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Hope Among the Wreckage

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I remember the walk through the woods was long. I don’t know why I was walking: I always seem to forget I can fly in these dreams.

The sky seemed to have two settings: completely overcast, or blistering sun.

I looked down at the red dress and boots, wondered why I was wearing such things. At the same time, it seemed completely normal for me to be wearing such things.

It seemed there was some kind of a disaster, but it hadn’t occurred recently. A plane had crashed, and it looked as if some people had made a camp beneath one dilapidated wing.

Sometimes, sorrow lingers around old things.

Sometimes, sorrow lingers around old things, even things that have been “repurposed” (I hate that word!). Just one touch of my akin to the wreck brought back an image of the plane going down, the pilot and copilot’s fear in their final moments.

I felt I could not bear it, so I moved away.

I felt I could not bear it, so I moved away. There was a jungle fire burning in the big rubbish bin. It must have once been an oil drum or something: I could smell the residue.

But then I thought of the people here, now.

But then I thought of the people here, now. They must just have left. Perhaps they went hunting? Perhaps they are just out on some kind of patrol.

Just this once, maybe I’d leave a Faerie Gift. No-one had to know. I willed my magic in to physical form and left it, diamantine glimmers of Hope that blended in to the dirt like tiny, iridescent bits of mica. A little magic. Perhaps a tune that comes out of nowhere, or a comforting smell.

What it amounts to, of course, is Hope. And everyone needs a little bit of that.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa, Destiny
Ears: Logo, Expressive Elf Ears (with appliers from Lumae)
Eyes: Mesange, Kelpie Eyes (Omega appliers)
Skin: Lumae, Sabine, T4 Fawn / Starlight (A preview, available as part of the Marketplace Buy Now event)
Hair: No Match, No Heat (Coming on the 10th of September to the Hairology Event!)
Dress: Scandal Fashions, Light Up the Night Dress (Coming on the 9th of September to the Spoonful of Sugar Event!) The Spoonful of Sugar event is a charity event to benefit Doctors Without Borders, an amazing charity that sends doctors all over the world to change and improve people’s lives.
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe Wings, Briar Rose
Shoes: Aisha, Boabdil Boots, Red (Available at We !)
Plane Wreck: Death Row Designs, Post Apocalyptic Camp (Available at
The Crossroads Event!)
Poses (in order):
An Lar, Puck Miniseries, 3
An Lar, Puck Miniseries, 1
An Lar, Tink, 5

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never send my primary RP character dreams of apocalyptic wreckage without it!

final-poster-for-sos   lumae-logo

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