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Rumours of My Death?

Fourth Wall Break - 1
From the player:

Many of you know that my husband is a cancer patient. Over the last two months, Joe’s been very ill, in the hospital more than out, and my SL time has been sporadic and erratic.

Up until yesterday, he was involved in a drug trial for a new treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, as no other treatments have worked for him. Yesterday, in the hospital in Oxford, we found out that his disease has not arrested or retreated since he’s been on the experimental drug: he’s actually had disease progression. This means he’s off the trial and we will have to go back to his regular doctors for palliative care.

Today, he was released from hospital in Oxford, and we are finally back home in London.

I do not know what my time will be like over the next few months, and I’m sorry for that. I’ll be sending notes to all the great creators who sponsor me to let them know that my life is still in chaos and limbo and my time on SL will continue to be sporadic and erratic.

I will do my best to create one story blog per week here, because Gwyneth’s life continues even if mine seems to be in a strange holding pattern of treatment, care, hospitals, and, finally, widowhood.

Please be patient with me. I may not get posts in ahead of events. I may not blog everything I would like to. I will not compromise my commitment to great photography and consistent storytelling, which means I will continue to take the time necessarily to create a great shot, a great story, an inspiring use of the beautiful clothes, accessories, buildings, and arts and crafts all the wonderful creators I work with create.

Thank you so much for understanding that my real life is going to have to take precedence over my Second Life for a while. All my SL friends and family continue to make the life I’m living lighter and more full of fun, beauty, and laughter. Your bright spirits make my loads lighter.

Gwen (Knighton, not Enchanted)

One response to “Rumours of My Death?”

  1. Oh honey. How I hoped that you would not be joining the club no one wants to be in, for a very long time. Know that you are loved and not alone and there is support available when you need it. There is love in every twist of the little tree I made for you, and I am only and phone call or email away, if I can help in any way.

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