Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

Rune Dance

There is always room for dreams, and dreams that skew into reality are our specialty here in Faerie. Whether it’s the dreams we share amongst ourselves, the dreams that terrify us out of complacency, or the dreams we give to those mundane humans strong enough to withstand them, they are always alive with us.

Rune Dance BLOG - 1
A Wild Terror

And so, it rarely surprises me when I find myself in one of those stark dream landscapes, where only the barest of outward trappings exist to prove to use that there is, in fact, a setting there.

There seemed to be few important elements: I was clearly meant to concentrate on the spinning rune cards. And they were moving pretty fast. I’d reach out to try and catch one, and it would slip right through my fingers. Obviously, catching a rune card for some level of wisdom wasn’t the important thing in this dream. No; they just seemed to want to spin around me and then laugh their fluttery little laughs (which sounded a lot like wind through cardstock, if I’m honest), while I grew ever and more frustrated.

Rune Dance BLOG - 2

When they finally began to retreat and slip off away from me, they all seemed to decide at once to spin in another direction. Like a flock of birds, migrating somewhere. I was of course relieved as they made their way out of my conscious unconsciousness (That’s a thing, I swear!), but then I got to thinking about how they really did look like a flock of birds. Migrating somewhere.

It occurs to me there’s a connection there to be made, chance, migration, autumn, divination. I’ll have to give that some thought. Maybe when I wake up.

Style Card:
The Gorgeous Gown: Silvan Moon Designs, Prihanna Day Gown (Available now at We Love Roleplay)
The Perfect Pink Skin: Ritual, Elspeth in fantasy tone Yavia (Available at The Onion Fundraiser)
The Magical and Slightly Worrisome Flying Rune Cards: Rivendale, Rune Cards

The Proper Autumn Crown: Bliensen + MaiTai, Lorelynn Crown (At We Love Roleplay)
The Contained, Yet Sensual Hair: Sintiklia, Rhiannon
The Little-Bit-Gothy Background, Lacrime dell’ anima, Glam Gothic Backdrop

Gwyneth is styled on a Maitreya Mesh Body and a Genus Project Bento Mesh Head. Ears are Logo Expressive Elf Ears, and Eyes are Tone 2 Autumn Mist Eyes. Eyeshadow is also from Tone 2, Autumn Rain Wet Eye Collection. Lipstick is Pink Fuel, Dazzle Me – Haunted.


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