicrous archery outfit and made me pose for photographs.

Why ludicrous?

Well, it’s because I am no archer, no archer at all. No Fae Queen would employ me as a bodyguard: I’m useless (by elvish standards, anyway: I suspect I could manage to fool a few humans).

And so there I was, all taped up in this kit my brother used when he was in Álfaskátar, and of course Grandfather will likely remember the outfit and the buckles and the pretty bow, but he won’t say anything; he’ll just smirk behind his hand and let it pass, and thank the gods that Huldufólk are not bound by the truth árátta as your more popular Celtic and Anglo-Saxon elfkin are.

He made me pose for pictures. I’ll say that again, because it still feels just so wrong. He made me pose for pictures.

Really, Father?

Really, Father? That’s what my eyes are saying.

And then he’s all, draw the bow! Let’s get a picture of you in action.

Action, Father? The only action I’m likely to be doing is making change for Her Majesty whilst she shops it up in the Fairelands.

That’s it, girl!

I felt like a complete sham. Why is it that Father so wants me to be something completely other than what I am? It’s not as if I decided to hop off to America and join the Born Agains or something.

I can hardly contain my joy.

This is my over-the-moon face. That’s a quote from Veronica Mars. I like Veronica Mars. Sometimes when I’m mortalled up for a party or something, I glamour my hair blonde and introduce myself as Veronica, just for fun.

But really, it’s Friðrós. Or Rós. It means Peace Rose, and it’s OK to call me Rose if you can’t pronounce Icelandic, which you probably can’t, because who would if they were not an Icelander? Subtitle: why this blog post is in English.

Anyway, it all starts tomorrow. I have to endure one more family dinner (Grandfather is thankfully on holiday in Asgard). Tomorrow I can stop glamouring my hair short and put on a dress. I heard Queen Gwyneth was fun to hang out with, so there’s that. I wonder if she will give me something really nice to wear?

Notes & Credits
Items featured at the Chronicles And Legends Event:
The Clothes, Boots, Quiver, & Bow: Art&Ko, Elf Archer Set
Chronicles And Legends is open until the 2nd of May, and this round’s theme is Seelie vs. Unseelie!

Everything Else:
Hair: No Match, No Load
Head: Lelutka, EvoX Ceylon
Skin: DeeTaleZ, Aria
Eyes: AviGlam, Elegance Eyes
Makeup: Tone 2, UBU Layerables
Leggings: Alaskametro, Lyra
Body: Maitreya
Backdrop: Oshiro, Zoco

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